6 thoughts on “Trump Planned to Assassinate Syria’s Assad – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Veni vidi vici …

    In modern non-state warfare, change that to “destrui”

    After they came to Afghanistan, they came to Iraq, then Libya. The West and NATO partners supported jihadists in attempt to overthrow Assad. A decades long wet dream of the Neocons. The effect was the destruction of the soul of America. How else could Donald Trump be elected President. The disaster goes way beyond the White House, The Hill and Washington DC.

    On the streets of America brother with arms opposing brothers fighting for equality and a decent living.

    1. A couple of interesting things about the survey. First, knowledge of the Holocaust is lowest in three southern states. Not surprising. Education in general in the South is pretty low compared to other states.

      Second, while I don’t know about the content of the survey, many organizations which commission surveys do so in order to validate their own mission. So it may be very possible that whoever carried out the survey was following directives or guidance provided to them by the organization. So the Holocaust Conference would have a Vested interest in survey results which confirmed the need for Holocaust education and the need for the existence of the Claims Conference.

      I’m not quarreling with the survey or mission of the Holocaust Conference. But I would suggest some caution in trumpeting the results as indicating America is rife with Holocaust denialism.

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