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    1. Saying that the Mossad did it is like saying that men never went to the moon. No hard proof of anything…
      Your title is irresponsible saying that the Mossad is responsible for killing 40 people where:
      * the IRG themselves claim it’s only 17.
      * the IRG did not make any allegations towards the Mossad or Israel in general.
      All of your post relies on a nameless source whose identity you do not revile and we’re just suppose to eat it and believe you.
      there’s not a single fact in your post – everything is just baseless speculations.
      The explosion might have come from accidents (REAL accident do happen from time to time), the opposition may have bombed the base or it may have been 101 other different reason. Tying it directly to the Mossad without any shred of proof is simply idiotic.

      1. Unlike you, my source has a track record that establishes him as highly credible. And btw, you can’t read: the headline says “40 Dead AND Wounded.” Not “40 Dead.”

        You’ve not read previous reports reported here by intelligence mavens like Ronen Bergman who wrote months ago about a series of similar attacks against Iranian targets which he claimed (& Yossi Melman separately joined in this evaluation) that the Mossad had a hand in. One of these attack was the missile base explosion a yr ago which is highly reminiscent of today’s explosion. So there.

        I’ve noted that Iranian sources claim it was an accident. But when someone as authoritative as my source tells me something’s happened, I take notice. You may think or say whatever you wish.

        1. So Iran claims it was an accident yet you claim otherwise based on an anonymous source that you don’t disclose? Which would hold up as more persuasive.

          1. I can list at least 20 scoops offered by my source which have proven true. I can’t offer up that many statements by the IRG which I’d trust as well. Read the blog for a bit longer & you can track my source’s track record. Till then you ought to sit back & read before you judge.

            BTW, my source has had in the past, & currently has access in a single week to more high level information than you’ll ever see in your entire life.

        2. Richard,
          I think you are unwittingly playing into the hands of the mossad, and they’ll love you for publishing this rumour/story/fact.
          They would love that all Israel’s enemies would think that the mossad did it even without their actual involvement.

          It’s the same as the Israeli nuclear policy = “blurred” (in Hebrew “עמימות”) – neither denying nor admitting. This is their strength that the enemy will be wary even if not based on actual proof.

          1. I agree with Shmuel that to make this even sound like an Israeli job is indeed feeding to their agenda
            HOWEVER, as an Iranian, who is sticking with the official line coming from Tehran (accident), I find Richard’s post useful in underlining the policy of terror pursued by Israel; and the double standards of the western world vis a vis “state sponsored terrorism”.

          2. I’ve considered that. Barak in fact when asked about the attack made the obscene comment in Hebrew: keyn yirbo (“may there be many more”). But believe me if my source hadn’t confirmed this information I wouldn’t be offering it.

            If Israel wants to engage in acts of sabotage against Iran then I won’t allow it to do it in secret. I want it all out in the open in all its ugly naked “glory.”

        3. When you say, “40 dead and wounded,” do you mean, “40 dead and 40 wounded,” or “1 dead and 39 wounded,” or 80 wounded, none dead,” or Steelers 24, Bengals 17?”

      2. Al Bundy- Your mind has obviously been occupied by weapons if mass deception. The fact that intelligence agencies are actively working to diminish Iranian nuclear and military capabilities is indisputable. Iranians are not all crazy. Wake up from your slumber. A huge tragedy occurred in Iran, and we should all mourn the loss of life, liberty and prosperity. Whether this incident was an accident or another act of terror is not nearly as important as the fact that this type of incident would be better classified as a great loss to another great nation of the himsn race that is struggling to deal with nearly a century of oppression and terrorism under imperialist and colonialist ideology enforced by corrupt British, French, American and Israeli leadership.

  1. maybe you are e world will be right naybe not,however i think that the world will be better place without those missles or this “base”

      1. Dear Mr. Silverstein,

        As an Israeli citizen, and IDF soldier (reserve) I would very much appreciate if people like you won’t pull their hands and wisdom in other peoples’ lives.
        You see… I will be potentially directly or indirectly effected from your irresponsible claims. You, on the other hand, will continue your life happily, being said to be that famous Apocalyptic blogger.

        How much s**t should I (and most of my friend) eat from your (and the scoop press) greedy way of mind. You are not living in a vacuum. LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT HURTING OTHERS.

        Mossad this and Mossad that… Mossad killed jesus… didn’t you know? 🙂

        David M.
        Israel, My land and Palestinian land, NOT YOURS!

        1. If your IDF and Mossad wouild live their lives without hurting others I’d be happy to oblige. But as they don’t follow your directive to me I’m afraid I’ll have to disobey yr directive till such time as you can persuade your military & intelligence services to stop being rogue operators on the regional & world stage. If I can provide any assistance to you or any reasonable Israeli attempting to do such work I’d be happy to help. But if you don’t intend to transform those agencies into respectful law abiding entities, then you can go take a hike.

          Sorry to disappoint you about yr claim to ownership of Israel and God knows what else. But when you attempt to drag the entire region & world into a conflagration then we have to step in & attempt to return you to sanity whether you wish it or not.

    1. Eli;

      Why would the “world” be a better place as a result of a country, with NO history of military aggression in modern times, but with plenty of declared enemies (e.g. Taliban, al Quaeda, Israel, Ba’th regime and their remainders, Saudi’s, Pakistani fundamentalists) behind its ears?

      Do I, as an Iranian, not have the RIGHT to deter attacks? Do I, as an Iranian citizen not have the right to live a peaceful life without Israeli blatant threats??

      Where is your moral ground?

      1. I think it’s time for every country to give up its nuclear weapons. But since Israel refuses to give up its arsenal (or even to admit it exists) I support Iran having the capability to defend itself against Israel and the U.S. by whatever means necessary.

      1. You write:
        ” I hate terror whether it originates in Israel or Iran or Palestine or the U.S”

        However, you never use express hate toward Iran or Palestine the same you do when you discuss Israel or US.
        Hate is wrong. ואהבת לרעך כמוך. Even if your buddy is a zionist.

      2. You hate terror whether it originates in Israel or Gaza or Iran, or U.S. Even if Iran said it was accident still you think it’s Mossad! May be join the Gaza bound flotilla next time and do your blogging from Gaza!

  2. The blinded left “liberal” terminology of the writer disturbingly resembles to Ahmadinijad’s. For Mr. Silverstein Israel is using “terrorist” methods when fighting a crazy dark fanatic religious regime whose ideology is to wipe out Israel of the map. The fact that Iran’s regime is repeating this massage on every stage (incl. in UN general assembly) can not confuse Mr. Silverstein. Iran is using proxies (IE Hamas and Hezbollah) to terrorize Israeli civilian. It is arming them with more missiles than few states have (and they are using these missiles every day against Israeli civilians). But to Mr. Silverstein Israel is “A Terrorist state”.
    What sick moral Tikun Olam has – What a sad Joke!
    And dare you to publish my response…?

    1. I published a link to this post at the popular right wing Israeli site Rotter & realize a lot of the dyspeptic comments are coming from that source. So I’ve published a few comments I wouldn’t ordinarily publish because these readers don’t know the comment rules & because they represent a circle that doesn’t address me or this blog directly very often.

      I inform this writer that I don’t allow racism to appear in the comment threads & yr comments about Iran are precisely that. I remind him as well that most Iranians would have no trouble with this statement, which turns yours on its head: Israel is a “crazy dark fanatic religious regime whose ideology is to wipe Iran off the map.”

      I didn’t use the term “terrorist state,” so don’t put words in my mouth. But I do believe that Israel, like the U.S. and many other so-called civilized nations, engages in acts of terror. And I oppose all acts of terror whether committed by Israel, Iran, the U.S. or whoever.

      I’ve given you this comment gratis. If you publish another you must read the comment rules and follow them as I will not be as permissive if you break the rules next time.

      1. First – Not a Surprising comment – from a writer who supports “freedom” of speech writes and enjoys freedom of speech even when it is endangering other people (IE civilians in Israel) and expects everyone to observe it. But in commenting on your posts you do not offer same freedom. Interesting and very typical to people with your views.
        Second – I do not read “Rotter” and not one of its followers.
        Third – You obviously did call Israel a terrorist state (indirectly but very clearly) when wrote that it is using a “terrorist” measures.
        Fourth – and most important – there is nothing racist in saying the regime in Tehran is crazy fanatic (which it is..) I did not say people of Iran are all crazy. But its regime is and you are not doing your readers any favor in denying it. If you can prove this assertion as wrong please do…

        1. JamBo Jack- Your mind has obviously been occupied by weapons if mass deception. The fact that intelligence agencies are actively working to diminish Iranian nuclear and military capabilities is indisputable. Iranians are not all crazy. Wake up from your slumber. A huge tragedy occurred in Iran, and we should all mourn the loss of life, liberty and prosperity. Whether this incident was an accident or another act of terror is not nearly as important as the fact that this type of incident would be better classified as a great loss to another great nation of the himsn race that is struggling to deal with nearly a century of oppression and terrorism under imperialist and colonialist ideology enforced by corrupt British, French, American and Israeli leadership.

        2. When I visited Iran, we toured a small, ancient village just outside Natanz (at its center is a Turkic-style mosque that is centuries old). A woman from the village greeted us with the hospitality that is a hallmark of Iran. As we were leaving, she asked us (through a translator) to please give her and her family and villagers just a day’s warning before the US bombs them. She would like to be able to save her family.

          THAT is how ordinary Iranians — the ones that Americans from Hillary Clinton to the propagandized man on American Main Street claim to support — respond to the repeated threats of attack on Iran, and actual incidents that may or may not be the acts of “western” agents —

          “Why do they hate us?”

          Incredibly, “they” — Iranians — don’t. But not because we haven’t tried.

        3. First, don’t tell me what I did or did not say. I did not call Israeli a terrorist state as you claimed & if you continue to insist I did something I didn’t do you won’t be doing it here. The U.S. engages in terrorism as well but it is not a terrorist state. If you don’t understand the difference that’s your problem, not mine.

          Commenting at a blog is different than being a citizen of a state. I have rights to free speech in my country. YOu have less such rights in yours. But here there are rules of discourse. I am not a country. I run a blog. There’s a diff. there as well which you seem to be missing.

          Last & most important–stating overblown lies about what Iran is IS racist & not permissible in this blog unless you also wish to ascribe the same overblown rhetoric to Israel. If not, you’re being a racist & it isn’t permitted here. Period. Neither Iran nor its regime are any more crazy than Israel & its gov’t.

          1. Richard said: “Neither Iran nor its regime are any more crazy than Israel & its gov’t.”

            Okay Richard. But the regime in Israel is an elected, representative government, and the Iranian regime is neither.

            What are we supposed to take away from the fact that an elected government (Israel), is no more crazy than a theocratic dictatorship?

            Please Richard. Reason this one out for me.

          2. the Iranian regime is neither.

            Not an elected representative gov’t? Acc. to whom? It has a Majlis and elected leaders. Now we may say that its not as democratic as we would wish. But then again, Israel isn’t as democratic as many Jews would wish. The influence of die-hard religious & nationalist fanatics within the political systems of both countries is pronounced.

    2. JamBo Jack,

      I am an Iranian who hates the Iranian regime.

      However, this “fanatic” regime is just as fanatic as the Israeli one. Both these regimes are devious and they somehow (d)evolve from eachother’s dark matters!

      What frustrates me is that Israel, US, and the puppet IAEA report have created a condition of terror and threat that is forcing us Iranians to shut up and rally behind Tehran. Iranians will not stand a military attack on Iran.

      However, at the end of this fiasco two groups will get what they want:

      – The Israeli regime is going to muddy the Palestinians-state issue; have a scarecrow to cry victim, and use its bullying skills to get extra candy from uncle sam.

      – The Iranian regime will muddy the issue of the greatest financial scandal in Iranian history: 3 billion dollars missing; and different factions in the regime would LOVE this Israeli rhetoric because it is such a great distractor!

      Iran’s and Israel’s fanatics need no better allies to assist them continuing the horror path they are set in. However, the Iranian regime’s horror is directed at the Iranian civilians; and the Israeli’s is directed at all civilians of the Middle East.

      As a dissident Iranian, I feel caught between a rock and a hard place!

    3. RE: “The blinded left ‘liberal’ terminology of the writer disturbingly resembles to Ahmadinijad’s. For Mr. Silverstein Israel is using “terrorist” methods when fighting a crazy dark fanatic religious regime whose ideology is to wipe out Israel of the map. ~ JamBo Jack

      SEE: Israel’s Defense Chief OK’s Hundreds of Israeli Deaths, By Ira Chernus, CommonDreams.org, 11/11/11

      (excerpt)…An essential motive of Zionism from its beginning was a fierce desire to end the centuries of Jewish weakness, to show the world that Jews would no longer be pushed around, that they’d fight back and prove themselves tougher than their enemies. There was more to Zionism than that. But the “pride through strength” piece came to dominate the whole project. Hence the massive Israeli military machine with its nuclear arsenal.
      But you can’t prove that you’re stronger than your enemies unless you’ve also got enemies — or at least believe you’ve got enemies — to fight against. So there has to be a myth of Israel’s insecurity, fueled by an image of vicious anti-semites lurking somewhere out there, for Zionism to work. Since the 1979 Iranian revolution, Iran has gradually risen to the top of Israel oh-so-necessary enemies list. Iranophobia is rampant in Israel, as one Israeli scholar writes, because “Israel needs an existential threat.”
      Anyone who has grown up in Israel, or in the U.S. Jewish community (as I did), and paid attention knows all this…

      ENTIRE COMMENTARY – http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/11/11-2

    1. Silverstein is citing Bergman, Bergman is quoting Milman, Milman is referring to Silverstein.
      Is it a good example for perpetuum-mobile? Moebius ring? auto alimentation?….

          1. wow.. you think you are so smart. you think you can go and write something stupid call it a”fact” well honey.. thats what dictators do… they go and create “news” and publish it like it happened.. youre in a great company along with Hitler Stalin and the Arab nations. good for you!
            the problem with losers like you is that you think you have power in your hands.. probably you was a loser growing up and thinking that now someone will listen to you… sad sad story… but hey.. it happens

          2. Wow, so 40 as opposed to 33 means you are a Hitler-Stalin-and-the-Arab-nations-dictator-loser!!

            Cheers Ann!

          3. elisabeth

            if you don’t know the facts don’t say that you do.
            History shows that showing “facts” to people cause actions. not all people are smart enough to take what they read and decide for themselves if it is right or wrong, some people think.. i read about it so it means its the truth. if you have power in your hands (and writing a blog is power) you need to be responsible enough to show the facts as is! again, you don’t know who reads this blog and what they will do about it.

          4. not all people are smart enough to take what they read and decide for themselves if it is right or wrong,

            Only an Israeli or someone living in a land in which people are used to their generals and politicians thinking for them could say such nonsense. YOU may not be smart enough to know how to determine whether someone is right or wrong, but I have faith that most people can do this, and especially those who read this blog (aside possibly from you).

          5. Richard you are stupid.
            think how many of the American and Europian people were sure that there is nuclear bombs in Iraq and that it is necessary to attack there…
            people during the holocaust (and before) were sure that the Jews are making unleavened bread from the blood of Christian children… ho my god! learn history before you respond!

          1. Elisabeth
            i speak three languages. maybe my grammer is not perfect in English, but i bet i’m better than you on the other two

  3. I don’t get it.
    Iran say it is an accident and you write here it is an hostile act of Israel.
    Do you accuse Iran officials of lies ?
    If so, what do they have to gain by it ?
    and what evidence do you have for it ?

    1. If you were a general and your facility was sabotaged by the enemy would you want to concede this publicly & let the world know that your defences are so weak that you were penetrated by an enemy? Then would you like to experience the pressure fr the Iranian people for a revenge strike against Israel?

      In a battle bet the credibility of IRG figures & my source I’ll pick my source any day of the week.

  4. Richard, you certainly did not get enough attention from your father Gepetto.

    I am clueless for how you are planing to either make a Tikun or the world a “better place”, when the best thing you can do is spreading lies and hate.

      1. He doesn’t have to prove you’re a liar you have to prove youre telling the truth… well… go to Iran and get me some evidence

  5. Dear Richard,
    Theses Sihab Missiles, are developed only for one pupose and it is the final distruction of the jewish state and its people. It is a natural right of the Israelis to take them out and it can not be considered as act of terror, but, self sefense.
    If Iran will give up its wepon- there will be peace. If Israel will give up its wepon, there will be no Israel and no Jew alive!!!

    1. Those missiles are developed with one purpose: to allow Iran to defend itself against its enemies. In this case, one of those happens to be Israel, possessing 200-400 nuclear warheads & apparently, if necessary, willing to use a few to against Iran. It’s a natural right to tell any enemy that if they “take out” Iran that they will be “taken out” in return. If Mossad terror is self-defense, then you live in Alice’s WOnderland where a word means nother more or less than what you want it to.

      If Iran will give up its wepon- there will be peace. If Israel will give up its wepon, there will be no Israel and no Jew alive!!!

      Isn’t it interesting that so many Israelis believe that if their enemies simply unilaterally disarm there will peace & love in the world, but that if Israel is asked to do the same that it will involve a 2nd Holocaust. Unfortunately for people like you the world works quite differently & when you want an opponent to do something they’ll refuse unless you respond in kind. Nations don’t unilaterally disarm simply because you argue that if they do Israel will treat them nicely–honest.!

    2. But if Iran gives up its weapons, history demonstrates Israel will pounce on it. Israel, after all, makes one war after another. Your reasoning, the lop-sidedness of it, is troubling. By what right does Israel alone get to keep its nukes and everyone else should disarm? What is it about Israel that is so special. The only thing I see is that it is a state that has no ability to live in a world of other states and other peoples. That’s about it: Israel is intransigent and it can only expect intransigence in return. That’s how nations work, give and take. Israel takes everything and gives nothing in return. I’m a Jew and I can’t bear what is being done by Israel “in my name” “for my benefit”. I resent the ugliness that Israel presents to the world again and again and I resent its defenders calling upon special privilege, special license of some kind. These people, and that state, ain’t so special and it will either live with other nations as decently as possible or be outcast, as it is.

  6. Mr. Silverstein:

    Another lie against Israel, without any evidence to confirm it, only fervent desire to be true, to give vent to his anti-Israel hatred.

  7. “Ynet raises the possibility that it was a deliberate act of sabotage on not just a missile base, but an intelligence facility” – How funny it is. In Ynet there is an article say That’s kind of funny. Today Ynet is publishing Silverstein’s story and the title is: “The Mossad is responsible for the explosion in Iran”. Are you working together? Who comes first? The chicken or the egg? http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4147387,00.html

    It’s funnier when all of your posts seem to be an evaluation and no more. No hard proof of anything was shown. Oh, it seems that I’m wrong because “intelligence mavens like Ronen Bergman who wrote months ago about a series of similar attacks against Iranian targets which he claimed (& Yossi Melman separately joined in this EVALUATION) that the Mossad had a hand in.”

    The most funny thing is when someone wrote on your blog that Iran is responsible to the Buenos Aires Attacks alomst 15 years ago you dismissed it by “The claims about Buenos Aires may or may not be true. But they are NOT a proven fact” although Argentina’s prosecutors charged Iran’s government and Hezbolla.

    So, yes, you’re right about this thing – The claims about Iran’s explosion may or may not be true. But they are NOT a proven fact like you try to show.

  8. Not the first time if Israel is behind this, maybe even a drone attack.


    However, I find it intresting that so many rabiate likudniks bother to visit Richard’s blog since you obviously hate his views.

    1. Anonymous,
      Chalk it up to Richard’s repeated attempts to whore himself out to a well-read right wing Hebrew news site/forum. His attempts are met with vigorous contempt and derision, but as we all know, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and Richard very much wants to be taken as a serious journalist instead of the leftist mirror of Debkafile.

      1. Just personal insults once again. Why dont you make a counter-argument instead of bashing him. Prove that his wrong. Your call.

        “leftist”, that cracked me up.

  9. since when is an attack on a military target terrorism?
    as far as i understand the terms, terrorists attack civilian targets while insurgents attack military targets

    1. Isn’t it funny that if Iran bombed any Israeli air base or Dimona every headline in Israel would use the word TERROR in capital ltrs. But when the Mossad sabotages Iranian military facilities then it’s not terror. Would you prefer to call it an act of war rather than terror? I’ll live with that. How about “Israel committed an act of war against Iran yesterday.” Or “an act of naked military aggression.” OK?

      1. man.. if Iran bomb anything in Israel it will be war! if any goverment will take responsibility for bombing anything it will be war..

        but i want to see you sitting in your cosy chair and the Indians (which were really before you in America unlike the Palestinians) start to bomb New York, California (where ever)
        i want to see your goverment doing nothing unlike Israeli goverment that do not respond when they bombing Sderot, Dimona..

  10. Why would it be despicable? No civilians died, only Revolutionary Guards thugs. If we can do more of these acts, hooray. Again, no civilians died – hence, it would not be an act of terror.

  11. Hi Richard – on maybe the only light note possible, I recall that Randy Bachman – a liberal Green supporter – was very vexed when one of his songs was used to laud Michelle.

    Thanks for your unrelenting efforts. “If you can’t eliminate injustice, at least tell everyone about it.” – Ali Shariati (1933-1975)

  12. To those here who are asking for proof, you won’t get it if intelligence is involved. Remember the 9/11 attacks that led to the UN approving the bombing of the Taliban and al aqeeda in Afghanistan provided intelligence.

    A cynic could question, why was this believed? There was no trial that proved Bin Laden was behind the attacks.

    Similarly, here there is no proof that Mossad was behind it, people will rely on what intelligence or officials say. If some Israeli intelligence sources say Mossad was behind it, there is no reason to mock those believe that to be so. At the same time, it’s worth remembering it could have been an attack by the MEK on it’s own, or it may have been an accident.

    I’m inclined to believe the version above. These are the last desperate attempts by the Israeli’s to sabotage whatever they can. I also believe more attacks like this will follow, till Iran actually officially goes nuclear by detonating a bomb and shutting the world up. This double standard hypocricy is galling. If one state can have nuclear weapons in the Middle East, everyone can. Either call for disarmament, or shut up and let everyone be.

  13. Pray tell me Richard, if an explosion, “accidentally on purpose”, had caused 27 deaths which resulted in saving the lives of the 15 million people who died in WW1 or the 60 million who died in WW2, would they also have also been condemned by you or labeled terrorists?
    The “misunderstood” Iranian Islamic regime is the same one that rather than accepting a status-quo cease fire after routing the Iraqis during the Iran-Iraq war, continued to throw cannon fodder into Iraq for another 6 years with the expressed intention of setting up a Shia Republic to mirror Iran’s. Some of your views, which the democracy you live under allows you to freely express, cater to the same people who would curtail your freedom of speech and much more in a heartbeat, as some of those “same people” are doing in Iran. If the explosion was indeed an act of sabotage, by Israel or others, I mourn the loss of the innocent lives taken, but applaud act of diminishing the offensive capability of a regime that would have us all “non believers” perish without a second thought.

    1. This ain’t Nazi Germany & I object strenuously to such comparisons. Guilt & pathology are present on both sides both Iranian & Israeli. Israel is no savior of the world.

      I’m no expert on the Iran Iraq war but I’d be willing to bet that your account is false. For one thing you neglect the fact that Iran was fighting against a truly homicidal, tyrant in Saddam Hussein.

      My views don’t “cater” to anyone. And I resent that nonsensical statement as well.

      This attack by Israel will not “diminish” Iran’s offensive capacity except possibly in the short term. IN the longer term it will increase their resolve & will to resist & make it much more likely to get a nuclear weapon. After all, in their view the only way to prevent such Israeli bullying is to have a nuke to lob at Tel Aviv if Israel wants to continue such acts of terror against it.

  14. On the other hand, if this was an accident, then I concur with Shmuel that it’s massaging the ego of Mossad. They’re probably rubbing their hands in glee and at all this, being credited with something they did not or could not do.

    JamBo Jack

    For all his faults, and that of the regime of Iran, you have fallen for propoganda disseminated against Ahmedinejad and Iran.

    First of all, Ahmedinejad did NOT threaten to nuke or wipe Israel off the map. Those words were misprepresented by Zionist fanatics to lead the the US into war with Iran. Time magazine carried his interview, where he explained that the current occupation and state of affairs would be wiped by the passage of time into history.

    We all know the status quo can’t last, if the rightists get their way, the West will deal with Israel the same way it did al qaeeda and other fanatics.

    The second lie you have fallen for is that of Iran, it has a booming economy, and relations with South America, and China. Whilst i’m not claiming Iran is perfect, nor defending the regime, the distortions coming from the US and Israeli rightists about Iran are fabulous lies at best, designed to brainwash. Even it’s claims about anti semitism are lies, for Ahmedinejad and Iran generally has good relations with his own (Iranian) Jews.

  15. Oh and Jambo Jack,

    Just to save you coming back and questioning why a threat would need to be manufactured against Iran..the answer is rightists fear losing Israel’s regional superiority when Iran or another power goes nuclear.

    That’s why they are desperate to keep up the pretence that Iran is a threat to Israel. Iran wouldn’t be so stupid as to build a bomb then pick a fight with another country which would mean it’s own destruction. No.

    I’m sure you were aware of that? Or are you one of those who support that agenda under cloak of Iran is a threat to …’world peace’?

  16. The problem with people is judging the intentions of a regime that bases their decisions not on rationality but rather apocalyptic religion – namely, “the hidden imam”

      1. The Israeli government doesn’t have any policies that are based even remotely on “Apocalypse”. But if by that word you mean being wiped off the map by Muslims, then Israel does indeed have policies in place to hopefully prevent that from happening. This is completely rational – unlike your accusations, which are bordering on pathological.

  17. From my own PoV the one thing I don’t have is an appreciation of Iran’s prior form in terms of managing Bad News i.e. on previous occassions has Iran:
    1) Denied, denied, denied that anything even happened?
    2) Always called it an “accident” even when it wasn’t?
    3) Rushed to blame Big/Little Satan for every accident?
    4) Called it as they see it?

    Any opinions?

    1. In the assassinations of the nuclear scientists it did blame the U.S. & Israel. But in those cases clearly they were murdered & there was someone to blame. In this case, what happened is more difficult to ascertain unless/until they investigate causes, do forensics, etc.

  18. An attack on a military base is an act of terror?
    An attack on a civilian Jewish community center in Argentina is an act of terror. An attack on a military base of a country that continually engages in acts of war against you is not an act of terror.

    1. Please stop the nonsense. Eight other people have advanced this nonsensical claim & I’m tired of it. IF you don’t like terror call it an act of naked military aggression & be done with it. Let’s start the war already because what Israel did, if it did the bombing, is an act of war.

  19. If the explosion at this military base was due to an attack by israel, it is of course an act of war. But it is not “terrorism.” That word should be reserved for deliberate attacks against civilians, or attacks against non-civilians where civilians are endangered unnecessarily (as in bombing a residential building because your target is inside or supposedly inside).

    And yes, the peace-loving Iranian government that hasn’t gone to war in two centuries is sponsoring a proxy war against Israel now. But two wrongs don’t make a right, as even Bibi’s mother probably told him.

    1. By the same token, the US is sponsoring a proxy war against Iran by Israel.

      It is amazing how the Likudniks reacted to the claim of Mossad influence. They doth protesteth too much. (did I get that right?) The idea in the attack was to obscure the source enough so to keep alive deniability. When you, Richard, blurt out that it is obviously Israel, the thing just wasn’t obscured enough. And that’s why they are all so uneasy with your comments.

      Of course it is Israel or its proxies. Of course it is an act of war but not the attack we all feared (and still do.) It is testing the waters of what can be done in the present environment in which the report on Iran and the US are discredited (and so easily really!) Can Israel get momentum going again without the discredited report? Just my humble thoughts on the matter.

  20. Chayma: “A cynic could question, why was this believed? There was no trial that proved Bin Laden was behind the attacks.”

    So you think it an open question who was behind the 9/11 attacks? And since Bin Laden was never brought to trial and never will be, you will continue to entertain the possibility that he and al Qaeda were “framed,” notwithstanding all the evidence incriminating him/them for those crimes and his broadcast claim of responsibility for them?

    Will you tell us what alternative culprits you think plausible – the CIA?, Mossad?, others?

  21. Silverstein has it for Israel, will not miss an opportunity to question, put down or simply discredit Israel. It is part of the Left’s Operating System 101. One should only ask what would an aging fellow in Seattle know about Israel’s operations inside Iran? After all, this is not the leaky CIA with dozens of traitors who speak to the media, sell information for money or spill the beans for political reasons. For an educated guess he is doing all right for now, but this has nothing to do with jurnalism and much more to do with Lefty advocacy. No serious paper with any ethics could publish spcualtion, guess work as factual news. Indeed, if one does not have the information, on can go to a fortune teller and ask for a lead?

    1. You might want to explain to us and all your far right friends, if no serious paper would publish my work why my report was published in the Telegraph and Yediot yesterday along with Channel 2 and 10 news programs. In fact, the only “serious paper” that won’t publish my work is the “far-left” (to people like you) Haaretz. Hell, my stories have even been covered by Yisrael HaYom. Care to explain that?

      1. Your stories in Israeli papers published as opinions, not as hard news.
        The modern day sensationalist “news” will publish anything if it said by someone that is even a little bit known by the media.

  22. Terror is when you attack civilians, to call an attack on a missile (and intelligence) base, where no civilians died, an act “of the Israeli terror machine”, is ironically preposterous, but expected from the great world fixer.

    Israel and Iran are at war, have been for quite some time, this attack is not a casus belli because it is intra-bellum.

    your heart may bleed for the RG and it’s missiles, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind to see Tehran saddled with nukes, but in my book, the mystic, megalomaniac enabler within the far-left confines of this blog is much worse than the likud or the gop crazies, at least they know who their enemies are

    1. You have a lot of nerve trying to force me to hew precisely to dictionary definitions then grandiosely overstating the state of relations between Iran & Israel. If Iran was truly at war with Israel then you’d be seeing lots of blood flowing down the streets of your town. Since your country hasn’t fought a war that truly threatened yr existence in many decades you apparently don’t know what a real war is like. I have news for you. When Iran is really at war with you–you’ll know.

      My heart doesn’t bleed for the IRG, nor does it bleed for the deluded like you. And if you lie about my views in a future comment you’ll be banned. When you accuse me of something, you find facts to back up that accusation or you’re outa here. You’re a liar. I hate liars.

      1. Do you know what war is?
        Out of your sentence there you came out as a real hard vet.
        You even know what a ‘real’ war is?

        You’ll have to explain that one to myself too. Especially what wars you have experienced giving you such a broad knowledge of its definitions.

        What is a ‘real’ war?

        Especially what knowledge of Modern warfare and Israeli warfare in particular you have.

        And an idea of the amount of blood you saw pouring down a street or a human being would be good too.

        Because as a person who boasts on their pacifism, neutrality, experience, equilibrium and inside know-it-all knowledge
        you come out pretty empty to any of the above – especially to any one with real knowledge, or an inch of those traits.

        I have no problem with you expressing your views and itch to print anything up, but please don’t get carried away.
        Especially citing views on subjects you clearly have no idea about and as the look of it – never will.

        So I ask you to stick to your own advice, quote hard evidence and ‘real’ experts. Think twice, and quit being so easy on that ‘trigger’.

        Happy Holidays.

  23. Richard,

    Stick to the topic even if others don’t. I’ll take the matter up with anyone else who goes off the beaten path.

    Just to clarify, that wasn’t a conspiracy theory I voiced, it was Ray who claimed that it was.

    My point was soley this: that the UN made a decision to declare war based on evidence gleaned from intelligence sources. That is not a conspiracy. It is a fact. Thus, when a country claims a decision to bomb or attack based on intelligence it shouldn’t be reason to reject it. Granted this can be abused, but that’s something we have to live with. We cannot accept that intelligence which we like, and reject the rest as lies if we don’t like it.


    So you think it an open question who was behind the 9/11 attacks? And since Bin Laden was never brought to trial and never will be, you will continue to entertain the possibility

    That was not point. It wasn’t about whether Bin Laden was behind it or not. It was about the fact that the war on terror then was based on intelligence reports.

    I used that particular example there as everyone will know about it, but there are plenty of examples. Countries would not need intelligence services, if routine police work could uncover information or secure the defence of the nation.

  24. you say in your reply to Mr. Al Bundy; I’ve noted that Iranian sources claim it was an accident. But when someone as authoritative as my source tells me something’s happened, I take notice. You may think or say whatever you wish.

    When someone as authoritative as my source tells me that he saw Christ, flesh and blood yesterday at the grocery store I take notice. You may think or say whatever you wish.

  25. Thanks for the information. The world is a very interesting place affected by the dynamics of billions of people. Un-named sources are often as good as named ones, probably better when tested over time. The usual public political/news sources are often the usual stooges who make a living out of fact manipulation. I saw the reference to you in the British Press, not the US press. Keep on blogging. Best regards to all readers.

  26. This blog post has drawn a lot of attention.

    One wonders what the fallout of this revelation would be?

    Seems like it would bring the two sides closer to an out-an-out large scale military conflict rather than further away from one.

    As someone who promotes peace, wouldn’t your aims be better served by not stoking these fires with stories like this.

    It seems like even the Iranians would prefer to label this incident “an accident” – even if it wasn’t.

    If it gets out that your version is 100 percent verified, it might force Iran into a situation where it would need to retaliate in some way to save face.

    Is that something we want to see happen?

    1. After the Mossad was likely responsible for a bomb blast that killed one of Iran’s highest military commanders not to mention all the other crap it’s inflicted on Iran, you blame ME for bringing the 2 sides closer to war? Is that really what you wrote? Have you taken leave of your senses? I just report the stories. I don’t plant the bombs. For fault or guilt you’ll have to look elsewhere.

      My idea of peace is not doing the crap that Israel is doing (nor the crap that Iran is doing as well). I’m not responsible for whether Iran retaliates. Israel is responsible for committing the crime to begin with. And if Iran harms civilians it will be responsible for that. But blaming me is a load of horse manure.

  27. I am led to believe from my sources that Elmo from Sesame Street is responsible for this covert operation. I am worried that Iran may take action against Sesame Street

  28. If Israel’s behind this then I hope the Mossad agents are captured & tried. Iran should definitely retaliate against such aggression.

  29. Awww, diddums! Poor wittle director of the IRGC Jihad Self-Sufficiency Organization! All he wanted to do was rain Scuds down on the infidel like novelty hailstones!

    1. When the PFLP assassinated Rehavam Zeevi there were Palestinians rejoicing just like you are about the murder of Moghadam. What will satisfy you? When the blood of both countries generals and leaders is flowing in the streets? Because I assure you it won’t just be Iranian blood. Israeli blood will flow as well. That’s the way the laws of the jungle–of which you approve–work.

  30. Um Pentagon attack was considered a terrorist act. These people don’t check their own arguments before submitting them. Either they’re hoping we’re all as dumb as them or they just really are dumb themselves.

  31. I love Iranian people, they are sweet, I would hate to see any harm come to them, but what is Israel supposed to do if they are saying that Israel should be wiped out? Sadly it’s their crazy Quran that teaches them this, they really need to be set free from the crazy teachings of Islam, may God help them, and set them free.

    1. The day when you’re willing to be set free from the “Crazy teachings” of your religion & everyone else is set free of the teachings of their respective religions & will be the day when Iranians should be set free of the so-called crazy teachings of Islam. Pls. reply & let me know that you approve of this plan so we can begin implementing it.

      In the meantime, your comment was racist, which is prohibited in this blog. Islamophobia is not permitted here.

      1. Sally — they need to be set free? There’s an objective point of view! You could use a little “freeing up” yourself, as Richard indicates.

          1. President Obama and Attorney General Holder, put their political reputations on the line and stood by the indictment.

            Unless they both are trying to emulate Colin Powell in his testimony before Congress, you have to assume that the indictment to bomb the embassies is trial worthy.

          2. I think it’s a great big crock of doo-doo. That’s how highly I think of their case. In fact, Gareth Porter reports that Arbabsiar isn’t the target of the investigation at all & that he either won’t be prosecuted or will plead to a much lesser charge. Porter says the real target was the IRG & they got nothing & no one on that score.

          3. You’re an ignorant racist twit. How’s that for a response? And if you post any more of your ignorant rants you’ll lose yr comment privileges. Read the comment rules before commenting here again.

  32. MEK are uncredible and have a lot of blood on their hands including the blood of Iranians as well as many American military advisers who worked in a US friendly Iran during the 1970s reign of the Shah. MEK leaders tell their members to commit self-immolation as publicity stunts in European and western capitals to gain media attention for their “cause”. They heavily brainwash their members.

    During the Iran-Iraq war they were responsible for many Iranian deaths and autrocities. I was born in a town 100 miles east from the Iraqi border, I was 5 when my teenage brother volunteered to the militia to help defend the town from Saddam’s last ditched effort to conquer Iran. Saddam sent his MEK pawns into Iran before the ceasefire with all of the best equipment he could give them. My brother told me stories of how the MEK would station Anti Aircraft cannons on the sides of the mountain and aim them down to the traffic clogged highway so they could reign down death onto civilians fleeing their advance.

  33. I really like “ann”‘s analogy about native americans attacking New York because it acknowledges that there were (are) natives in the land of Israel and suggests that these natives have been forcibly placed on “reservations”, by analogy. For her information, there were very active and violent native american movements in this country and the outcome was a better accommodation of their needs by the US government. But, accommodation is the last thing on Ann’a mind. So, she doesn’t draw the right conclusion. I suspect she is thinking how to better run the reservations such that the natives just rot away.

    1. David please read what i wrote(unlike the Palestinians)
      I don’t say that they don’t deserve a country. i’m saying that if someone (it doesnt matter who) was bombing the USA you can be sure that it will start a war. but if someone is bombing Israel then they cannot fire back

      1. Yes, the right to self-defense and defense of the homeland which is just what Hamas and other fighters are doing. But, what about accommodation? What accomodations have Israel ever made now that it is grabbing the entirety of mandate Palestine? What amends have been forthcoming? Nothing, that’s what and that’s why I remain active on the other side of the question.

        1. Let me remind you that Gaza is NOT occupied, not even 1inch of Gaza,.
          everything was returned.

          So what logical reason do they have to shoot rockets at Israel?

      2. No one is bombing the U.S. because we’ve worked out our relationships with our neighbors. Israel is being bombarded because it enforces an Occupation & sits on land not its own in violation of international law.

        1. Richard- again…not your land Indians land. the difference between U.S. and Israel is that the U.S can do what ever they want because who will take action against such a big empire. i will say again – Iraq. maybe you will understand that the fact you attacked Iraq for no good reason is saying alot.

          David- maybe you need to learn the diffrent between defense and offense. Hamas does not defend anything! they are throwing missiles from schools and from populated areas, do you think that this is taking care of their people?
          if they would put some of the money they are throwing on bombs and missiles and build better buildings/schools/health
          and trying to have peace with the Israelis they could have tourism because the beach in Gaza suppose to be one of the most beautiful ones. Tourism will get them jobs (hotels, stores, taxies, resturants ect.) so please. do me a favor defending themselves and taking care of the citizens

          1. Hamas defends the rights of the Palestinians, you know those rights that don’t exist for Israel. As for “peace” — you really mean peace of Israel’s terms and these are unacceptable. Again, Israel gives nothing ever, takes everything and wonders why the state is so universally despised. And why build better buildings for the F-16’s to bomb or better homes for the bulldozers? Israel had opportunities to come to terms with Palestinians in Arafat’s day because he was for compromise, but Israel missed the chance and maybe more since. Give nothing, take everything and to hell with what anyone thinks. That’s pretty much it, isn’t it?

          2. And if Israel is such a thriving place, why do American taxpayers give each Israeli “citizen” a $500 check every year? Take and take.

          3. You really think that the U.S doesn’t need Israel then you are living in a movie! and i really hope its a good one. the Americans use Israeli intelligence its a give and take relationship. and for the bullshit you say about Arafat just shows that they got you brain washed darling. did you know that Arafat took all the aid money palestine got and put it in his own bank account? well that sounds like someone who you can make peace with. someone who truely take care of his citizens! i can understand act of war. i cannot understand terror!! and if Hamas cares so much for the people there like you say do you really thing they was throwing missiles from populated areas? the answer is no. I invite you to come and live in Israel for few months live in Sderot join the IDF and then you can tell me that Hamas is good for the Palestinians and that Israel attack them for no good reason!
            and by the way Israel is a country voted for in the UN so do me a favor the one living in a place that does not belong to them are the Palestinians

          4. I have (elsewhere) invited American Zionists and supporters of Israel to go and live in Israel, just like ann suggests for me, but nobody wants to relocate, can you believe it? Easier to send money and be sanctimonious.
            As for ann, the “darling”s and “honey”s are a truly obnoxious condescending tone (and the arguments are a bit hard to find.)

          5. You can come and stay even for a week or two.
            you think that me calling you “honey” is a” truly obnoxious condescending tone”.
            well how do you call “Hamas defends the rights of the Palestinians, you know those rights that don’t exist for Israel”? i call it – truly obnoxious condescending tone

          6. Don’t be dense & pls. hold the feeble attempts at wit. While feeble wit doesn’t break any comment rules it is boring. Being boring should be a comment rule violation but isn’t yet. I might have to make an exception for u though.

          7. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.” – Albert Einstein
            I think you prove his theory, at least you can be happy for doing something important with your life

            You don’t anything intelligent to say so you base your argumant on snarky comments. you remind me kids in kindergarden.

  34. Your unverified speculations could cause some unhinged idiot to start a conflagration with serious consequences for the region and the world. Your anti-Israel (Zionist) bias is well known. Stick to facts, not speculation and propaganda. The written word can be a terrible weapon…read Goebels!!

    1. By “unhinged idiot” are you possibly referring to Bibi Netanyahu & Ehud Barak? Or some other unhinged idiot?

      The missile base attack is accepted wisdom by now corroborated by Iranian government sources today for the first time. SOrry to disappoint you.

  35. Do youf sincerely believe in your Jewish heart that the boys in the Turbans in Iran want to build electricity generated nucleur
    plants. There may be an “unhinged idiot” praying five times a day for the destruction of Israel out there.

  36. Seeing all this from distant, being an ordinary voting European citizen without ties to neither Iran nor Israel. Please help me to understand the following questions that come up when following the news flow and blogs. I really want to understand and I know it sounds naïve below, but hey most things in life come down to very simple principles but we cannot see them for all the details branched out from them. It also might reflect how an average European looks at the conflict. Pls note that when I refer to Israel, I foremost refer to its right-wing politics, not its people and country (Likud seems a bit of an extreme party compared to most Israelis I have met). Neither have I mixed religion within this.

    1. Why do Israel really wants to escalate into a conflict with Iran – every passus written is about Israel trying all means hard to find reasons for a fight. From what I can read, Iran has never said it actually, for real, cares about Israel in the first place, don’t have a logic nor strategic incentive to attack or being a treat to the land nor its people.
    From what I can read, Israel trying very hard to demonize Iran and have lobbying long and hard for it, and Iran seems very annoyed by it and respond to it accordingly, not very intelligent though (like two children starting a row). But why did Israel start with it in the first place, and if Israel tomorrow would stop all propaganda etc, wouldn’t it just all this just stop after a while (there are no more fuel to conflict)? An analogy: If a child throw sand in the other child’s eyes, the other child is responding by throwing sand back, why is the other child the one that commit the most wrongdoing, why don’t we ask why the first child throw sand in the first place?

    2. Related to Israel’s own hidden development of nuclear weapons, which was revealed – I cannot feel Israel is legitimate bearer of critics, isn’t smarter letting else doing the talk?

    3. Why do we still refer to statements such as “wipe out Israel of the map” when the intention with the speech/interview was deliberately miss-quoted (see full interview and the meaning becomes actually different), aren’t we more clever than base opinions/feelings on miss-interpret information, what do we want to achieve by misinterpret? Is like watching FOX news reading much articles, in times like this, we need to be super careful with facts, else at the end, in a full blown conflict normal families etc have to pay a high price, something nobody really wants. Distinguish facts from feelings is key when dealing with a conflict.

    4. Is much of Israel national political psyche focused around deterrence and threats, does it works as fuel and glue to always have threats and enemies to deal with?

    5. Lastly, why are Palestinians miss treated and step by step ousted from the region in a Swiss cheese fashion, don’t we have enough evidence from past generations in US, EU, Africa among indigenous tribes and various cultures, religions and people, in peace and war, to respect humanity and rights, and to protect weakness and preserve; as fundamental principles. Is this why the Arabic/muslim countries pissed-off on Israel due to this? If Israel would start support Palestinians, working with them instead of against and allow them their own country (in a more generous fashion), wouldn’t much of the tension with the Arabic/muslim countries being solved by this?

    Someone needs to be nice before it becomes nicer, why cannot just Israel give away more land than requested, being generous. Israel would be seen as saint in all history books thereafter and any conflicts/self-bombing etc would probably immediately stop.

  37. “my source has never been wrong so far in the reports he’s offered.”

    Richard, has he ever broken any such story before? Have you ever carried them? If so, which ones? If not, why not? Has he offered stories to other sources?

  38. You just serve the not-patriotic and leftist press of Israel, with your fantasy.. They quote you because of your arrogant leftist tendency. Fantasy goes with fantasy, lies with lies. “Sources”… alek

  39. I will admit Mossad is a very shifty group… But MEK is not a terrorist group. Yes they’ve conducted attacks/assassinations which resulted in civilian casualties but when interviewed by the FBI at Camp Ashraf (current home of 3400 Iranian dissidents) they told FBI that was never their intentions. If anything they should be called a resistance group trying to promote freedom and human right in Iran. Look at the history of MEK and you will find the 16 point plan they proposed. Most of the points talking about freedoms for Iranian citizens, similiar to the first amendment of our own constitution. They are one of the few groups willing to take the Iranian Regime head-on. Calling them a terrorist group would be like calling the Free Syrian Army a terrorist group… They are fighting the Assad Regime because he is a ruthless dictator much like Khomeni of Iran. So put your liberal biases aside and look at real facts and history of MEK.

    1. This comment is so full of nonsense & wish fulfillment I hardly know where to start.

      MEK IS a resistance group. A resistance group dedicated to terror, assassinations, bombings, & other mass mayhem in order to gain their objectives. Their goal is not a democratic Iran. Their goal is a militant dictatorship under their control.

      As for the Free Syrian Army, I have very little faith that this group will liberate Syria & lead it to democracy & freedom. Any more than the MEK will. And the idea that the FSA will liberate Syria & make it friendly to the west is a fantasy only a neocon could love.

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