9 thoughts on “American Jews’ Love-Hate Relationship With Black Lives Matter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I support BLM, but my support is not unqualified.

    We do a great disservice to BLM, and all the good it stands for, when we ignore it’s radical fringe.

    I’m not talking about an anti-Israel planker, but the radical BLM fringe that intimidates hapless diners, uses homophobic slurs against opponents, and now, assassinates opponents in cold blood.
    (Cites available, upon request).

    1. @ Scarabian: Oh yes, Great White Father. Do tell us and BLM how it should conduct itself. And do claim to be doing this for the good of BLM. Your condescension is nauseating.

      The notion that you “support” BLM if laughable. With friends like you they don’t need enemies.

      It is a disgusting lie to say that Black Lives Matter “assassinated” anyone. THis is a disgusting & I will not accept it here. You are now moderated. Try nonsense like this again & I’ll ban you entirely.

  2. Crap Scarabian. It’s the radical fringe but not a fringe, that is most exciting about BLM. A recognition that racism in the United States comes from the way US capitalism and imperialism operate and have operated. Of course milk and water liberals will always hope to coopt such movements by isolating the radicals. This is also the politics of White racism

    Its a very good article by Richard

  3. I don’t remember the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s, which had been rooted in the Southern Baptist Church and non-violence, having a radical, violent fringe.

    You’ve been fixing to ban me ever since I exposed the more inane aspects of your claim that Israel bombed Beirut, a claim that becomes more risible with every passing day.

    ‘Inside was a toxic mix of chemicals and explosives — including kerosene, gas oil, 25 tons of fireworks, five miles of blast fuses of the kind used in mining and quarrying, and solvents used for stripping paint — that had been stored alongside the ammonium nitrate, according to Ghassan Oueidat, Lebanon’s chief prosecutor. Oueidat, in his role as judge, ordered the warehouse sealed in response to a request by the country’s State Security agency. He cited the official inventory that investigators have since retrieved from port servers.’


    The suspect in the Portland shooting death of Aaron Danielson is a Black Live Matter activist, who targeted Danielson, who was wearing far-Right regalia, and shot Danielson to death.


    1. @ Scarabian:

      You’ve been fixing to ban me

      If I had been, you would be long gone. In fact, despite repeated warnings, you’ve ignored the comment rules. And I Haven’t Banned You (yet). So I’ve actually been far more permissive than I ought to have been.

      For example, I told you not to continue your wandering through the weeds of Beirut conspiracy theories. Yet you’ve done it again here. If you do this again, you will no longer be moderated, but banned entirely.

      Do not use The Sun, a wretched far-right UK tabloid as a credible source for anything. While I do not support violence by either right or left and believe all killers should be fully prosecuted, the murder was far more complicated than you let on. The victim had been assaulting protesters before he was shot. White supremacists were using their vehicles to drive directly into crowded streets full of protesters. If they had done this to police they would have been Killed.

  4. The Antifa/BLM activist (with BLM fist tattooed on his neck) that shot and killed Patriot Prayer member Danielson, is now dead himself, after pulling a gun on Fed agents sent to arrest him.

    This activist, Michael Reinoehl, admitted to the murder in a Vice video interview.

    Reinhoel, and a BLM companion, saw Danielson and Chandler Pappas on the street, and approached them because they looked like ‘rightists’.

    Danielson discharged bear mace in defense. Reinoehl shot him to death with a pistol.

    Danielson was on foot, not driving a vehicle, and no one is claiming that Danielson assaulted a protestor that day.

    Pappas, the eyewitness, says he and Danielson were targeted because they wore Patriot Prayer hats, and that Danielson was shot ‘in cold blood’.

    If Reinhoel pulled a gun on Federal agents, why is it a stretch to say that Reinhoel executed Danielson?

    I’ve spoken the truth and you’ve censored me for it.


    1. @ Scarabian:

      Let’s address all the distortions, lies and errors in your comment:

      The Antifa/BLM activist

      Antifa is not an organization. It has no members. ANyone can say they are affiliated with Antifa. That doesn’t mean they are. And I have no idea whether Reinoehl made such a claim aside from your unsubstantiated description of him. Antifa and BLM are not the same and should not be linked together as you have done.

      BLM fist tattooed on his neck)

      You mean there is an “official” BLM tattoo? Oooh, I’d like to see that. I have no idea what a BLM tattoo is. And anyone can tattoo anything they like on their bodies. That does not associate them with any group or movement in any official, formal or even meaningful way.

      Danielson discharged bear mace in defense

      Whoa, that’s an awfully big leap. Considering that white supremacists were “discharging” paintballs, projectiles and mace all day assaulting Portland protesters, claiming the mace was sprayed in “defense” is either a lie or simply unsubstantiated on your part. No one sprays bear mace “in defense.” The white supremacists sprayed it indiscriminately at every protester they could find that day.

      no one is claiming that Danielson assaulted a protestor that day.

      Of course he did. You said so yourself. Spraying someone with mace is the definition of assault.

      Pappas, the eyewitness, says he and Danielson were targeted because they wore Patriot Prayer hats, and that Danielson was shot ‘in cold blood’.

      So a violent white supremacist who was spraying protesters with mace claims his buddy was shot in cold blood. Well, that seals it. Excuse me while I wait to hear from more witnesses than the violent scum who incited mayhem in Portland and now cry after they got some of their own medicine.

      you’ve censored me for it.

      Stop being a crybaby. I moderated you. That’s not censorship. And I did that because you violated the clearly listed comment rules here. If I censored you you would not be here.

      By the way: hundreds of Americans have been murdered by white supremacists. Only one white supremacist murdered in all that time. Why is that? And why haven’t you spilled any ink about the Kenosha killer? Cat got your tongue when white supremacists engage in mass murder?

      No more comments in this thread. And I’m instituting a new comment rule for you: you get to publish a single comment in any thread. I’m spending far too much of my time addressing your nonsense. I have better things to do with my time.

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