7 thoughts on “Spanish Intelligence Uses NSO Group Malware to Target Catalan Leaders, Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss WhatsApp Suit Against NSO – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel allows NSO to sell their software to a bad actor, like MBS, in order that the KSA will help Israel with Israel’s ‘Cold War’ with Iran.

    An odious necessity, some reckon.

  2. Hi Oui,

    Everything you say is true, but it is also true that Iran violates human rights on a grand scale too, but unlike the Saudis, Iran poses a real threat to Israel.

    It’s called, realpolitik.

    As far as this lawsuit goes, NSO will have to prove that it’s contracts with bad State actors, were done on behalf of the State of Israel. That NSO was acting for ‘reasons of State’.

    Expect that this WhatsApp lawsuit will drag on for years and years.

    1. @ Limey: It is also true that Israel ‘violates human rights on a grand scale and poses a grave threat’ to numerous states in the region. As for “realpolitik,” that’s a cynical hasbaroid bullshit argument: “we just do the same horrific things every other country does and because they do it, we have the same right.” Well, no you don’t. It’s wrong whoever does it.

      As for your “legal strategy” on NSO’s behalf, why don’t you stick to something you know. Clearly you know little about the law in this area. But if NSO does prove that it is acting on behalf of the state, that would be grand 😣. Then we can hold Israel accountable not only for its direct war crimes, but for the criminal acts of NSO, such as contributing the murder of journalists like Khashoggi and the imprisonment of numerous others. Then we can blame not only Hulio for these crimes, we can add them to the list that Netanyahu will be held accountable for at the Hague.

      The Whatsapp lawsuit will not drag on for years, though you and NSO will prefer this. The lawsuit will end with abject defeat for NSO.

      No further comments in this thread for you.

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