16 thoughts on “Beinart’s ‘Road to a New Jerusalem’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent news, and a much appreciated summary of something that the revolutionary left has been saying for over 50 years.

  2. Beinert couldn’t have picked a worse time to publish.
    Covid 19 does not distinguish between Zionists, liberal Zionists, post-Zionists, Jews or Arabs.

    We are all struggling now, and very few people have the time or the inclination to read Beinert, much less think deeply on what he is saying.

    Stone idols are being toppled, and institutions that we took for granted, are being shaken down to their foundations. A desert land squabble isn’t holding anyone’s attention right now.

    Richard says:

    “Remember, the Balfour Declaration did not recognize a Jewish state. Rather, it recognized a “Jewish national home.” A home, not a state ”

    Mmm….I’m not altogether sure of that.

    ‘In a private conversation at Balfour’s House in the summer of 1921, both Balfour and the Prime Minister contradicted him [Churchill] and told Churchill that “by the Declaration they always meant an eventual Jewish State.”

    See, David Fromkin’s, A Peace to End All Peace, page. 520, where Fromkin cites to Martin Gilbert, Winston S. Churchill: Companion Volume, Vol. 4, Part3: April 1921-November 1922, p. 1559.(Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1975)

    1. @ Kenton:

      Beinert couldn’t have picked a worse time to publish.

      Don’t be an idiot: what does Covid19 have to do with Beinart’s essay? Nothing.

      very few people have the time or the inclination to read Beinert, much less think deeply on what he is saying.

      More inanity. In fact, Beinart’s essay ran in the NY Times as well as Jewish Current. It has been discussed widely throughout the world. I’d argue in fact that a pandemic is a perfect time for publishing this as people have far more time on their hands to do things they cannot do regularly–like read essays.

      A desert land squabble isn’t holding anyone’s attention right now.

      WTF?? A “desert land squabble?” Is that what you call a 70 year conflict in which tens of thousands have died? A squabble?

      I smell a hasbaroid buddy. Watch your step. Keep publishing such tripe here & your days will be numbered.

      ‘In a private conversation at Balfour’s House

      I could care less what Balfour said in a private conversation. What matters is what’s written on the printed page of an official government document–where it clearly says “a Jewish home.”

  3. on Israel’s attack on Iran’s Natanz centrifuge production facility.”
    I don’t recall anyone taking the credit for this attack. Do you have a solid source for this aside from assumption or heresay?

  4. Once again the FACT that Christian Communities exist in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories is totally ignored. I wonder why this is a continuing failure of MSM? Why present all Palestinians as Muslims? Why ignore the reality that Christianity itself began in the Middle East; that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem? More importantly, what ignore the fact that Christian teachings could be a bridge to bring the ideal of a single state between the Joran and the Mediterrainian into a reality? Just asking….

  5. Dear Mr S,
    i am inserting here a link so you may fall off your chair laughing . a rabbi trying to sell to the world the fact that annexation is NOT annexation because the west bank was jewish , wait for it , 2000 years ago, ergo you can say the u.s. does not exist because you are still british and you are entitled to vote for brexit
    and this is what goes as reporting in the jerusalem post , craps this jewish (ahem) land is crushing under thousands upon thousands of sick haredis who categorically refuse to abide by cleanliness is next to godliness have the balls to crawl from under a rock like a scorpion to spew old venom . and yet

    regarding your item – the Democrats are cowards chained by aipac, Biden has already shut the door fully to any notion for ANY AND I REPEAT ANY MOVE beyond the cemented norm. Read his declaration for changes demanded by the left wing, Pelosi is no better than Mitch when it comes to bringing the stone age manifesto into the 21st century.
    forget it , it wont come to pass , unless bibi does something really but really stupid, which is possible in the realm of greed. but if all things stay as is, do not expect any change in the next 8 years regarding israel by then we will have cemented the apartheid into law whilst the world is yawning out of boredom

  6. Why are you leaving out all Palestinians in refugee camps outside of Israel and the occupied territories? They have a right to return.

  7. I read something by Beinart some years ago, he explained that what made him change/question his vision on Zionism was when he saw a video-clip of a small Palestinian boy crying ‘baba, baba’ as he tried to reach his daddy on some farmroad near Nablus (if my memory is correct). His daddy was taken away by heavy armed army-thugs for ‘stealing’ his own water back from settlers. Beinart wrote that his little boy called him baba too…

  8. Too little, too late!?
    Israel is in the process now, of steeling what is left of Palestine. Maybe at the end of this process small enclaves, surrounded on all sides by “israeli” territory may exist, al la Gaza, and the “two state *solution*” will be enshrined in law and accepted internationally.
    Call me a cynic, but could it be that Beibart has changed his tune now, in an effort to appear pragmatic, open, caring, now that Kushner/Trump’s “peace plan” is being driven forward?
    The time for opposition to this plan was 4 years ago. The time to highlight the difference between “home” and “state” was 50 and 70 years ago.
    But in years to come Beibart can point to his “road to Damascus” moment to show the world, and American Jews, just how emotionally intelligent, fair-minded and compassionate he is when it comes to recognising the humanity of the Palestinian people. In other words, is this not a simple, well timed PR exercise that will be used to morph and rebrand the bloodied Liberal Zionists as compassionate and caring “open” Zonists once Palestine is crushed beneath the boot of the rebranded “Jewish Home”?!

  9. Thank you for this essay and the impulse to read Beinart’s I don’t know how much Beinart’s probably long fermenting change will actually change things. but it’s welcome. I have admired his integrity, insight, striving for moral clarity.
    A lot of what he is saying, the vision, solutions, possibilities, what would turn Israel away from it’s now accelerated unsustainable path, have been floating around and dismissed or turned on deaf ears. The writings of Bernard Avishai comes to mind. Beinart also distinguishes, interprets fairly, the prior modern history from the post-Holocaust response/trauma that took over politics and the Jewish communal psyche. How to get out of that mentality when there is a political structure leading in the opposition direction that feeds off of it is the issue. Beinart does not say- maybe feeling that reason will work. How do you get a communal evolution of consciousness, and healing? Who is Beinart talking to or influencing? 

    There will more problems for Israel with this annexation, a “coming out”, no longer a drip drip drip. The “get over it-we won they lost” response will ring loud.But Israelis will become more and more isolated, perhaps more uncomfortable, many will leave. People have a consciences to live with. The old dogs may not hunt too much longer.. maybe.

  10. What time is it?

    Time to replace the colonial state with something more equitable and just.


  11. ApprecIate that you acknowledge the challenges of achieving a unitary not binational state.
    But you haven’t acknowledged the likelihood of an intra-Jewish civil war (literally) in the interim.
    And citing Lebanon as an example, in itself an invention of colonialism, doesn’t advance your case.

    1. @ Tom Ackerman: That analogy does not hold. Israel is not Lebanon. Totally different circumstances. Who would fight this Israeli Civil War? Palestinians against Jews? Secular Jews against settler Jews? None of these scenarios will happen.

  12. I remember Beinart’s reaction to that man being dragged away in front of his small son too. The thing is, Beinart is a decent person. Others, seeing the same video, claimed it was ‘Pallywood’, that ‘if Palestinians loved their children they would not let them be present at such a scene’, that Palestinians were ‘abusing a small kid to arouse sympathy from bleeding heart leftists’ etc. etc.

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