4 thoughts on “Settlement Freeze Dies, Settlers Celebrate, Resume Building; Israel’s Trash-Talk Trashes Talks – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You’re right, Richard. But don’t base the failure to achieve peace on whatever political party is in power in Israel. When it comes to peace, they’re all the same. They don’t want peace, they want land. Netanyahu’s coalition doesn’t matter one whit, whether it’s with Likud or Kadima.

  2. 43 years and counting – must be some kind of historical record for US complicity in criminal inhumanity. Worse than the Japanese in China in the 30’s, the Germans and Russians in Poland ’39… we are the world leader in being accomplice/facilitators to a war criminal nation.

  3. Hi Richard, I offer a different and more optimistic take in my new blog post, “Why Jordan’s Foreign Minister is Optimistic About Middle East Peace” at http://bit.ly/b9dCJt

    On the other hand, I’m much more skeptical than you that Bibi will bomb Iran. I don’t believe Obama will let him – and Bibi will not drag the US into a full-scale massively destablizing and endless Middle East war with Iran and Hezbollah knowing that Obama is implacably opposed to so disastrous a course. I view Israel’s Stuxnet cyber-attack on Iran’s nuclear program not as presaging a hot war, as you’ve suggested, but rather as Israel’s alternative to it.

    Doni Remba

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