10 thoughts on “Bernie’s Up 6 Points in New Hampshire and the MSM is Losing Its Mind – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Lemontree: Because there are actually settlers who murder Palestinians, just like the Brownshirts did to Jews. They haven’t yet organized a Final Solution for the Palestine Problem. But give it time.

      When you find a Bernie Bro who offs a MAGA maniac, do let us know.

      BTW, I strongly doubt you are physically located in the Bahamas, as the IP you’re using is. I do not like people using proxy servers. It tells me immediately you’re hiding something and identifies you as a hasbara troll.

  1. In as much as the anti-semites of the world claim that the Jews rule/control everything if a Jew were to be elected president of the US that would be מכה בפטיש [last nail in the coffin]for the anti-semites.
    The same would be for Bloomberg maybe even more so.

    1. @ Dani: First, I don’t like commenting as tag team wrestling. You make your point, someone else makes theirs. Separate points. You don’t repeat (as you’ve done here) what someone else has said after I’ve rebutted it.

      Second, I can’t believe you thought it was important enough to find out how many times I used the term “Jewish-” or “settler-” or “Judeo-Brownshirt.” Third, Google retrieves multiple versions of the same result so the number is far less than 65. Count next time.

      Fourth, as I said to him and am repeating here, I use terms like “Judeo-Nazi” or “Jewish Brownshirt” very deliberately and in careful parallel with earlier historic uses of similar terms precisely because the settler movement and its political puppets running the Israeli government are literally Judeo-fascists. The Vanguard of the movement acts as a militia, burning down religious sites, and killing and maiming not just Palestinians, but foreign nationals and even Jews who dare to support the cause. Precisely what Nazi Brownshirts did to German Jews and other enemies of the State.

      Finally, calling Sanders’ supporters Brownshirts is historically impermissible precisely because they have nothing in common with those in Israel who use homicidal violence to advance their cause. Verbal fisticuffs, intemperance, etc. are far different than actual violence.

      You are done in this thread. And in future, do not make me repeat arguments I’ve already offered to rebut points someone else has made.

  2. RE: Jonathan Last is the managing editor of something called The Bulwark, whose website calls it a home for “rational conservatives.” ~ R.S.

    WIKIPEDIA: The Bulwark is an American conservative[1][2] news and opinion website founded by conservative commentators Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol. The publisher is Sarah Longwell.[3] A news aggregator at first with Benjamin Parker as editor (he is currently senior editor), it was revamped into a news and opinion site with “the core digital staff of The Weekly Standard.”[4] Like the Standard, The Bulwark has been described as neoconservative. . .
    Date launched: December 2018
    Editors: Charlie Sykes, Bill Kristol
    SOURCE – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bulwark_(website)

  3. Results NH are quite interesting compared to 2016 Sanders vs Clinton … illustrates in my opinion a stronger, more diversified field of candidates, plus how the DNC candidate was out of touch with voters. A lesson.

  4. I am happy to see this so stated as the MSM losing it’s mind. Yes I notice. Jennifer Rubin at WAPO really irks me. And anyone defending Sanders is a ‘bro” so labeled by yahoo anti-Sanders brownshirts out there. I defend Sanders out of instinct cause I don’t get anything rational from his opposition.What i hear is “socialist” “not a real Democrat” “can’t win against Trump” (ie he has limits to his support) and even that it’s Sanders fault we have Trump. As for Chuck Todd, he’s looking for his lane into MSM heaven and has not found it yet…grabs onto what crosses his transom… not brilliant analysis.
    Again, Thank you Richard.

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