15 thoughts on “Pompeo: We Offer Iran Freedom – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well, this is a brilliant article except for one glaring omission. You have forgotten to include the nefarious actions of Israel in the mix. The comments I’ve heard from sources who continue to report are that Israel gave the US the coordinates to run the strike that murdered Soleimani. I’m surprised you’ve left them out. Most Israeli media over the past day have applauded what tRump has done. https://nypost.com/2020/01/03/netanyhau-praises-trump-for-killing-qassem-soleimani-says-israel-stands-by-us/

    Certainly, that mass murderer, Netenyahoo, has.

  2. whereas the us/israel are hot headed “idiots’ the iranian are LONG TERM players, time (money) will tire of keeping the guards up and that’s when iran plays. they know full well they will not be attacked SERIOUSLY therefore the counterpunch will come whenever and wherever they can hurt NOT DAMAGE but slowly bleed and irritate the enemy. just as they are doing in yemen/saudis. slowly bleed on the ground and then launch ONE rocket that will damage BIG TIME.
    to attack iran you need several thousands of immediate rockets and then a whole bunch of thousands of boots .
    otherwise this was a total waste. it might slow down the process but the army is still there more than willing and READY. is TRUMP/BIBI ready , I DON’T THINK SO.
    iran’s honey trap was set by his high visibility, i don’t think they wouldn’t be ready for the counter punch if his hi visibility wasn’t PRE assessed and the answer already in the works. if not then they are utterly stupid.

  3. forgot , remember that iraq with its SUPERIOR army got nowhere not short not long term. iran had kids and kids and kids as cannon fodder it was Napoleon russia’s snow that got the best of iraq. 100k kids went willingly to the front. so irann knows how to put molasses in the enemy’s gear and that molasses is TIME.
    maybe i am wrong, if indeed they reply hard then god save as all we are in for a bruising conflict that israel will pay the price not trump or his republicans sheeps

  4. Richard said:

    “First, the 9/11 Commission found that Iran had no involvement whatsoever in 9/11 either before or after it happened”

    That is demonstrably false.

    While there is no evidence to suggest that Iranian officials knew of the Sept. 11 plot, the 9/11 Commission panel,
    “had recently obtained intelligence showing that Iran had ordered guards at its border stations not to stamp the passports of al Qaeda members from Saudi Arabia who were moving through Iran after training at terrorist camps in Afghanistan”.

    “The officials said the bipartisan commission had uncovered evidence that as many as 10 of the Sept. 11 hijackers traveled through Iran in late 2000 and early 2001 and would have benefited from the Iran policy, allowing them to enter the United States without an Iranian passport stamp, which could have made them subject to special scrutiny.”


    Richard said:

    “The only dancing in the streets of Iraq was done by the Sunni minority, which ruled the country while Saddam’s Baath Party held power”.

    What proof do you offer that the celebrants were Sunni?

    I ask for proof, because only last month, Shi’a Iraqis in the South of Iraq were demonstrating against Iran’s presence and influence in their country, burning Iranian buildings in Najaf, Karbala, etc.


    You do see the point I’m trying to make, don’t you?

    1. @Ben: I said that Iran had no Involvement In the 9/11 attack and nothing you offered proved that they did. The actual statement in the 9/11 Commission report is that Iran had no “Knowledge” of the 9/11 plot. Curious you left this sentence out of the same source you quoted:

      The officials emphasized that the commission had no evidence to suggest that Iranian officials knew of the Sept. 11 plot…

      Officials said the assistance that Iran is reported to have provided to the hijackers did not suggest that Iran knew about the Sept. 11 plot, if only because most of the hijackers themselves are not believed to have known the details until after the attacks were under way.

      Iran’s intelligence minister, Ali Yunesi, was quoted by state television…saying that the country’s intelligence ministry had dismantled branches of al Qaeda there, Reuters reported. In the last two years, hundreds of suspected al Qaeda members have been arrested and repatriated, Iranian officials say.

      BTW the hijackers traveled through many countries including the U. S. before the attack. Were they all complicit in the attack?

      What proof do you offer that the celebrants were Sunni?
      Only last month, Shi’a Iraqis in the South of Iraq were demonstrating against Iran

      The celebrants were not from Basra. They were in Baghdad. And just because those in Basra protested against Iran does not mean they would celebrate Soleimani’s assassination, nor did they.

      You are done in this thread.

  5. Ben : How would Iran have identified al Qaeda members to allow safe passage, membership list, special letters, just by saying, Hey I am a member of Al Qaeda, had you said the Pakistan lawless territories, i would agree, but to make such a claim just to make a claim, mmmmm. really. There is no history of Iran being buddy buddy with anything called Afghanistan (that i ‘ve heard of) so unless it can be backed up by anything i would take that grain of salt with very very delicate tweezers, please go ahead and rub my nose in proof, i’ll gladly eat bowlfuls of crow.

  6. Richard I feel for you, you took time to dissect the words said by the puppet Pompeous Arrogantus, you should have slain the puppet master , All this hot air is nothing but Trump the marionette master at play as it has since nov 2016. that date should live in infamy right next to 9/11. as though iran is listening or even cares about what this administration says. or even does,

  7. It is very sad and EXTREMELY dangerous, the USA is governed by totally ignorant and delusional people.
    Great post….thank you.

  8. The only “freedom” the US can offer Iranians is the freedom of death, either through bombing, shelling, being shot on the battlefield or sniped on the street. Like with South Vietnam, we don’t give a hoot in Hell about the Iranians or the Iraqis or the Yemenis – all we want is the oil, the chance to set up Iranian or Iraqi branches of various US corporations, and the ability to shake our fists at the Russians, the Chinese, and the Indians as we cut them out of a chunk of the Middle East.

    The colonialism is grotesque.

  9. strelnikov2 – never gonna happen. firstly the us army is nowhere large enough to invade iran AS IT SHOULD BE, secondly, bombing the crap out of iran will cause nothing. UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO DECAPITATE a few thousand mullahs SIMULTANEOUSLY. thirdly – do you think that if Iran is pushed that far they won’t use a SURPRISE weapon against WHOMEVER AND WHEREVER.
    never gonna happen the system is too entrenched for a system change, short of 3 A or N bombs going off in Iran all if for nought , the ONLY colonialism left nowadays is ISRAEL. the US is nothing but a shadow of what is was in 1950 . since then it has gone downhill after the Vietcong history.
    To lose thousands upon thousands as in WWI and II naahh even Richard will agree i am right. sorry Richard I know you love your country but my assessment is not far off, your opinion?

  10. Pompeo’s rationale for the assassination – that thousands of lives now will be saved – can be truthful only if the murdered man was a lone wolf and not part of a disciplined chain of command. The gun slinger is a Pompeo fantasy; just get rid of this one bad guy and roll the credits while the grateful townspeople come out of hiding. No more real than John Wayne’s military service.

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