7 thoughts on “Tikun Olam Under Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You’re the gullible naive one, not me.

    Iran is already blaming the protests and riots on America and Israel.

    Iran would love to pin the bank hack on Israel.
    A smoking gun, a distraction, is just what Iran needs now.

    And BTW, Richard, just what do you know about Iran anyway?

    You wrote a few months ago, that Iran and Iraqi Shia were one of a kind, ‘tooth and jowl’.
    How wrong you were.

    How very wrong.

    1. @ Jack: I warned you that your next comment rule violation would result in banning. You know or should know that off-topic comments are not permitted. When I told you you were done in the previous thread to which you posted, you decided to post a new comment in this thread, which has nothing to do with Iran. You’re violating the rules, and hence are now banned.

      But before you go: you know nothing about Iran. It is a proud nation and would never concede that a sworn enemy had gotten the better of it. Unlike Israel or the U.S. which goes before the world whining about what a victim it is and pointing fingers at nations it would love to erase from the map.

      What do I know about Iran? You mean other than years of speaking and writing journalism with Iranian scholars; writing articles about Iran-Israel relations for Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye and others; organizing public talks on the subject with prominent Iranian analysts? You mean other than that what do I know about Iran?

      As for Iran and Iraqi Shia: again you don’t have the first clue about Iraqi Shia. The Iranians have made alliances with Iraqi Shia militia. The Shia who are protesting against Iran are not part of the militias. Why can’t you conceive of Iraq as a country with different sectors within its religious-ethnic communities the way, say, Israel is? Hmmm?

      Have a nice flight and send our regards to the hasbara handlers who meet you at Ben Gurion at your departure…

    1. Please don’t offer me compliments and then add something so I’ll informed and Arabophobic. If you’re not aware of the many Progressive, important media outlets in the Arab world, many in English, it’s too bad for you. Nor do I think TIkun Olam is the “greatest mitzvah.” Methinks there’s a bit of trolling going on here.

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