14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mossad Seeks to Cover-Up Major Scandal, Dankner Accused of Sexual Assault – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is just as conceivable that billionaire Dankner is being ‘shaken down’ by his ‘cellie’ for money.

    Jails tend to attract dishonest people.

    1. @ Jack: Nope, wrong again, Einstein. How does accusing him of rape and having him moved to another prison where he’s in solitary confinement get the victim the shakedown money he covets? Ever consider that, wiseguy? Of course you didn’t.

      Jails tend to attract dishonest people.

      So do my comment threads!

  2. @Richard

    I don’t know what happened, but I imagine that male on male rape, without weapons or intoxicants, is more difficult to execute than male on female rape. I would imagine that there would be clear signs of a struggle in this case; scratch marks, abrasions or choke marks. Did that occur?
    I also imagine that it is standard practice to remove an accused rapist to a solitary cell.

    The shakedown begins by filing a civil lawsuit against the billionaire, and ends with a settlement.

    Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t hold convicted criminals to be too credible.

    Remember what happened to those accused Israeli tourists this summer on Cyprus? Let’s not rush to judgment.

  3. Buki Naeh, in the interview you link to, seems to suggest the complaint against Dankner is completely made up. Of course, he doesn’t necessarily know, but that’s what he seems to suggest.

    “When you live in a room with someone else, there are always frictions, especially when you’re closed down there and not just going back there to sleep – so people live in one room and there are all kinds of different kinds of issues between them. Now if one is complaining against the other, you have to first get the one complained of out of there so that there will be no disruption attempts or other things because there has to be a police investigation.

    Of course Nochi Dankner denies it and claims that this is a plot an opponent made up, and sent this guy to file the complaint. What, for example, can a person do to another in a detention cell? For example, someone can file a complaint that I come in the middle of the night with toothpaste and put it on all my cellmates.
    Once when I wanted to tell a fanciful story, I said that Brigitte Bardot couldn’t come to Israel anymore, you know why? Because I filed a complaint with the police that she landed here one night with a secret helicopter, came home to me, raped me and fled – and if she arrives in the country, the police are legally obliged to investigate her.”

    1. @ Eli:

      Buki Naeh, in the interview you link to, seems to suggest the complaint against Dankner is completely made up.

      Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, in the segment you conveniently omit, Naeh explains the reason why the charge against Dankner is not reported is that there is a legal prohibition against violating privacy over matters that could be embarrassing to him. He specifically mentions an accusation that someone is gay as being a reason such information could not be published. That is a far more persuasive reading on Naeh’s intent than yours.

      As for the rest of your comment, it was garbage. Pure figment of your unimaginative imagination. Do NOT comment in this thread again.

  4. I doubt he never went above 10 billion. Defiantly not anywhere even close to 100B.

    Also, I’m confused, so is it my right to know he is gay or isn’t? (“Who cares whether Nochi Dankner is gay?”)
    You get very confusing when you try to justify not leaving people any privacy.

    1. Here’s my problem with idiots like you: when I write a post I do research (so I don’t make an idiot out of myself like you). I obtain credible sources for statements I make like, for example, the worth of his companies at their height. Unlike you, I have a credible source for the valuation of $100-billion. You don’t. That makes you an ass .

      Rape victims deserve privacy. Abused children deserve privacy. Billionaires, Shabak interrogators, PMs engaged in war crimes, generals ditto: no, no privacy for them. That’s pretty clear. Any confusion on your part is solely due to your own limitations.

  5. You have a credible source for what? Much of this is public knowledge!
    There are lists of richest people and their valuations. And Dankner or IDB never got close to 100B. Even more so, if he bought some shares of Apple or Amazon, would you say ‘his companies’ worth over a trillion.
    Why do you feel like you need to make this sort of statement? It does not improve the post in any way and it is, at most, inaccurate, and more likely, untrue and misleading.

    1. @Reut: Read my lips carefully. I never said that HE was worth $100-billion. I said that his companies were worth that. And yes, I have a credible source, the same one you could’ve looked up before putting your foot in it. Further, Forbes ranked Dankner 11th richest Israel at the height of his wealth.

      You are done in this thread. Comment further here and you will be moderated.

  6. I know this is unrelated to the article above, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the UK election. Israel absolutely interfered in it. Yair Lapid, the #2 in the Blue and White party, literally came out and said he was going to intervene to stop Corbyn from become prime minister. If this had been any other country, the political establishment would flipping it, but because it’s Israel and because it’s Corbyn who they unanimously reject for his socialist and anti imperialist policies, there’s been a literal silence on this. An article on this would be appreciated, especially as it relates to leftist causes and the Palestinian rights movement overall.

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