13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Female Shabak Officer, “N.,” Gravely Injured Palestinian Terror Suspect, Recently Promoted to Lt. Colonel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Benyamin: murdering 40,000 Palestinians and other residents of Frontline Arab states since 1948 is FAR MORE heartless. BTW, being “Jews” had nothing to do with it. Being Israeli allies of settlers had everything to do with it.

    1. @Nisin: i don’t think any Palestinian will shed a tear for your son or daughter serving in the IDF if they’re killed or captured in combat or while squatting on Palestinian lands. Your moral blindness is abhorrent.

  1. @Richard Silverstein: Oh I know they wouldn’t. So I wouldn’t be looking for sympathy from them. Just what in my statement represents moral blindness? Is it not enough that I reject the legitimacy of torture of a cold-blooded murderer of a 17 year-old? Must I also feel bad for the killer?

    1. @ Joshua: Nonsense. I quoted a statement from Addameer which is featured in half a dozen media outlets. It specified all of the injuries he suffered including the ones you claim aren’t supported by any source. Stop wasting my time pointing out what is already in the post and readily accessible to you.

  2. Richard – next time please include one of these sources.
    You always rightfully promote reliability and proofs so adhering by your own rules is necessary.

    1. The sources are there and linked in the post. But if you don’t find a link you can do what I do in such circumstances: take a snippet of the quoted passage and do a Google search. In 2 seconds it will show you the source I used.

  3. In the attached article from Haaretz in English – N. Is clearly identified as a man… There goes half of your story..

    1. @ John: Do not use the name “John” as your handle here. Use a handle permitting people to distinguish you from the many other Johns who have used that handle before you.

      I never said that the “N” in Haaretz was Nurit. Nor did I translate his statements as coming from a female. So there goes all your claims and comment itself. Believe it or not there are more than one person serving in Shabak who have the initial “N” as their first name.

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