7 thoughts on “American Muslims to Saudis, American Jews to Israel: Why Do You Hate Us? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. An excellent and penetrating analysis, thank you Richard. It is worth mentioning that Reform Jews in the USA have been opposed to Zionism from the beginning. They sent a delegation to the Paris peace conferences in 1919 to argue against the “Jewish National Home” policy of the Balfour declaration. British Jewish leaders also opposed Zionism from the beginning, and were instrumental in changing the Balfour declaration from “reconstitution of Palestine as the Jewish National Home (i.e turning it into Jewish supremacist state) to “a Jewish National Home IN Palestine”.

  2. [comment deleted: I started a full rebuttal of your comment. But when I got to the nonsense about Jew hatred in Somalia, I realized you were “all-in,” full-on Islamophobe mode.

    You are already moderated. The only thing remaining is outright banning. Post anything Islamophobic again, or anything violating the comment rules, and it’s off to Ben Gurion for you…]

  3. That’s right Fincham, well off Jews like the American banker Morganthau, and the equally well-heeled British elitist, Montagu, were afraid of rocking the boat for fear their high status might be imperiled. Afraid they might be shown the door and asked to go to Palestine along with kikes from the Pale of Russia.

    1. @ Sho Time: Nonsense. Montagu and most of world Jewry (which was not Zionist at the time), believed sincerely and with reason, that if Britain created a Jewish state that the anti-Semites of the world would attempt to expel all their Jews to that state. The anti-Zionists wanted Jews to be able to remain living in the diasporic homes and not be expelled. What Montagu feared was precisely what happened at the onset of the Holocaust when the Nazis, before they determined on the Final Solution, tried to negotiate (with the collaboration of the Yishuv leadership) the expulsion of all German Jews to Palestine. In fact, Eichmann and other Nazis said that they themselves would be Zionists if they could.

  4. Brilliant answer as what to do next. A Muslim, Jewish movement to denounce the most anti humain country’s on out planet. Humanity must and will prevail.

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