7 thoughts on “Netanyahu Expects Demise of Non-Orthodox Jewry in Two Generations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RS: “But we have to recognize that Israel as we knew it, the “Israel of our dreams,” is dead. It cannot be revived, if it ever existed.”

    I am an outlier to this discussion, because although of Jewish ancestry I first became aware of Israel after marriage to a Palestinian. I had no earlier “dreams” of/for Israel, and thus have no need to have them revived or cancelled or whatever, and have only the dimmest idea whether the “Israel of” someone else’s dreams “ever existed”. (I think Richard is suggesting that a curtain has been pulled back, as in the movie version of the “Wizard of Oz”, but a lot of people cannot get the idea either of the manipulation or of what else is behind the curtain.)

    I am an American brought up in the far west, and I have been aware of the USA’s sometimes gradual but sometimes abrupt armed expelling of the indigenous peoples from the broad lands (i.e., all of the USA) upon which they originally lived in a low-density and generally ecologically-balanced manner. As to the armed expelling (sometimes to “reservations” on very bad waste lands) I have no doubt that Americans knew perfectly well what they were doing and had the feeling that they acted “as of right”. So I assume that the Jews in Palestine did the same. The expelling was felt to be “as of right”. But by then (especially by 1948) colonialism had mostly been dead for a long while. That is, the idea that well-armed “white” people had a “right” to mistreat badly-armed non-“white” people and take (or take-over) their lands had gone out of style. The UN and the UN’s UDHR and Geneva Conventions (laws of war) all seemed to go in a single direction, outlawing “might makes right”.

    The UN directed/asked Israel to readmit the exiles of 1948 and Israel laughed in the UN’s face. It still does. It has a dream, all right, but that dream is contrary to the whole (theoretical) ethical progress of mankind.)

    If colonialism is dead, no-one told America’s ever-so-gentle Zionists. They didn’t get the memo.

    do any of these ultraorthodox clans contribute a penny to the state coffers. but sure as heck they live from them. in addition to sucking at the wealth of the ultra-orthodox tit. talk about dipping from the state and their rabbis.
    how much money does the state receive from these non ultra, jewry in diaspora (except from the french)
    is even bibi considered as ultra himself or his family
    my stomach churns more acid to see the inequality in this country, half of this country are citizens living in similar condiions as those in the Ozarks, the disability pensions or any other state payment not related to children or religious have not incresased in the last 12 years and the last increase was ONE SHEKEL FOR THE OLD AGE AND THAT WAS 5 YEARS AGO, YES ONE SHEKEL.

  3. [comment deleted: comments must contain a full, reasoned argument offering proof or support for whatever claims you make. Yours was not and was therefore deleted.]

  4. The documentary by Matthew Cassel is really worth watching, he explains how his ‘progressive’ mother cut off contact with him after seeing him in a counter-demonstration with a Palestinian flag, and he explores American Jewry and the relation to Zionism. There’s a second documentary where he goes back to the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he used to live, he never told his friends there that he was Jewish. He does now ….
    I’ve seen it twice over time, and I still feel like seeing it once again.

  5. I don’t think its because of any hate or religious animosity, simply that the state of Israel can find the best support for its policies from the Orthodox and stiring up religious fervor.

    Basically they’re doing the same thing the USA has done with Evangelicals.

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