16 thoughts on “Israeli Attempts to Overthrow Corbyn and Other Foreign Leaders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  3. As an Israeli who dislike Netanyahu, all I saw in his tweet is cheap opportunism to show his base he is tough. Nothing more.

    All these articles about it just feed the troll.

    1. @ Josh: Please don’t tell me you dislike Netanyahu. I don’t care. You are a hasbaroid. It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate him. Nor do I care about your opinion of my posts. Again, follow the comment rules. Make a substantive on-topic comment.

    1. @ Jeremy: The photos alone don’t tell you much. You need to know both whose grave/s he was laying the wreath on and who else is buried in the cemetery. That requires quite a bit more sleuthing.

  4. Last year in news about France emerged countless stories that Jews are moving out of France, because increased antisemitism. Well today in the Finnish media is a story that Jews are moving out of Britain because of increased antisemitism. The news is picked from CNN and that used the data of CST. The news tells, that during this year’s January-June 213 Jews moved out of Britain. A rise of 9 percent compared to previous year. There were 727 antisemitic incidents during January-June. What the news doesn’t mention – naturally – is that in Britain live about 270,000 Jews. 213 out of 270,000 is 0.08 percent out the Jewish population. 2.7 Jews out of 1,000 Jews on average had to face an antisemitic incident.

    The rather detailed report by CST about those antisemitic incidents is revealing. These antisemitic incidents are not violent crimes against humans and their properties. Most of them are name calling even very mild especially remembering how publicly Judaism and Israel are linked and based on the situation in Israel. It also includes much such incidents what children do very often allover the world. They pick some obvious divisive features of their schoolmates, length, weight, religion etc and test is the teasing “working” If a Muslim fat boy is called by his class mates a fat Muslim it is seen as more or less normal bulling in school. If a fat Jewish boy is called a fat Jew it is seen as an serious antisemitic incident in these statistics kept by Jewish organisations around the world. CST even manages to include Labor in their “study”.

    If on the same principles data would be collected in Israel/Palestine how Jews call and treat “others” it is certain that even a tiny Palestinian/Arab village could produce in 6 months more “anti-something” incidents than all the large British Jewish population combined.


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