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  1. @Richard

    Well. Here we go again.

    “In 2012, during Operation Cast Lead, during which hundreds of Gazans were killed by Israeli forces, Ilhan tweeted the following”

    Operation Cast Lead was in December 2008-January 2009, so it could not have triggered Illhan Omar’s ire in 2012.


    What was Israel doing in November 2012, contemporaneous to Illhan Omar’s angry tweet?

    October 6 – Israeli Air Force shot down a small UAV as it flew over northern Negev. Hezbollah confirmed it sent drone.

    October 23 – In what was widely believed to be a long-range attack by the Israeli Air Force, an arms factory in Khartoum, Sudan, that was alleged to have participated in arms-smuggling to Hamas, exploded. The Israeli government refused to either confirm or deny its involvement.

    November 11 – a 120 mm mortar shell exploded near an Israeli post in the Golan Heights. As a result, the Israel Defense Forces fired an anti-tank missile at the source of the bombardment in Syria.

    November 12 – A second mortar shell from Syria has been fired at an Israeli military outpost in the Golan Heights. The Israel Defense Forces have responded with tank fire at the source of the bombardment in Syria, scoring several direct hits on artillery units belonging to the Syrian Army.

    December 14 – Avigdor Lieberman resigns as Foreign Affairs Minister and as Deputy Prime Minister following an indictment for fraud.[28] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes over the post of Foreign Minister, and announces that the Foreign Ministry will be held in reserve for Lieberman pending the outcome of his trial, with Lieberman allowed to resume his position as Foreign Minister if acquitted.

    Not a lot of Israeli ‘hypnotizing’ or ‘evil doings’ going on in mid-November 2012.
    Mostly, Israel was acting in self-defence.

    Obviously Ms Omar has a lot of resentment toward the State of Israel and needs little prompting to set her off.

    1. “Not a lot of Israeli beguiling going on in November 2012. Mostly acts of self-defence.”
      You’re in such a hurry to be first to comment, Barbarian, that you just skip from November 12th to December 14th, right ?
      On November 14 2012 the Operation Pillar of Defense (no wonder Richard mixed them up, there are so many ‘operations’ that we hardly can’t follow …..) officiailly started by the killing of Ahmad Jabari, but if you follow what’s happening in Palestine, you know that in the days before, many Palestinian civilians were killed, among them, a 9 or 10-years old kid playing football in front of his house, and a few days later, another group of teenagers were bombed while playing football, two died, and two died later when they were bombed again, feel free to ask for more informations ….
      According to the UN Human Rights Council, 174 Palestinians were killed during the week-long bombing, at least 107 were civilians, that include 10 members of the Dalou family, six kids, three women, the only survivors were the grand-dad and his teenage son who’d gone out to look for provisions (I’m pretty sure you can find Richard’s article on the mass-murder).
      It’s f****** boring ALWAYS to see your shitty hasbara first here !

      PS. On a sidenote, Richard, do you know that the article on Corbyn is not on your website any longer ? I know I can read it on MME, but Elisabeth posted a link to an article here. It’s not that important, just in case you don’t know.

        1. Can’t say I am impressed by their ‘plight’ either. Some flying glass, and people treated for ‘shock’. And usually such rocket attacks from Gaza follow severe provocation by Israel.

        2. @Frank: we’re all deeply moved by the suffering of Israeli Jews who can’t attend summer camps, as Miri Regev so plaintively noted a few days ago.

          Six to ten times more Palestinians are killed than Israelis. So I’m sure you don’t mind if I offer Palestinians 6 to 10 tines more solace for their suffering.

        3. Oh Frankieboy, so 10 hours ago you stated that nothing really happened in November 2012, and now you just know everything about the chronology of the events …..
          The plight of Israeli civilians AND domestic animals, don’t forget that: in NOvember 2012 Israelis were discussing on Facebook about their pets’ trauma …..
          PS. No sane person use J Post as a source.

      1. By the way, Deir Yassin, It is remarkable that THE DAY AFTER THE MURDER, the Tunesian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the time denied that ‘political motives’ were behing the murder of Robert-Jan Akkerman, They furthermore promised a thorough investigation. Somehow that order seems to be the reverse of what one would expect. Nothing came of the ‘thorough investigation’. Now that the regime has changed in Tunesia, it might be a good time to ask more questions.

        1. Yes, I think someone should push for that case to be opened again, but I’m most of all astonished that there seems to have been very little coverage in the Dutch press about the killing, I’ve regularly asked Dutch people that I’ve come across, nobody ever heard of this story.

          1. I had not heard of it either. I do know where to press for some attention to this matter, and I will do so.

      2. @ Deir Yassin: Thanks for catching my error. You’re absolutely right: there are so many of these damn Israeli invasions I can’t keep the names straight sometimes. They all blend into each other with virtually the same result: thousands of Gazan dead and no change in Israel’s relations with Gaza.

  2. [Comment deleted: Don’t publish another comment here till you read the comment rules. Tthen memorize them. Then follow them.

    First, your comment was off-topic. Second it was guilty of “whataboutism.” We’re not addressing Somalia here. I know that you’re a devout himanitarianwho cares about all the world’s ills equally. If Somalia is your special interest there are other avenues for you to do so. This isn’t one of them.

    Finally, Omar doesn’t owe you an explanation or defence of her concerns.]

      1. ms eliisabeth
        people like mr frank are prone to be near sighted mostly because they can see the toothpick in the other person’s eye but not the telephone pole stuck in his eye

    1. Why do you allow Deir Yassin to insult me by calling me ‘Frankie boy’.?
      I’m not punking anyone here, so why allow Dier Yassin to punk me?

      “Omar doesn’t owe you an explanation or defence of her concerns.”

      Citizen Omar doesn’t owe me a damn thing, Congressman Omar works for me and she owes me quite a bit more.

      ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’.

      1. @ Frank: Your name isn’t ‘Frank.’ So why do you object to being called “Frankie Boy?” In fact, calling you that was my doing I’m afraid. I normally wouldn’t do it. But when you insult our intelligence as you do I’m afraid I can’t help myself. Try to upgrade the quality of your comments so we can accord you the respect you feel you deserve.

        Congressman Omar works for me and she owes me quite a bit more.

        First of all. You haven’t established that you live in her district. In fact, your IP address resolves to New Zealand. So either you’re lying or you’re using an IP proxy server. But even if you lived in her district, she isn’t your slave. If you don’t like what she believes don’t vote for her. Hell, run against her. She’ll whup your ass and that will be the end of it.

        Your e mail address is fake as well.

        ‘If you can’t stand the heat

        If I find you telling any more lies here you won’t get anywhere near the heat. You’ll be out in the cold.

        You are done in this thread. Do not publish another comment here. And do not publish any more than three comments in any 24 hour period. Another comment rule I’m invoking for you.

  3. I don’t get the N-word example!
    The N-word is a slur which became so through time. Apartheid is supposed to be descriptive of current Israeli behavior. So comparing it to a hateful word seems to mean anyone who uses apartheid is actually wrong. I believe Richard don’t belive that.

    1. @Josh: Reading comprehension and understanding nuance aren’t your strong suits, Joshie. The word apartheid is considered a curse word by the Lobby, equivalent to an ethnic slur. My analogy had nothing to do with the actual descriptive meaning of the term in the Israeli context, except to say that it is accurate.,

      1. So if someone believes N-word describes accurately a person it is ok to use it?
        Your insults don’t show wisdom, just violence.

  4. As the previous article I commented on was deleted by Richard (probably realizing Corbyn did exactly what ppl say he did etc), I’ll comment on this one.

    There’s no problem with electing muslims for any office. There is a problem when these people are claiming bogus claims about apartheid in Israel etc, which is just false and idiotic. She is anti-Israeli, which is her right. But we can be anti-her in return and that’s fine too, if we believe she is lying, misleading or just being plain ignorant of malicious.

    Refugee title doesn’t get passed down from father to son. If it was so, then I am a double, triple, quadruple refugee. But my family evolved and did not decide to stay in that status.

    She needs to start dealing with her local issues if she wants to stay in her positions.

    1. @ L.E.: For the 100th time: if you are going to dispute my posts read EVERY LINK IN THE POST BEFORE commenting. If you had done this you would’ve realized what Elisabeth did–that the former post is now published (in slightly different format) at Middle East Eye. I will republish it here in a few days. But I want to give it maximum exposure at the MEE site before I do that. You can post any comment you want there.

      There’s no problem with electing muslims for any office.

      “Muslim” is a religion. As such it is capitalized in the English language. Not capitalizing the word is a sign of disrespect, which I will not permit here.

      There is a problem when these people are claiming bogus claims about apartheid in Israel etc, which is just false and idiotic.

      You have just violated another comment rule: DO NOT publish your opinions here as established fact. They aren’t. They are unfounded, worthless opinions. If you have such an opinion on a disputed subject offer credible sources to support your claims. If you don’t, we will consider every word you utter to be worth a bucket of warm piss. In fact, claims of apartheid associated with Israel are well-founded and Israel’s political class reinforces that virtually every day.

      She is anti-Israeli,

      No, she isn’t. She opposes Israeli policies. That is different.

      if we believe she is lying, misleading or just being plain ignorant of malicious.

      No, in fact you can’t do that here. You could if you could prove it was true, which you haven’t. So if you make such baseless claims again you’ll be moderated. Then you won’t be making comments here unless they respect the comment rules.

      Refugee title doesn’t get passed down from father to son.

      No, not from father to son. That would be sexist. But refugee status is indeed passed from generation to generation as U.S. State Department and UN policy acknowledges. You’d know that if you’d bother reading a post I published here in which I supported this claim with a credible source.

      But my family evolved and did not decide to stay in that status.

      Whatever evolution your family experienced apparently didn’t pass any human decency to you. Unfortunately.

      You are on notice. Read and follow the comment rules.

      1. [Comment deleted: you have been moderated. Your snark earned it. Only comments following comment rules will be published.]

  5. [comment deleted: before you publish a comment there is a clear warning directing you to read the comment rules, which you haven’t done. Regurgitating Zionist propaganda and past history is boring as shit. All this, and the points you’ve tried to raise have been debated here and elsewhere ad nauseam. This is not a venue for spouting slogans and propaganda. It’s a venue for discussion based on argument, facts, sources, etc. If you want to cheer for your team, go to a soccer match.]

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