8 thoughts on “What Do We Think of Countries Which Sabotage Other Governments? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The obvious difference being that Putin is trying to pit ordinary Americans against each other and subvert their popular will.

    The United States, on the other hand, is trying to aid the ordinary Iranian overthrow Iran’s much despised, dictatorial government,

    Now do you see the difference?

    1. @ Frank: YOu’re an expert on Iran why? And how? You know Iran’s government is despised how? As for being “dictatorial,” you’re just mouthing empty slogans that have little bearing with reality. Iran is as truncated and imperfect a democracy as Israel is. In fact, an argument could be made that Iran is more democratic than Israel. So dictatorial? No. Authoritarian? Perhaps. But with Israeli theocracy and an ethno state taking root in Israel that description fits Israel pretty well too.

      Whatever one thinks of Rouhani, he was elected in a realtively free and fair election. I can’t honestly say Trump was elected fairly. There was considerable subversion of the popular will, especially considering what the Russians did and the fact that he actually lost the popular vote.

      If you want to argue the Iranian regime is despised, then who will take its place? The monarchists? MeK? The reformists? The IRG? Certainly, the first two are more despised than the current government. The reformers don’t have a chance in hell of taking over (unfortunately). That leaves the IRG. Who do you despise more? Rouhani or Soleimani? Now, if you say there’s no difference then we’ll know you’re either arguing in bad faith or ignorant.

      I do not appreciate comment that are little more than ideological grandstanding.

        1. @ Frank: OMG, Frank. You discovered a hundred Iranians who think that either Rouhani or Khamenei are a dictator. That seals it, Frank. You’ve proven it’s incontrovertibly true.

          Look, there are millions of people who believe Trump is either a dictator or well on his way to becoming one. Ditto for Netanyahu in Israel. Does that make them one? We’re not there yet. Maybe we’re getting there. But not there yet. Nor is Iran. So stop with the overdramatization. It doesn’t work here.

  2. …and if it is Iran that is the concern, who is that is pushing us into a futile, evil war with that country?

    It’s not Russia. It’s Israel.

    To switch metaphors, if Russia if the annoying juvenile delinquent who keyed our car, it is Israel that has cut our brake lines and talked us into taking a drive on a mountain road.

    We can put up with Russia for a long time. We have put up with Russia for a long time. It is Israel that is leading us to perdition.

    1. @ Colin Wright: Sorry, but no. No country with nuclear weapons and a murderous tyrant for a ruler is a juvenile delinquent. Not that Israel is a pushover by any means.

      We have put up with Russia. But not with a megalomaniac like Putin. Stalin perhaps was worse. But he was constrained by WWII and conquering eastern Europe. He hadn’t gotten the bright idea to sabotage all of western democracy as Putin has.

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