9 thoughts on “The Wages of Stuxnet Are Havoc – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    Stauxnet is just another virus, like viruses can be found all over. truth is no one knows how many viruses / Trojan Horses are hovering around.
    No one waited for the development of Stauxnet by israel, to launch such weapons.
    evidence of snooping around inside wall street computers were traced in 2010, and there are many more examples.
    you are really sweating for no reason.

  2. I think they did consider long-time implications. You see, officers retire from the IDF at a relatively young age (45) and usually continue on a second career as employees or open their own business with the security of an army pension.

    Just think of the demand there will be in 5 years for professionals who understand the Stuxnet virus and can devise security measures to prevent it.

    If generals stay in the army as a preparation for making really big money trading weapons, why not intelligence officers?

  3. Now try the article again, just replace the weapon that attacks specific computers with indiscriminant weapon attacking people, say atomic-weapon, cluster-bombs, jet-fighters, stealth-planes, and so much more.

    It is in comprehendible that a member of a country who develops so many things that are so much worse for so long, is judgmental about the development of a specific weapon targeting non human and for a good cause.

  4. Richard, if Israel managed to delay its destruction by a few years without firing a single shot – then hoorah for them.

    It probably pains you personally to witness Israel’s continued existence, but fortunately for the Jews, you’re just an old bitter slob typing away at his keyboard, with no impact whatsoever.

    Now shut up and let the IDF grownups do their thing while you play with your little blog.

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