5 thoughts on “Viktor Orban’s Holocaust-Washing at Yad Vashem – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Or I should say he defiled this holy place”

    Oh please.
    When did Richard Silverstein become the judge of what’s sacred and the profane?


    1. @ Peg:

      Oh please.
      When did Richard Silverstein become the judge of what’s sacred and the profane?


      I am profoundly offended by your disparagement of my spiritual-religious values. I’ll put my own knowledge of Judaism against yours any day of the week.

      You are now moderated. Please violate the comment rules again. I’d just love to ban your ass. Do give me the pleasure.

      1. [Comment deleted: Thank you for giving me reason to ban you. You are now banned. You also appear to be using an IP proxy or multiple IP addresses to post. Another red flag. This indicates you are deliberately concealing your identity. Your reasons for doing so I view with suspicion. I favor transparency.]

    2. It’s really annoying to know that on every article, Barbar (or whatever his pen name at a given moment is) is always the first to comment, mostly to say absolutely nothing important.

  2. Bibi must know that the optics of this is not to his benefit. My belief is that he either doesn’t care, or he is testing the waters of tolerance for the next election.

    I’ve known of, and watched Bibi’s “development” as a politician since the 1990’s. He’s been untrustworthy throughout. He will say and do anything to stay in power and has shifted to the far right. He may have always been there, but he has, cunningly, always tested the waters to ensure his political survival and may now be at the point where he believes he is invincible.

    That’s dangerous. Not only for Jews within Israel, but very likely the diaspora. The perception being put forward by Bibi, it seems is of Jewish exceptionalism, by force. That he is immune to the utter desciration of the memory of 6 million Jews murdered.

    It takes so little for old hates such as anti-semitism to flourish and Bibi seems to be doing all can to stoke the flames.

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