7 thoughts on “Video Exposes Netanyahu Invoking God to Destroy Iran Regime – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Netanyahu also invokes God. This is no different than, jihad and crusades, Islamist fundamentalism, or Christian fundamentalism. It’s cynical and demeaning to Judaism and Jews to use religion in this way really for Netanyahu’s craven political purpose. He’s so obviously insincere and unholy a man.

    This also means war… a phony threat no doubt. It gives the Iranians a good excuse to threaten back, to continue developing their nuclear capabilities to deter especially if the US is on board with Israel under Netanyahu.

    As I keep asking where are the American people standing up to Trump, the same can be asked with more emphasis on where Israeli’s have been with regard to this deplorable man, N.

  2. What he actually says is “to the ears or gods” not blessed bla bla.
    But beyond that – why you assume change of regime in Iran whould be for a worse one? And how much worse can it be from current one?
    For an optimist who believes Israelis and Palestinians can leave in one state solution after refugees return, you view on Iran is not as cheerful. Why?

    1. @ Lior Azar: Unlike you, I actually listened to the audio. Or if you listened to it you’re partially deaf. Netanyahu says very clearly the term kadosh baruch hu (“the Holy One Blessed be He”). He does not mention “ears” at all. You’re confusing the usual phrase, originally from Yiddish “from your mouth to God’s ears.” But Bibi does not add that phrase in his response to the guest. He says “from your mouth to the Holy One…”

      Why assume regime change would be for a worse one? Oh I don’t know. Because there are no moderate reformist groups who would or could take power. Read the linked article I included (which of course you didn’t read, why would you?), which says the most likely successor to this government would be one controlled by military forces. How much worse can it be? Oh I don’t know, how much worse off is the U.S. after Barack OBama’s presidency compared to Trump’s? About that much worse.

      Your attempt to compare an Israeli one-state solution to an Iranian coup are ridiculous. Please don’t embarrass yourself further.

  3. I actually don’t see what is the big deal.
    On this blog you write so much about the terrible regime of Israel. More so, you write about the terrible Israelis.
    Bibi at least emphasized he has nothing against the people.

    1. @ Lior Azar: Once again you want to be careful how you characterize me, my views, what I think or write. You’re invariably wrong. Yes, the Israeli government is terrible. Has been for a long time. But all Israelis? Nah. Have I written that all Israelis are terrible? Nah. Have I written that some Israelis are terrible? Yup. Have I written that the U.S. government and some Americans are terrible? You bet.

      As for Bibi, I don’t care what he says. He can claim he’s cured cancer and made peace in the world for all I care. There isn’t a word out of his mouth that’s true. So if he says he has nothing against Iranians…do I believe it? Not more than I believed him when he said he supported two states. Or when he claimed ISIS wanted a Muslim caliphate inside Israel.

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