7 thoughts on “Israel’s Nation State Law Seals the Death of Democracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘ ..Muslim or Buddhist (Burma) or Sinhalese nation-state, which privileges one religion over another…’

    Well, no. Israel doesn’t define Jewishness religiously, but pseudo-racially. One can never enter a synagogue, and be a Jew. Believe whatever you want (as long as it’s not Christianity or Islam). You can still be a Jew.

    The analogy you’re looking for is South Africa. This is apartheid. In fact…

    ‘….Part B of the section allows the exclusion of citizens from cities and towns based on their nationality or religion…’

    Apartheid. No more, no less.

  2. What Israel is moving towards here is the notion of the state as the property of one particular ethnic group, with others tolerated but not actually proprietors of the state, so to speak.

    The concept isn’t original with Israel. Another state started out with this as its model.

  3. There are many countries which declare their religion including England, Greece and Scandinavian states. Not to many ion, most Arab countries declare themselves as Muslim. https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_religion
    What’s important is individual right which in Israel are unharmed for the Arab minority. They get education, healthcare etc’ even if some try to find the minor cases where the system fails.

    To compare Israel to South African apartheid is like comparing Mexican cheap labor to slavery.

    1. @ Lior Azar: The question isn’t whether a nation has a state religion. The question is how the nation treats that religion. In none of the western states you mentioned does the state religion have supremacy over other religions. None force religions which are not the state religion to suffer or be disrespected. None treat followers of these religions as second class citizens. All have total freedom of religion. None desecreate the religion buildings, graves and holy books of these non-state religions. All of those things Israel does.

      What’s important is individual right which in Israel are unharmed for the Arab minority

      Oh God, you are only the 20th schnook who’s bandied about that lie here. I’ve linked to this document before. I won’t do it again. But you go find it yourself. And if you try to foist this lame lie on us again, I’ll moderate you for violating comment rules demanding you offer credible proof for claims based on nothing but your own ignorance. For I hope the last time, Israeli NGOs have identified FIFTY, that’s 5-0 Israeli laws which discriminate against Palestinians (not “Arabs,” as you so rudely call them). Palestinians get inferior education, inferior health care, inferior job opportunities, inferior municipal funding. And yes, Israel’s treatment of its non-Jewish minoirities is clearly apartheid, with every parallel to South African apartheid.

      1. [comment deleted: Don’t offer lessons to us. We don’t need ’em. If you have proof, credible proof that Israel isn’t an apartheid state, you may offer it. But offering a link to a Wikipedia article and claiming that’s proof, no.]

    2. Lior’s statement is deliberately disengenious. Sure, there are states that define a state religion, but they don’t deny sovereignty to those of its citizens who don’t subscribe to that religion. Israel just did.

      The UK, for one example, does not declare that England is the state for the members of the Anglican church (most of whom do not live in the UK, in fact).

      The UK insists that it is the state of its citizens, true regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. And – just as important to this issue – Anglicans who aren’t British citizens are regarded by the UK as……. foreigners. Nothing more. No less.

      Compare and contrast to this appalling Basic Law.

      “What’s important is individual right”…. is a statement that can only be said by a member of the Privileged who are comfortable in their superior status.

      “They get education, healthcare”… oh, pity the White Man’s Burden.

      You really do come across as the poster-child of someone with the mindset of a 19th century colonial overlord, only you are too arrogant to see it.

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