9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Hamas Double Agent Sabotages Israeli Assassination Attempt in Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘… A cocksure belief that it can impose its will by force on hundreds of millions of its Arab-Muslim neighbors and their respective nations.’

    Here’s your depressing thought for the day. To date, anyway, Israel HAS imposed its will on most of its immediate neighbors.

    Those Palestinians who lived in that portion of Palestine allocated to the Palestinians in 1948 most certainly have had the boot planted firmly in their faces. Egypt and Jordan have both given up and do as Israel wishes. I happen to think Israel has had a great deal to do with Syria’s reduction to a state of blood-soaked anarchy.

    Ironically, it is Lebanon that is the closest thing to a potent foe Israel still faces. It’s only half Israel’s size, and it originally was the most pacific of Israel’s neighbors; but that’s changed. Now it’s the closest thing to an openly defiant neighbor Israel has left.

    Someday, all will kneel before the might of Zion…

    1. “To date, anyway, Israel HAS imposed its will on most of its immediate neighbors.”

      Really? Has Syria caved to Israel’s will, or has Syria descended into civil war due to internal politics?

      Has Israel imposed it’s will on Iraq, Israel’s longest enemy, or has Iraq collapsed under the strain of Saddam, the US invasion, and Iranian meddling?

      No Israel so far, Coli.

      Was it Israel’s wish that Lebanon become a Iranian proxy?

      Was it Israel’s will that Egyptian President Mubarack was ousted and replaced by the MB?

      “”To date, anyway, Israel HAS imposed its will on most of its immediate neighbors.””

      No, Colin. You are just talking out your hat.

      1. @ Dr. John:


        Really: Jordan, Egypt, Palestine (minus Hamas). All are acquiescent in Israeli hegemony. Not to mention other non-frontline states who are acquiescent like Saudi Arabia, the GUlf States, etc. And as for Syria, the only reason Israel hasn’t been able to impose its will there fully is that IRan, Russia & Hezbollah stand in its way. So Syria is the exception to the rule.

        Has Israel imposed it’s will on Iraq, Israel’s longest enemy

        Say what??? How is Iraq an “immediate neighbor?”

        Was it Israel’s wish that Lebanon become a Iranian proxy?

        Lebanon is not an Iranian proxy. That only shows your hasbarignorance. But actually Israel did create Hezbollah both literally and figuratively. Without Israel’s 1982 invasion there would have been no need or reason for Hezbollah.

        Was it Israel’s will that Egyptian President Mubarack was ousted and replaced by the MB?

        True. Israel was apoplectic to lose its bought strongman. That’s why it worked diligently to destroy Morsi and bring the junta to power. Now Israel sits pretty because there is yet another kleptocratic autocrat in power there.

        I wouldn’t say you’re talking out of your hat. I’d day you’re talking out of another orifice.

  2. Interesting artice, Richard, and I like your last 4 sentences, which are the bottom line of Israel failing to become a real part of its environment and having to battle against delegitimisation with a polity that will not survive long term.

  3. I’m an outside viewer on the violence visited upon Arabs whose very existence impedes Israel’s whims and fantasies of a greater Israel. I’d say, however, that Israel is long past due a taste of its own medicine, as incommensurate as it is. This time, Lebanese intelligence, counter to Israel”s hallowed, crack intelligence, saved a life. I liked that. I’m a peace-nik and am ill from what Israel has created in the Middle East..

  4. ‘….a polity that will not survive long term.’

    It’s at least apparently inconsistent with my previous post, but I’d agree with that. All successful conquerors have either exterminated their victims, assimilated them, or been assimilated by them. We in North America would be an example of the first, the Mongols in China are an example of the last. Spain in Latin America shows elements of all three.

    Israel, however, cannot exterminate the Palestinians unless she can engineer a situation of ‘total war.’ Otherwise, it’s just not practical; demographically, her rate of killing is pathetically inadequate. She’s unwilling to assimilate the Palestinians; see any massive conversion programs underway? If she winds up being assimilated, then she’s essentially lost the fight; what was the point of Zionism if all it ends in is a massive increase in the number of Palestinians?

    So in theory, Israel is doomed — in the long term. But the question is, just how long will that term be? Mongol rule of Iran went on for centuries. Russia endured the Tatar Yoke for three hundred years. Poland was ruled by her neighbors for well over a century.

    To reverse course yet again, I suspect that Israel may be — albeit perhaps only semi-consciously — attempting to engineer a situation of ‘total war.’ Hence the persistent baiting of Iran. Once the great clash is underway, she will murder or expel the Palestinians wholesale. This is, after all, the template the Nazis demonstrated with the Jews themselves. As Nazis themselves admitted, the Holocaust would have been inconceivable in a time of peace, or even limited war ala 1939-1940. It was only against a background of total war that a genocidal solution could be put into practice. I think Israel is groping her way towards that realization — not that she would publically admit it if she ever did explicitly formulate such a plan.

  5. Given the state of the Palestinian “leadership,” be it the PA or Hamas, I would argue that assassinations carried out by Israel have had a disastrous effect on the struggle for justice in Palestine. The killing, through a car bomb in Lebanon in 1971 of Ghassan Kanafani, the brilliant editor of the PFLP’s Al-Hadaf journal robbed the movement of one of its intellectual giants and it was no coincidence, that the Israelis chose to leave alive the two members of Fatah’s central committee, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas who were willing to collaborate with them.

    1. @ Jeff Blankfort: It’s highly likely Arafat himself was assassinated by Israel. So claiming that that Arafat was “left alive” by Israel because he agreed to collaborate with it doesn’t make much sense. Read Ronen Bergman’s book & you will see how many times Israel attempted to assassinate him.

      I’m not arguing that every assassinations has had uniform results. Some were more damaging to political/national movements than others. I’m arguing that overall the policy of assassination has failed. Yes, individual gift leaders have been murdered who might have changed the shape of history. But assassinations don’t end insurgencies. THey don’t destroy movements. They usually have the opposite effect.

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