11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Security Source Confirms Assassination Attempt Against Hamas Operative in Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘…though Israeli military figures worried that during offensives against Gaza that Hezbollah would mount operations in the north to both aid Hamas and exploit Israeli distraction on the southern front, this never happened…’

    I’d speculate that this is because — Israel’s fantasies notwithstanding — Hezbollah’s concerns were almost entirely parochial. It wouldn’t exist at all if Israel hadn’t invaded Lebanon, and I’d bet that if Israel had left it alone, it would have left Israel alone.

    …although perhaps this latest incident demonstrates that this has finally changed. Israel’s made another friend!

  2. ” while Hezbollah and Hamas are both known enemies of Israel, there are few known instances in which they’ve cooperated in any way in their mutual fight against it.”

    Who do you suppose, made the shidduch?

      1. ‘@ Ed: Probably Rafi Eitan, the Mossad agent who was the midwife of both movements on behalf of Israeli intelligence.’

        Speaking of which, anyone notice that bit that went by a year or two ago, where Israel crowed — briefly –about how the head of Hezbollah’s overseas operations had been an Israeli agent?

        The thing was, the period in question included the Burgas bombing. Think about the implications of THAT.

        Hence, I would speculate, the abruptly stifled cockadoodledoo. It must have dawned on Israel that the inference was that either Israel at least known of the bombing in advance or that Hezbollah had nothing to do with it.

  3. It is high time Hezbollah starts to target Israeli military/intelligence personnel too. It might be difficult, but they do also have their operatives in Israel so it should be possible to mount similar actions.

    What’s more, Israel also needs a serious reminder that its last incursion into Lebanon (2006) was a disaster for the Zionist state, and that any new attack on Lebanon will result in yet greater mayhem.

    1. ‘It is high time Hezbollah starts to target Israeli military/intelligence personnel too…’

      I think this sort of thing tends to overlook the point of view of Hezbollah itself.

      Of course 2006 was unpleasant for Israel, and she would be loath to repeat it.

      However, I doubt 2006 was especially pleasant for Hezbollah either. It’s important to realize that whatever Zionist egotism may lead Israel to think, destroying Israel isn’t actually Hezbollah’s sole purpose in life.

      Rather, Hezbollah seeks to advance the Shia cause in Lebanon. Looked at in that way, it would be singularly stupid of Hezbollah to mount assassinations of Israelis, and I suspect she would only do such things if Israel provokes her beyond endurance — as she did in 2006.

      Israel’s the obnoxious neighbor with the pit bulls. You don’t attack her; you just try to make it clear you will hurt those dogs if they come onto your property, and in the meantime, hope earnestly that she somehow goes away. Hezbollah seeks to deter Israel, not provoke her.

      1. “Hezbollah seeks to deter Israel, not provoke her.”
        I agree, but that deterrence needs to be beefed up because Israel tends to get self-delusions of invincibility. And the way to beef up Hezbollah’s deterrence is what I stated.

        1. ‘…the way to beef up Hezbollah’s deterrence is what I stated.’

          The way to beef up Hezbollah’s deterrence would to help her get her better arms.

          However, I suspect that for an American citizen to seek to do this would be illegal. Therefore, I will do nothing of the kind. I’m merely making an entirely hypothetical observation. I believe that is still legal.

          1. @ Ed: Oh please, enough with the dramatics. Every party to this conflict from Palestinian militants to Hezbollah to Israel to the U.S. have killed, tortured and maimed in cold blood. All in the name of their truth or national interest or God or whatever. Get down off that high horse and worry about your own sins before bitching about those of others.

            Another thing I hate is terror porn. For every tragedy you can bring up I can bring two. Big deal.

            Not to mention, since when have you be one so moved at the death of Robert Stethem? Methinks your newfound passion for his tragic case is manufactured.

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