8 thoughts on “Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying About Trump Sabotage of Security Council Resolution Against Israel Settlements – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A question- if now you have an opportunity to transfer data to a European country that might stop Trump from recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’ eternal capital, would you do it?
    Would you be violating the Logan Act?

  2. President elect Trump asked Egyptian President Sisi to delay Sisi’s sponsorship of the UN Resolution.
    Is Trump also guilty of violating the ancient and barely ever used Logan Act?

    *yawn *

    1. @ Zionauts: Trump wasn’t president when he interfered with U.S. foreign policy to sabotage the UN resolution. He was a private citizen. Hence, yes he violated the Logan Act. And it doesn’t matter whether the Act is ancient or fresh. A violation is a violation. And if Kushner or Trump lie when they characterize what they did involving this matter they’re committing perjury, which is charge far easier to prosecute. You can yawn all you want. But when indictments come in against one or both that’ll wake you up big time!

      1. I’m well aware that Trump was a private citizen when he contacted Sisi, which is why I wrote ‘President elect’.
        Since charging Trump with a violation of the archaic Logan Act would be a ‘case of first impression’ in the nation’s 240 year history, no one can really say what the outcome of the trial would be, other than it would grind the country down to a standstill.

        If Trump and his cronies conspired with the Russians to subvert the country’s election process, than they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

        1. @ Zionauts: Trump’s being “president elect” had no bearing oon his official status. He’s still not an official.

          Second, the Logan Act isn’t “archaic.” If so, the Magna Carta and the Ten Commandments are equally archaic. They just happen to provide the bedrock of western democracy and Judaism. Are they archaic?

          The Logan Act is the law of the land. And two people have been charged under the Logan Act. But none prosecuted.

      2. Thank you Richard for detailing this event. The MSM reported Flynn acknowledged lying to the FBI, but you are the first I have seen to actually write about the specifics of the lie(s): ie: what was the substance of his lies. Thanks again.

  3. I like Phil Weiss, but tend to agree with your criticism of him as overly optimistic sometimes. That said, I think you might be falling into that trap here. If Mueller wants widespread support in DC, he would try to get Trump and company on grounds that don’t involve Israel beyond the bare mention necessary to establish that Flynn lied to the FBI.

    I don’t know much about how the justice system works and won’t even try to predict Mueller’s actions, but politically speaking the last thing I would expect is for Trump’s political opponents to try and get him because he was secretly plotting with the Israeli government and various billionaire donors against Obama. The scandal has focused on alleged corruption involving Russia and the Beltway crowd will do its best to keep it that way.

    1. donald: You’re right. This is a big political tableau. And it’s still under construction. Russia is the biggest part of it. Israel will play a smaller role. But it will play some role & that in itself is important.

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