15 thoughts on “Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israeli Capital, Toppling Decades of U.S. Policy; World-Wide Muslim Protests, Violence Expected to Result – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good evening,

    Jerusalam is Israel’s capital. The holy sites are Jewish.They will remain so forever. Christians and Muslims have access to their sites in Israel, and freedom of religion prevails in Israel. We are a Jewish state, with a democracy.

    Jews and Muslims would not be allowed to control the Vatican.

    Jews and Christians cannot even enter Mecca/Medina, leave alone ever control them.

    Are you suggesting that we should not respect our holy sites and fight for them?

    Please show a little Jewish pride, I mean pride in your heritage.

    1. @ Shimla: No, other countries are entitled to recognize Israel & its capital. They have no obligation to do either. Most countries recognize Israel as a state, but almost none recognize Jerusalem as its capital. You can’t force another country to do what you want, much as you might like.

      The holy sites are not ‘Jewish,’ they aren’t even Israeli. It’s outrageous that you grant the sacred sites of Islam and Christianity in Israel to Judaism, a religion that until the 20th century had no physical holy sites. That’s disgusting. Judaism doesn’t want to own any other religions holy sites. Israel may wish to do so. But Israel is not a religion. At least not yet.

      Christians and Muslims in particular do NOT have full access to their sites. And your claim is a lie. THere is no freedom of religion in Israel except for Jews. Your claim is another lie. There is no democracy in Israel either. THat is a third lie.

      As for the Vatican, if the Solomon’s Temple was under the Vatican you bet Jews would have something to say about & not permit the Vatican to have full control of the site. If the Vatican was on top of the Kabaa then you bet Muslims would have something to say about that as well.

      I am suggesting that the Temple Mount is in the same exact location as Al Aqsa mosque. So you’d better figure out a way to share them. YOu can’t own them. No one can own a sacred site. In fact, if anyone owns them God does. And he looks unfavorably on knuckleheads like you who arrogate to themselves the rights of the divine.

      I have Jewish pride. But not Jewish racialist arrogance, which is what you display.

      If you publish another comment here you MUST follow the comment rules. That includes stating views that are supported by facts. If you make such claims which are false or lies you will lose your comment privileges. COnsider yourself warned.

  2. The Arabs are so divided and weak that most likely nothing is going to happen. Business with the US will continue as usual.

    1. Nope; Mr. Silverstein is on the money and there will be a ragesplosion across the Islamic world….all because President Cheetodust does whatever his sphinxlike First Lady and his nebbish son-in-law tell him to do concerning Israel “because they are Jewish and know better.”

      This is an Administration lost at sea is a ship with a broken rudder, a dead engine, no compass, no radio, and no gear to rig a sail.

  3. Never understood what is the issue with moving the embassy to the western side of the city which recognized as part of Israel.

    1. @ Ginger: If you don’t understand the issue then you’re either a hasbarist or a numbskull. The issue isn’t where the embassy is located in Jerusalem. The issue is that it is placed anywhere in Jerusalem because it signifies that the U.S. recognizes this city, whose conquest is recognized by no foreign state, as Israel’s capital.

        1. Sorry, lady. You’re too dimwitted to be worth engaging. And please stop reasking questions already answered. Just because you can’t or don’t want to understand the answer doesn’t mean you get to repeat the same inane questions. Do this again & you’ll be moderated. Stop wasting my time & space in the comment threads.

  4. You’re so off the mark Richard. I fully support Palestinians but I also have nothing but contempt for Arab leaders and the Arab world in general, that is occupied with in-fighting along sectarian lines and is therefore weak and divided. That’s why Israel is free to act in Syria and in the occupied territories. The Arabs will roll out the red carpet for Trump anyway, even after he posted anti-Muslim hate videos and if he moves the embassy to Jerusalem. That’s how they are and I can’t see how anyone can have anything but contempt for them.

  5. With increased violence from such an act tourism will suffer.This certainly makes me even more fearful of visiting again, even loved ones within the 1967 lines ( some folks will keep going regardless because of such ties and strong sentiments).

    The formal status of Jerusalem, even though the west part has been very developed, and the east is being encroached more and more,has been left to a final agreement heretofore. Once we abandon that principle we are no longer an honest broker or in any place to make a peace deal, if we ever were. We have been decidedly on the Israeli side in peace negotiations.

    The Palestinians, sadly, have been abandoned by the Arabs it seems. I agree with Richard that they have nothing left but their dignity and resistance to the bitter end… taking a lesson perhaps from Masada.

    I read (wikipedia on it’s Jerusalem entry) “In April 2017, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced it viewed Western Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the context of UN-approved principles which include the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state.”

    see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerusalem_Embassy_Act

    1. @ death: I report all terrorist threats whether legitimate or not to relevant authorities. In this case, since you’re located in Victoria, Australia I’ve reported this to Australian counter-terror authorities.

      It’s possible this idiot is using an IP proxy server and thus hiding his identity. But at least I want to give the police the information I can.

  6. It is such a pleasant surprise to discover your blog, Mr. Silverstein, As an original Jordanian, not Palestenian Jordanian, I believe the Islamic world is been self destructed, and I believe the root of the problem is Islam, and what is sad about it the more trouble they have, the stronger they grab into that religion that is now becoming a cult.
    So Mr. Kushner can do what ever he wants, with minimal reaction, especially that the Saodies are on his side….What is so sad for the Muslims is that the most corrupt country in the world, the Saodis, are now their leaders. As a young Jordanian, we despised them as a bunch of corrupt, liars, worthless people.

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