3 thoughts on “Jordan-Israel Deal Permits Evacuation of Israeli Embassy Staff and Killer of Two Jordanians, Defusing al Aqsa Standoff – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Ironically, it was a Shin Bet agent, deputy security chief of the Amman embassy, who instigated the very crisis that would resolve both the Jordanian and Jerusalem standoffs. ”

    The SB agent instigated the crisis by getting stabbed in the back? Okay.

    1. @ Anya: First, we don’t know what happened. I don’t believe he was stabbed in the back or stabbed at all. News reports airing the Israeli version of events only say the attacker used a screwdriver, not that he stabbed him. In fact, Haaretz says the agent was injured in the process of jumping back from the attacker.

      But yes, if a Shin Bet agent can’t overpower and disarm a 17 yr old with a screwdriver he doesn’t deserve to be in the Shin Bet. Keep in mind this guy was deputy chief of security for one of Israel’s most important embassies. So yes, his ineptitude and trigger happy behavior caused the Amman crisis.

      Not to mention that the Jordanian official version completely contradicts the Israeli one & paints the agent as being even more nuts given that he permitted a personal dispute to escalate into a murder spree.

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