17 thoughts on “Shin Bet Agent Attacked, Kills Two Jordanians, Israeli Military Censorship Just Lifted – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Actually in this case the motivation for the gag order was clear – it was to prevent inflamed Israeli reporting and talk that might’ve hindered the Embassy evacuation – and was temporary in scope (lifted in the morning, once it was clear an Israeli-Jordanian standoff and siege of the embassy is a done deal).

    (I’m not sure I agree with the censor on this one, but I can understand why they did it).

    1. @ lepxii: “Inflamed reporting?” What the hell is that? You mean truthful accurate reporting. That’s what really scares Israeli authorities.

      Temporary? You mean a 12 hour gag on a story that the entire world knew about is “temporary?” In today’s news biz 12 hours is an eternity. And certainly not temporary. 5 minutes is temporary. Perhaps 2 hours. But 12? No way. Nor did it take Israel 12 hours to decide whether to evacuate the embassy. If it did, then the MFA is one of the most incompetent agencies around.

      1. Israel wanted to evacuate almost right away – it has been prevented (with force or threat thereof) by the Jordanians. The embassy is under siege – some 30 (including the wounded guard) are holed up inside.

        The gag was for about 10 hours (lifted early morning today). Just about everyone in Israel knew this was going on. The motivation (right or wrong) was to prevent the likes of Regev, Hazan, and others (elected and non-elected) to soapbox and make demands regarding the embassy. They were trying to reach a “quiet” accommodation with the Jordanians – which failed.

        1. @ lepxii: You’re right in general. But the censorship was 12 hours, not 10. I’ve been updating my post all day & changed some of the earlier material I published to reflect changes in the situation and my knowledge of it.

  2. I hope King Abdullah plays it smart and keeps the Israeli killer cooped up in his embassy for a while. The trigger-happy Israeli asshole should definitely be questioned by police, and possibly taken into custody. Since Israel is a trigger-happy nation that sees nothing wrong with shooting and killing Arabs (recall that a Jordanian judge was summarily executed by Israeli forces a few years ago at the Allenby crossing, and I don’t think anybody was even reprimanded for that), I hope Jordan uses this case to bring this Israeli piece of shit to (partial) justice. At any rate, they should only agree to release him in exchange for extensive Israeli concessions – possibly the release of Marwan Barghouti and others from Israeli jails.

    Although something tells me Abdullah will cave to Israeli and American pressure and release the Israeli POS without preconditions.

      1. @ Anya: You mean Danny doesn’t have the right to call an Israeli SHin Bet agent who killed (perhaps murdered) two Jordanians, including his own landlord, a “piece of shit?” And that’s “hate?” Jeez, when was the last time you criticized an Israeli for killing innocent civilians (like the landlord)? Oh that’s right, you only reserve your hate for one side–we know which one.

        1. [comment deleted: read the comment rules. Break them again & you’ll be banned before you even publish a single comment!]

    1. The story of that Jordanian judge executed at the Allenby Bridge was a very sad one: in fact he was of Palestinian origin (as the young ‘attacker’ in Amman, cf. interview on Maan News, his family has an entirely different story to tell), he was on his way back to the occupied West Bank to bring a large amount of money back to Jordan to pay for an operation for his 5-6 years old kid, the kids died I think a forthnight after his dad.

      1. I didn’t know that.

        As an ex-Israeli, all I can say is I am deeply ashamed of this entity called Israel, that in no way, shape or form represents the majority of (sane) Jews. My hope is that one day soon the Palestinians will know the justice that they have been denied for so long.


  3. My sources tell me that the narrative is more along the lines of a well-orchestrated attack by disgruntled Jordanian agents who knew the whereabouts of the Israeli, whether enacted by a proxy or patsy or by the Jordanian security services themselves is unclear.

        1. @ gefilte: OK I will state it explicitly: you are full of shit. You are a hasbara operative. You embarrass yourself and whoever sent you. And if no one sent you aside from your own misbegotten self, that’s even more embarrassing.

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