7 thoughts on “When Israel Becomes an Anti-Semitic State – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not sure what about this campaign makes it anti-Semitic.
    A billionaire uses his money to affect a whole country in a substantial way (just like Adelson) and the government pushes back.
    Yes, some people makes it about him being Jewish, so what?

    You are using the anti Semitism card exactly like Bibi does.

    1. @ Aaron Cohen: There’s nothing like a hasbarist who hates a Jew for political reasons. Welcome to the Jewish anti-Semites.

      There’s absolutely NO PROOF Soros is affecting Hungary in any way. Other than demanding that the country honor its commitments under EU regulations regarding accepting Muslim refugees. Now, if Hungary wishes to leave the EU, it can shirk those responsibilities. But as long as it gets the benefits of membership, it must honor its obligations. Soros has nothing to do with this & I resent your claim against him. It is not just false, but anti-Semitic.

      Soros advocates civil society & democracy. Adelson advocates Republican-Likudist far right views. One is non-partisan, the other highly partisan. That is, unless you believe democracy is a partisan issue because you don’t believe in it.

      If someone attacked you or a family member as Soros is being attacked you would be the first to howl in anger & call it what it is. Which makes you an abject hypocrite.

      I find your comment especially offensive & obtuse.

      1. soros activity in Hungary has nothing to do with his Judaism and the fact a few graphities were made doesn’t make the whole campaign anti-Semitic. So weather it is or isn’t partisan is irrelevant.

        Once again, the left take ownership over absolute morals and prevent other sfrom expressing opinions.

        1. @ Aaron Cohen: Soros’ philanthropy and his values have everything to do with his Judaism. And what matters is how Orban reacts to Soros, not what Soros does in Hungary or anywhere. And Orban is an anti-Semite. And you are aiding & abetting anti-Semites, which is especially repulsive for a Jew. So you believe that liberal Jews deserve to be smeared by anti-Semites?? Disgusting.

          There is only one reason anti-Semites are defacing Orban’s anti-Semitic posters, because they understand the dog whistle. They get the code. You appear to be dense and don’t. But that doesn’t mean the message isn’t loud & clear for Hungarian anti-Semites.

          You are done in this thread. And I warn you that I find your statements offensive.

    2. @ Aaron
      I don’t know which country you’re hinting at concerning Adelson, the US or Israel, in case it’s the second, there’s a major difference with Soros: he’s Hungarian-born and is ‘interfering’ in matters concerning his native country just as Italian or Irish American.

      1. You may have missed the Jewish concept of Israel.

        There is nothing anti-Semitic in the ad itself and the fact people use it as vehicle for anti-semitism can be said about BDS as well. But does it make all DBS anti Semitic? If you ask Bibi yes, if I ask you, probably not.

        1. @ Aaron Cohen: No she didn’t bubbeleh. Adelson is a citizen of the U.S., not Israel. Yet he poisons U.S. politics by buying pols who toe a pro-Israel line to the detriment of U.S. interests. By rights, Adelson is behaving far worse than Soros & should be treated accordingly by all Jews whose primary loyalty is to the U.S.

          I told you you were done in the thread. Yet you continued to post. If you ignore my directions in the future you will be moderated or banned.

          The ad is no different than Nazi posters decrying Jews as having the last laugh on good pure Aryans in the run-up to the Holocaust.

          There is nothing anti-Semitic about BDS and no one has ever used BDS in a manner that is anti-Semitic. Now you’ve violated another comment rule: you’ve made a claim w/o offering any credible evidence. COnsider this a 2nd warning within a single comment. I don’t give third chances.

          Again if you post again in this thread, you’re toast. Go ahead & make my day…

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