13 thoughts on “All’s Not Well in Sunnistan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” the Qatari government, which claimed it had not produced the story or published it. ”

    The ‘news’ item was Russian GRU disinformation.
    Who benefits? Only Russia’s pal, Iran who is busy creating a strategic land bridge from Teheran to Beirut.

    1. @ Ilene: My comment rules declare very clearly that you may not insert opinion on controversial subjects unless you support that opinion. The notion of the ‘Shiite land bridge’ is a ridiculous meme akin to the old “domino theory” of Vietnam vintage. You may not substitute your opinions for fact. In future unless you support such opinions with credible evidence they will be deleted.

        1. @ Ilene: Thousands of Israelis believe Israel’s borders should reflect those of the Davidic kingdom. So one Iranian nebech says something stupid & this means, what exactly? That Iran has a grand plan to conquer the region?

          As for the Long War Journal, you’ve linked to an article by someone working for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the very group I excoriated in this post for supporting regime change in Iran. Really, that’s what you call ‘credible evidence?’

          You are pathetic, dear.

  2. “It accuses Qatar of supporting the Houthi rebels in Yemen with little or no proof.”
    “Finally, U.S. officials have confirmed to CNN that the Qatari news agency was likely hacked by Russian operatives”

    Funny how your standards for proofs varies with what supports of doesn’t your point of view.

    Probably the reason why you hate MEMRI so much b/c without them you can bury your head in the sand and just claim that since you don’t understand Arabic/Farsi, you don’t understand the content of so many speeches by different religious/political leaders/

    1. @ Ariel Eyn Shalom: I hate MEMRI because it is a lying propaganda outfit run by a former Israeli intelligence agent. The fact that you pimp for it tells us everything we need to know about you.

      As for languages I know or don’t know, unlike you I’ve recruited native speakers for every language I need to research including Arabic & Farsi. They provide competent, accurate translations, unlike MEMRI which produces fake, attenuated “translations.” If you bothered to read this blog you’d know that I provide translations in those languages and that those translations are accurate. But you didn’t know that because you’re a sloppy hasbaretard.

      1. [comment deleted: this is your first formal warning. The next comment you post violating the comment rules will lead to moderation.]

  3. “This includes supporting a Yemeni civil war that has killed 50,000 people and brought mass starvation”

    What does this sentence even mean?
    – Does Iran supports the civil war in Syria? Or the US? Or Israel?
    – Which side do you back in order to “support” the war and which side you back to stop it?

    1. Ariel Eyn Shalom: The subject of the post & paragraph was not Israel or the U.S. (at least not directly). It was Saudi Arabia and its role in fomenting terrorism around the world. Stay on topic. If you stray off topic as you have here, your comment may be deleted.

      As for Iran’s role: it provides far less support for the Houthis than Saudi Arabia does to its allies. It doesn’t need to because the Houthis are far more organized, skillful fighters than whoever the Saudis have bought off to be their allies.

      I have this vision of a new app or code that can be inserted in comments to detect the origin & affiliations of commenters like you. We all know you & yer pals are hasbaroids. But it would be curious & fun to have the equivalent of a microchip inserted in your comments so we can determine more about who your masters are.

    1. @ Ilene: You must have FDD on the Brain. It is a neocon garbage can. Not a credible think tank or NGO. Try again with better sources.

      As for Qatar supporting terror: sure it supports the same ISIS/al Qaeda groups in Syria that Saudi Arabia does. And it supports them because its Big Sunni Brother tells them to. If they don’t King Salman will squash them like an bug. Doesn’t leave them much choice, you know.

  4. Question #1, Sorry for the ignorance but “FDD” is what? #2. Do you really think Russia promotes Sunni discord?

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