7 thoughts on “Leviev’s $70 Million Digs: Most Expensive New Mansion Ever in Britain – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. truly a big stupid old gay portrait.
    i hthink the backround should include some lions eating angola civilian. since, this is initial of his wealth origins.
    why the **** does a man take pride in corruption earnings like this. oh yea. he forgot his wife in the backround…..

  2. just curious why you didn’t do due diligence + ask Susan Sarandon “Why” ? Or with — “Ruth Westheimer, Susan Sarandon and Isabella Rosselini are among those who crossed an Adalah picket line.” Ms. Sarandon, has stood up for many causes — don’t be so dismissive of her before you talk to her.

    This man is a very interesting personality + his home is sooo
    Las Vegas! LOL.

    1. Adalah contacted Ms. Sarandon numerous times & she refused to address the substance of the charges against Leviev or the Occupation. I guess she’s more into diamonds than understanding the nuances of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  3. Thank you for your response — I am surprised that Ms. Sarandon was deaf to this important issue — but let us not give up on her.

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