7 thoughts on “Israeli Intelligence Budget Nearly Doubles in Past Decade Under Netanyahu – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Am wondering how much Israel invested in cyberwarfare to get a Republican on top of the “shining” hill as votes were tabulated on 11/9. In the digital age, laying blame elsewhere is part of the profession.

  2. This post is just a small measure of the ground-breaking, incisive analysis to be expected from Richard Silverstein!

    In it we learned two important things:

    1. the intelligence needs of a small country in the Middle East are directly comparable to the needs of a continental-size country bordering two of the friendliest countries on Earth
    2. Richard knows how to read Ha’Aretz and copy their reports

    I see a Pulitzer showing up on Richard’s door any day now.

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    1. @ Yoni: try this sort of stupid snark again & you’ll be banned in a heartbeat (since you’re already moderated).

      You’ve misconstrued 2 important elements in the intelligence budgets of Israel & the u.s. they aren’t “directly compatible” as you claim. In fact Israel sends DOUBLE per capita. And the u.s. as I just wrote in a comment has 2 friendly neighbors, but 2 large hostile rivals with significant military capacities, and a score of smaller enemies & rivals seeking to do great mischief regarding our own interests. Our security/intelligence needs are even greater than Israel’s yet we spend half what Israel does per capita.

      And when I get that Pulitzer I’m gonna pin it on yr ass!!

      1. [comment deleted–off topic. Read the comment rules before commenting here again. Comments must be directly related to the subject of the post. I could care less what you think of the style of what I write in the comment threads. Restrict any future comments directly to the post and its subject.]

  3. “If our intelligence spending tracked that of Israel, our comparable budget would be $100-billion.”

    Israel’s main enemy is the regional superpower, Iran, whose proxy army sits on Israel’s border. Proxy Hezbollah has thousands of advanced missiles aimed to strike at any part of tiny Israel.

    Does the United States face a similar threat?

    1. @Ilene: Iran is not Israel’s main enemy. Israel is Israel’s main enemy. It’s ill-informed comments like yrs which prove this beyond a shadow if a doubt.

      And yes. The U.S.has far more, and more powerful competitors, rivals & enemies than Israel.

  4. meanwhile the retirement payments and disability pensions have seen ZERO increase in the last FIVE years not a penny for the nearly 35% who live on old folk pensions or disabilities. let’s not mention the holocaust survivors who have been suckered by the billions who know how many time. lately there are no fruits and vegetables in the stores
    believe it. bibi froze agriculture casnd there is no importation allowed . so zero fresh fruits and veg. ANYWHRE
    I get jealleous when I see the documentaries in the opoen markets of Vietnam Cambodia or Thailand
    let’s sing the hatikva and die of hunger

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