3 thoughts on “Trump to Speak at Israel’s Monument to National-Suicide – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well – Masada is a dramatic photographic backdrop (and Trump is obsessed with visuals) – should make for impressive visuals. And considering the remoteness – the crowd can be controlled and vetted.

    Not sure no one ever made a political speech there – but it is just so remote and in the middle of the desert… Not the best place to draw a crowd.

    1. @ lepxii:

      should make for impressive visuals

      Oh boy, just wait till you see those 1,000 FOD (Friends of Donald) dressed as Roman centurions as they storm the fortress, only to be repelled by Sayetet Matkal commandos dangling-down from Apache attack helicopters (a la Mavi Marmara). It will be memorable!

      1. Make Masada Great Again! Centurions could be a great visual, though one needs to avoid angering Italian-Americans. I think he should use Arabian Camel Auxiliaries as aggressors, and somehow work in US assistance in repelling the Roman forces.

        Trump doesn’t use memorable. Too many syllables –

        Trump use short and well-understood words. Stressing in particular the simpler words (even when more complex ones can’t be avoided) and placing an emphasis on repetitions of words and phrases numerous times in a speech. Speeches even a 6 year old (or an Appalachian hillbilly) can understand.

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