12 thoughts on “Mossad Launches Cyber-War Unit with Newspaper Want Ads – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just to clarify the term “student” in Hebrew (סטודנט): it means only higher education (Tertiary) students, not high school students (Talmid תלמיד).
    There are enough good reasons for them not to recruit high school pupils, just like other western spy agencies would not recruit them.

      1. I believe you suggested they are actively hiring minors (high school students), and I don’t think this is the case. As to molding these young students for future needs of the security establishement – one can argue this is true for all public schools in Israel, technical or not, having to “produce” good soldiers. For example, by boasting the school’s outcome in top IDF units, as if they were Ivy League Unis.

    1. Well said Yehuda!!

      On AllJobs, probably Israel largers web jobsite they have a definition “fit students” and they don’t mean kindergarden kids or teenagers.

      And… RS, do you think the FBI doesn’t have it’s own unit for Cyber Security??? Seriously?

      1. @ Ginger: THe FBI is not the equivalent of the Mossad. The CIA is. And we’re not talking about cyber security. We’re talking about cyber warfare. The Mossad has very little interest in cyber security but a great deal of interest in cyber warfare.

  2. If they actually have high school seniors doing “leet haxxoring” for the Mossad, then Israel is moving forward towards the sci-fi worlds of “Ender’s Game” and the old “Max Headroom” TV show where teenagers are either using high tech for military purposes or programming computers with artificially intelligent software. It’s bad enough when a country misuses twenty-somethings to build a digital panopticon, but kids as defense coders is something out of a William Gibson novel.

    1. I wouldn’t call it trash but it is not journalism either. May be conspiracism.

      Funny thing, Richard just criticized on Twitter a real journalist for conducting real journalism and bringing witnesses that a Palestinian may have committed suicide by IDF.

      Yet, with no research (that would have teach RS that ‘student’ means ‘university students’) RS write this sort of articles.

      Even more funny, in no time, Richard will quote his own article as a proof that Israel actively recruit teenagers for such position. Go figure!

      1. @ Ginger: You moron, Israeli media has written numberous articles about these technical high schools which Unit 8200 & other intelligence units exploit to target high school students for recruitment into intelligence services.

        I have a comment rule you’re violating. If you want to criticize, you do so using specific, substantive issues. No insults, no vacuous, unsubstantiated nonsense. If you don’t you risk moderation. If you come here with a hasba-chip on your shoulders I promise I’ll knock it right off.

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