8 thoughts on “Hillel International: Who’s Afraid of Breaking the Silence? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Richard,

    When you were active in Hillel, were there ever any discussions about the Occupation and it’s effects on the Palestinian right to self determination?

  2. Even though we should probably be happy about the emergence of Open Hillel its ultimate limitations are signified by the absence of “Marxist Jews” on its banner. Let’s see…should we start with the founder of Marxism itself??!

  3. If so many Jews are being shut out by Hillel-Int’l (or are outraged that others are beingt shut o9ut) — why don’t all these enrages just quit (and do it noisily). Boycott Hillel! sounds good to me.

      1. “Jews don’t do things in such organized fashion usually.”???

        100% of the power of Jews in the US is bc the Jews were organized. German Jews started the Jewish confederation and help new immigrants to settle.

        Btw, no one speak anymore about the reform Jews cutting the beards of the new orthodox immigrants.

        1. @ Ariel Shalom: You may’ve missed the fact that I was talking specifically about Hillel & arguing that Jewish students are unlikely to organize to such an extent that they can boycott the organization en masse and change it or cause it to collapse.

          Jews are organized when it comes to having an Israel Lobby. They’re hardly organized in any other way as a coherent body. And as time goes by any coherence they have, or once had, decreases.

  4. I live close to a Hillel House that was built about 5 years ago. The place seems mostly unused. Rarely do we see any activity going on there. During Passover there were a few poorly attended dinners but rest of the year it is mostly dark after 6 pm. Perhaps Hillel is successful in attracting the big dollars but at here they are not attracting members.

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