6 thoughts on “Trump: “No Reason There Isn’t Peace Between Israel and Palestinians” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is possible a Trump dictat could succeed vs. all sides. The Saudies (and the rest of the Sunni axis) are probably happy to sell out the Palestinian issue – which has become an obstacle to greater issues. I wouldn’t put the chances as high – but they are greater than the chance that hell will freeze over. Trump can wield a stick.

  2. The more I read and listen to Trump then more I get convinced that he has an IQ far below average and that’s he’s also sick: I read a statement of his on Syria, it was like 20 lines but nothing, absolutely nothing that a 9 years-old couldn’t say better, and recently he stated in front of the press that Luciano Pavarotti is a great friend of his …. Pavarotti has been dead for 13 years, and his widow and daughter put out a statement denying that Pavarotti even knew Trump, and that he was against everything Trump represents.

  3. I think that the accurate characterization of Trump’s “promises” vs actions and on-off-on again…off-again ad infinitum is: bait and switch. President Donald BS for “Bait and Switch” Trump. That gets to the dynamic of his popularity as well as to the pattern of his presidency. Remember him blurting out, I stand for nothing!” when a reporter pressed the question of what he stood for (vis a vis his on-again charge that Obama wiretapped him). We should make a point of keeping up awareness of this aspect of the man by incorporating it into his name.

  4. Something we can agree on!
    Trump is a classic narcissist–possible the full blown personality disorder. This explains all of his behavior– the grandiosity, sense of entitlement (which justifies lying and other anti-social behaviors), immaturity, sensitivity to criticism and lack of self-awareness or self-criticism.
    He does have charisma, which explains his popular appeal
    but perhaps an average to below average IQ which explains the idiotic statements such as this, which flow endlessly.
    Perhaps these qualities together made him a successful real estate businessman and TV celebrity, along with a little luck.
    It is deeply shameful that the US has such a man as President.

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