21 thoughts on “Naftali Bennet as The Joker – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. To be clear: Naftali Bennet really is one ugly piece of work, and resembles a gerbil, especially when smiling. The ox that has been gored (I hope I’m using this right) is my final shred of faith in your journalistic professionalism. This shred having been lost partly because you think poking fun at a politician’s looks are a worthwhile post, and mainly because when I noted this, you assumed I was heckling you for it under some agenda other than that I had expected better from you.
        The other “shreds”, so to speak, have mainly been torn away by the way you handled being corrected about Ohad Aviv (not checking facts followed by refusing to check facts, followed by antagonizing those who corrected you, both to their faces and to Ohad Aviv, followed by not yet posting a correction on your blog post or your facebook page). I have been reading your blog for about a year now, assuming that at least most of what you write is true. However, seeing from up close how far (or not) you actually go towards checking your facts and accepting responsibility for mistakes, even tiny ones, and how you easily typecast a critic as someone with an agenda, has been a shock. I shall read this blog no more, as I no longer feel I can trust that you have done genuine research on whatever you post, and that you report facts objectively.
        Feel free to delete this comment. It is meant for your eyes anyway.

        1. This is yet another in the seemingly endless round of Hasbara 101 techniques. It runs something like this: “I’ve been reading your blog for X number of months/years. I was truly hoping to learn something about how you people think and about the conflict. But this last outrage you’ve perpetrated has so disappointed me. I simply can’t be expected to put up with such nonsense any longer and you won’t find me reading your blog another minute. I was hoping for better from you.”

          So tiresome. It’s supposed to make any readers who are somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum think that there’s another reader like them who’s grown disgusted with x, y, or z that they’ve read here, & perhaps they should too.

          Michael, I don’t give a good goddamn what you think about anything. If it’s any consolation I think the comparison of Bennet to a gerbil is quite apt. But you’re a friggin’ hypocrite for making such a comparison yourself & then holding it against me because I did virtually the same thing.

          You might want to check out MJ Rosenberg or Phil Weiss’ blog. I understand there’s a need for some hasbara reinforcements over there.

    1. Gestures on the face like this are windows to inner character. This man has a diabolism that is inherent in his eyes and muscular expressions crowned by what looks like one of the most evil grins ever. Child molesters and psychos look like child molesters and psychos similarly…

        1. Um, Richard, just above these comments you state:

          “Richard Silverstein March 17, 2013 at 4:22 PM
          I have plenty of other words to call him before I’m done. But he looks especially diabolical in this photo. It’s really delicious. Sorry if your ox was gored. But too bad.”

          So…uhh… …. ? lol

      1. Regardless of political opinion, the resemblance of Benet to the Joker is very apparent and therefore extremely funny.
        Benet appears to be a guy with a good sense of humor and you should share it with him.

          1. Squirrel’s are not that common in Israel, I honestly don’t think he would have a base for comparison.

  1. Considering all the racist crap that has emanated from the mouths of Jews in general and Israelis in particular as regards to Mr. Obama, I’d say this kahanist colostomy bag is getting off easy.

  2. Moderation? Why? Is he not a kahanist colostomy bag? When you can prove that he’s not a colostomy bag, then it becomes an insult. Until then, it’s an astute observation. lol

  3. In conjunction with his behavior, and that of his enterprise, this man’s face is a caricature that promotes anti-Jewish feelings. I get the joke… I don’t like it. Does it make it less true? Stereotypes, in my opinion, exist. Those who feed into them should be ostracized by the good apples. Here, I believe Richard is showing a political symbolism: this is not us; these people are jokers.

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