7 thoughts on “StandWithUs’ Blazing Hypocrisy: Commemorating Armenian Genocide, While Herzl Sold Out Armenians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Firstly, HRD was 3 days ago here in the Holy Land. Your take on Herzel, true or not, seems to be a contradiction to you claim to be a ‘progressive’ Zionist.
    If all your claims are true then the entire Zionist enterprise is a priori an invalid movement. So it seems you must be an anti-Zionist.
    Can you clarify?

    1. @ Shaul: As Hillel said: “Go & study.” The answer to your own question is in my blog. Search for the appropriate search terms & read my views. And do NOT ever presume to say what my views are. Ever.

      Herzl is not the “entire Zionist enterprise” & I’ve never said the entire Zionist enterprise is invalid. There are some aspects of Zionism I value & have written as much. You can be a Zionist and support two homelands for two peoples in one state (or two states).

  2. Does the US recognizes the Armenian Genocide? No!
    Even Obama just made some statements but didn’t officially recognized it.

    1. @ Daniel: So your argument is that if the U.S., which never suffered a genocide of its own (but rather caused one against Native Americans) doesn’t recognize genocide it’s OK for Israel, whose citizens and their ancestors have suffered genocide, not to recognize it??? Is that your argument? Really? That’s might powerful. I’ll have to give that one some thought…

      Could you please contact me personally on a separate matter.

      1. What I’m saying is – politics all over the world trump justice.

        Email me to the address I used for the comment

  3. This story should also include the debate that happened in Watertown MA in 2007. There is a large Armenian community there. They pressured the Watertown city council to acknowledge the Armenian holocaust. The ADL took on public opposition to the resolution. Utterly disgraceful position. Alan Dershokowitz was pressured to get involved (Watertown is right next door to Cambridge MA where Alan resides) and while first backing the Turks he finally ducked the question without taking any position. Again utterly disgraceful.

    I moved to Watertown in 1980 and I am ashamed to say I was totally unaware of what had happened 60 years before. My neighbors educated me on the Armenian genocide.

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