7 thoughts on “Seattle LGBT Commission Pinkwashes…Again! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is unfair to exclude the LGBT community from the possibility to engage in colonialism and ethnic cleansing. The case of officer Erez shows that Israel is truly at the forefront of LGBT rights.

    1. @Seamus: one idiot & a bunch of credulous lib Zio journalists does not a fact make.

      Not to mention that if this alleged poet had been at Bar Noar or the Jerusalem Gay Pride event he’d be just as dead as if the Ayatollahs caught him.

      Further, I always thought you wanted acceptance in the western world. I didn’t realize standards had fallen so low that you’re actually boasting about being less homophobic than Islamists.

      1. Both liberal Tel Aviv, and conservative Jerusalem host Gay Pride parades, and gay bars are open for business.
        Two attacks by ‘lone wolves’ does not make Israel homophobic.
        Entire families sit together nightly and watch Israel’s ‘Big Brother’ reality show with it’s LGBT contestants, and no one bats an eye.

        You simply don’t know what your talking about.

        1. @ Seamus:

          Two attacks by ‘lone wolves’ does not make Israel homophobic.

          Of course it does. But nice to see you deny that these murders aren’t rooted in the overall homophobia and violence of Israeli society toward ethnic and sexual minorities. Your head is in the sand where the heads of all hasbarists are.

          The high level of homophobia and overt violence against gays in Orthodox circles, the Orthodox rabbinate’s refusal to consider gay marriage, & the right wing political parties shunning of gay rights issues–all confirm this phenomenon. Bezalel Smotrich is Exhibit A in this.

          You simply don’t know what your talking about.

          You’re simply a hasbaroid.

  2. If the local political community — ever needing money and therefore always a push-over for local Zionists — puts pressure on the local LGBT community, then the local LGBT community, likely needing money from the local politicians, will back-down to Zionist pressure. Disgusting but politics-as-usual.

    what to do? Keep up the good fight and describe Issrael and its behaviors accurately — thus diminishing the effect of the LGBT-washing

  3. NPR had the IDF transexual soldier on the world the other day.. when I was in Israel “normal” women couldnt walk down the street without being harnessed and stoned by orthodox who didnt want to hear their voice or disagreed with their choice of clothing..what planet do they live on where isreal is a welcoming, safe place for LGBT?

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