5 thoughts on “J Street Blackwashes Israeli Apartheid, Supports West Bank Investment – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just an observation – Yosef Steynovitz’s T-shirt shows the Otpor clenched fist. This symbol has been used throughout many of the so-called -color-coded’ regime change events in other countries, e.g. Ukraine. It is associated with organizations funded by George Soros’ Open Society outfit (amongst others including USAID, a CIA front).

    1. @Yonatan: Nonsense. If you’re not aware that the clenched fist has been Meir Kahane’s signature logo for decades you’ve been living in a cave.

      This is not a site for alternative facts.

  2. I was not aware of the Kahane link. The use of the very same clenched fist symbol by Otpor is well documented. Perhaps those behind Otpor repurposed it.


    Finally, it is a mark of the man as to how he treats strangers. I notice your gratuitous insult and look forward to being banned from your commenting on your site.

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