9 thoughts on “Bayit Yehudi Thugs Assaulted Mizrahi Social Justice Activists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” But they accused the Communist Party of the plot and argued it was part of a wider plot to topple the Nazi government and launch a coup. This offered Hitler a golden opportunity to clamp down on dissent and solidify his hold on power.”

    This is exactly what Ben Gurion and his leftist MAPAM party did to the rightist Irgun during the Altalena Affair.
    Ben Gurion falsely accused Begin’s Irgun of plotting a coup. That gave Ben Gurion license to renage on an arms deal it had made with Irgun and destroy the Altalena when Begin was still onboard.


    1. The Altalena Affair was “exactly” like the Reichstag Fire?? Really? And Ben Gurion was a leftist socialist tyrant who kept the right subjugated for decades, right? Thanks for giving away your ideological predilections. I really don’t want to get bogged down in this topic. That was your last comment in this thread. Move on. No further comments here.

    1. Being Ashkenazi is not the defining attribute of the Bayit Yehudi leadership cadre. Being an asshole clearly is however. Lol

    2. @ Ariel: So in a society which is 1/2 Mizrahi, the best Bayit Yehudi could muster is 2 Mizrahim who have a realistic chance of winning seats. Is that what you call a diverse party? A party which had a chance to include one of Israel’s most popular, beloved Mizrahi–but disrespected and threw him out with the trash??

      BTW, telling us you want to make an off topic comment but won’t is itself off topic. Keep everything you say on topic. You won’t win pts for saying you could’ve violated comment rules but didn’t.

      1. @Richard – so we all agree that your “lily-white” comment was out of place. Great!

        And as for the link you didn’t refers to show, Bennett isn’t homophob, neither are most of them. As a religious party they can’t change after almost 4,000 what god have said about marriage. They can, however, open a new category of civil union and have it legally equal so benefit are same etc’.

        These activists are cowards for going to Habait HaYehudi meeting. They wanted headlines with no real confrontation and with party that stretches its religious law to move forward. Next time they should go to a Shas gathering…

        1. @ Ariel: Don’t put words in my mouth and don’t tell me what I believe. Bayit Yehudi is a racist Jewish supremacist Party. It hates Palestinians and Mizrahim both. Having 2 token Mizrahi among the 9 likely to win a seat is tokenism. And rejecting the great Mizrahi soccer player was this approach writ large.

          You have the friggin’ chutzpah to say they’re not homophobic after the quotations from them which clearly reveal their hateful views? Saying they are Orthodox, as if that excuses their hate, is unacceptable. And civil union isn’t acceptable. It’s again tokenism. A western democracy demands gay marriage. If Israel refuses then it’s not a tolerant western democracy, but a dark medieval theocracy.

          And I’m especially offended by your calling a woman brutally assaulted and seriously injured by brutish men “a coward.” You are now moderated.

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