9 thoughts on “BDS, Joe McCarthy, and the New Communist Menace – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Seamus Ignoramus: You’ve got it wrong. Just as there were Russian agents spreading Communism as a world revolution (at least in the eyes of domestic Commie hunters), there were also domestic Red ‘enemies’ the FBI hunted.

      It’s the same with BDS. The international movement to foment revolution & ‘destroy the Jewish state’ from without; and the “hardcore pushy” Israeli revolutionaries ‘burrowing’ from within. All irony intended.

      Further, if you think Erdan & his cronies are using non-violent, peaceful means of combatting BDS you’re daft & have not read the papers. They’re using every means short of direct assassination (e.g. “civil” targeted assassination). That goes far beyond hasbara, unless you wish to twist the word out of its normal meaning.

  1. They are quite ineffective, wouldn’t you agree? Seems the noise they are generating is causing more BDS activities than they prevent.

    Now, if they were to start rounding-up or dealing via other methods with the local activists (of which there is a distinct small hardcore that actually pushes things) and perhaps non-locals – they might have some effect.

    But in the present, the negative press they are generating far outweighs any benefit.

    1. @ lepxii: Yes, take out the brass knuckles, round ’em up & give ’em “the treatment” in a dark underground cell somewhere. Or perhaps just disappearing them somewhere in a Saudi desert for the buzzards to pick on their bones. Yes, that will do the trick. We’ll never hear of BDS again.

      And oh yes, those “hardcore pushy” leftists. They’re the root cause of all evil. Just get rid of ’em & everything will be copasetic.

  2. Israel’s Attorney General has stated unequivocally that Erdan doesn’t have the authority to conduct any investigation.

    1. @ Seamus: Stating something & doing something about it are 2 separate things. Unless the AG takes specific legal action against Erdan or warns him that he will if he persists, words mean very little. Not to mention that at least 3 other intelligence agencies have the right to do what Erdan wants to do (and are doing it). Not to mention, that Mandelblit said nothing about spying on foreign BDS activists abroad, which appears perfectly “legal” in Shu-Shu Land. So spare us your protestations of innocence.

  3. I think Israel is giving the BDS more attention than it should. Israel suffred a much more severe boycott for decades (the Arab League boycott of Israel). Its hard to believe but up to the 1990’s, many major western companies avoided doing buzyness with Israel fearing this boycot (Including McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Honda, Toyota etc). Did it hurt Isreal? sure. Did cause unbarable damage? not at all.
    Is “Hasbara” need to refute the claims of the BDs activists? sure. Is it fair to demonstrate the hypoarcy and dishonesty of this movment? you bet. But that is about it. I a personally not comtorable with any steps beyond that.

    And when I refer to the dishonesty and hypocracy of the BDS I mean 2 things: 1) Targeting Israel even though there are many countries that by their actions (and the plights of their victems) deserve such efforts much more than Israel (Turkey and Russia are only 2 examples). 2)It is particularaly annoying when you have Anti-Israel BDS activists in countries like Saudi Aarbia (https://bdsmovement.net/countries/saudi-arabia).

    2) As even Norman Finkeltsein pointed out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iggdO7C70P8), the BDs claims to merely demand Israel to abide to International law but at least some of its demans regarding Israel have no real basis in International law. For example, there is no “international law” that obliagtes “right of return” of the Palastinian refuggess, certainly not third generation decendents of such refuggees. and no, UNGA resolution 194 is a General Assembly resolutions are notand thus is not legally binding and usually have no force as international law.

    1. @ Amico:

      I a personally not comtorable with any steps beyond that.

      I could care less what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable…unless you behave like a responsible citizen and raise your voice at violations of free speech and democracy. You won’t & don’t, making you a hypocrite.

      Norman Finkelstein is wrong about many things (and right about some). BDS is one of them. He’s not just wrong about BDS, he’s woefully, pitifully wrong. So don’t quote Finkelstein to me as if you’ll get sympathy or as if it will resonate. It doesn’t.

      International law does indeed demand the return of civilians expelled by the occupying power. Given that the occupying power still retains power decades after it occupied said territory it is completely reasonable that direct descendants of the expellees have the right of return as well. Israel could have very easily resolved the right of return many decades ago. It even historically made proposals which it never followed up on. ROR is a problem Israel made far worse than it should’ve been. It will get no sympathy from me.

      Your comment concluded by straying far off topic. Do not do this again or I will delete such comments in their entirety.

      Do not comment again in this thread.

    2. @ Amico
      I don’t know what Finkelstein says in the interview you posted, but if he says that there no interbational law that ‘obligates’ the right of retunr, he’s contradicting former statements of his. Here’s a link to a speech he made in a American university back some years back, listen from minute 4:40: he speaks about Human Rughts Watch who hired a specialist to ‘prove’ there was no right of return, and the result was: there is no doubt under international law; the Palestinians have a right of return. And I want to remind you that Israel has actually signed that right of retunr itself: on May 11th when it was admitted to the UN, under the explicit conditions of implementing resolution 181 and resolution 194.
      And concerning the usual hasbara about BDS not targeting other countries (I guess the White South Africans has a similar talking point): BDS is a Palestinian initiative, so why the hell should it concern China, Turkey or Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians are fighting against Israeli occupation and discriminations !

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