13 thoughts on “With Media Embed, IDF Boasts of Incursion into Syria – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Charlotte: Follow the Mako link in the post. That article contains the video & you may view it there. Since this is an Israeli media website, videos don’t always work as they should. If it doesn’t work properly in your browser, try a different browser. The only browser which worked for me was Microsoft Edge. SOrry for the inconvenience.

    1. @ Seamus Ignoramus:

      Israel has good reason to intervene in Syrian affairs.

      Israel violates Syrian sovereignty and international law by invading its territory. So there is no good or even bad reason to do so. What a sovereign nation does inside its own territory is its own business. By your logic then, any nation which feels endangered by Israel’s nuclear program (and MANY do) may bomb or rocket Dimona in order to destroy it.

      Why should Israel allow an Iranian proxy army to gain a tactical superiority?

      And since Israeel is a U.S. proxy, then destroying U.S. weapons shipped to Israel would be fine as well. If you agree with this logic & say so unequivocally then I might agree Israel can invade other nations at will. What say you?

      1. I thing it is the other way around. The US is Israels proxy. The US gets all the blame for the destruction in the Middle East, in order to further the Israeli cause of ‘Greater Israel’. US military is used for overt war, and Israel is doing the secret covert war. Not pretty.

  1. Richard – the channel-2 TV piece is about activity that is beyond the border fence – but not beyond the armistice line. The fence vs. Syria (and also vs. Lebanon) – is not on the exact border, but rather a little bit inside the border line, and sometimes a little bit more inside, due to topographical considerations (you don’t want the fence across a ravine, for instance).

    From that area – they are looking inside the Syrian area.

    While the IDF may or may not go farther than this – the channel2 piece doesn’t say that it does (at most – what is shown there – is inside the UNDOF buffer zone which due to UNDOF leaving their posts, is a no man’s land).

    1. @ lepxii: It is not a “border fence.” Nor is it “no man’s land.” It is Syrian territory. All of it. There is no “border” in that spot recognized by anyone, least of all the Syrians. It is simply a fence built by Israel to mark its own occupied territory. Conquest of all this territory is not recognized by any country or by international law. So Israel is invading Syrian territory, plain & simple.

      But nice try…

      1. Richard – you reply dismisses the whole piece. If the border isn’t recognized by anyone, than for years, all the towns and army camps in the Angolan Heights have been “incursions”. What are the news here?

        Like you wrote – nice try.

        1. @ Jim: There is a border which Israel recognized until 1967. But Israel crossed it & conquered Syrian territory and now calls it “Israeli.” But it isn’t. It is Israel which doesn’t recognize the border which every other nation in the world does.

          All the towns and army camps in the Angolan [sic] Heights

          No, don’t tell me. Now Israel is colonizing Africa? Bringing it all back home, to Herzl’s original proposal…

          Like you wrote – nice try.

          Don’t try to outsnark me, bud.

      2. Yes, you could say that – but that applies to the entire Golan area held by Israel (regardless of the location of the fence) – where there are many Israeli troops (and civilians).

  2. Instead of answering my question, you’ve, again, ‘inverted and diverted’.
    Israel is not a U.S. proxy army. It is a sovereign State that conducts, right or wrong, it’s own foreign policy, to wit; Israel attacked Iraq’s nuclear power station and that act was condemned by the United States.

    Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy army, so much so, that it is unclear who is even running Syria anymore.
    What does the Assad regime need with surface to ship missiles? Assad is in a life or death struggle with enemies who have no navy. Obviously these offensive weapons are for Iranian-trained Hezbollah terrorists who can only use them against Israel’s navy.

    Richard. You remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, don’t you?

    1. @ Seamus Ignoramus: Israel is as much a U.S. proxy as Syria is an Iranian proxy. They are both sovereign states who demand that their territorial integrity be respected. Sovereignty means the right to conduct one’s business without unwanted interference from outsiders. That means Syria gets to make decisions about who its friends are just as Israel does. If Israel refuses to honor this principle then by right any hostile nation has every right to take matters into its own hands and frustrate or sabotage any threatening aspect of Israeli military strategy or infrastructure.

      As for Hezbollah, it too is a major political and military player in Lebanon. It exerts its influence internally & in the region in ways that are no different the ways Israel does. If you have any criticisms of Hezbollah, then look in the mirror. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      What does the Assad regime need with surface to ship missiles?

      Why does Israel need surface to air missile or nuclear weapons? You have as much right to determine what weapons Syria has legitimate use for as Assad has to determine whether Israel has a right to its weapons. Your level of hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      As for Assad’s life or death struggle with enemies: one of them is Israel, which does indeed have a navy. And Assad’s major ally is Hezbollah, which also is an enemy of Israel. So it too needs to consider naval weapons & warfare.

      You are done in this thread.

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