21 thoughts on “SCOOP: Mossad Failed Assassination Against Lebanese Security Chief with Suspected Hezbollah Links – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Julie Abou Araj, an Israeli reporter, denied obtaining information from the Israeli Mossad on an assassination bid targeting General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, questioning the timing of the report hours ahead of Dahr al-Baydar blast.

    A ‘suicide’ car bomb isn’t the modus operandi of the Israel Mossad. Perhaps a prepared car or truck could be used in a high-profile assassination.

    It appears the real target was politician Nahim Berri expected to attend a meeting at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut.

  2. Lebanese army seized top al Qaeda-linked militant Naim Abbas, linked to booby-trapped cars in Beirut – Feb. 12, 2014.

    The latest event has many of the hallmarks of the piggy-back Saudi-Israel relationship in the Hariri assassination of 2005. Mossad gains intelligence of the car bombing by Salafist militants and manipulated evidence and the investigation to point fingers at the Syrian government. The Bush-Cheney administration was complicit to play-out the neocon playbook for the Middle East.

  3. ממתי המוסד שולח מתאבדים בדיוק? זוהי דרך הפעולה של המוסד?
    וברור, רק לך המקור הבכיר יספר…
    אין שום אינטרס לחסל את אותו לבנוני. לך יש אינטרס להאשים את מדינת ישראל וזרועותיה בכל דבר שקורה.

    1. The Mossad, or whatever assassin institute the state of Israel runs, usually sends and packs the explosives and detonate these by remote control. Covering its tracks and manipulating evidence is part of the deceit. In the end, terror begets more terror.

      1. שלא תבין שלא נכון – המוסד עושה פעולות כאלו, וטוב שכך. כל מה שכתבת נכון, ואני כישראלי מתגאה בכך. כך בדיוק צריך לפעול ארגון שכזה – לחסל אוייבים ולהגן על המדינה. אני רק מציין, שזו דרך פעולה שאיננה אופיינית למוסד ןה”מקור” לפי מה שמופיע באתרים אחרים, הוא הקולנל שניצל מחיסול. אז להגיד שזה מגיע ממקור בטחוני ישראלי, זה פשוט לא נכון. ואגב, לא צריך להאשים בהכל את המוסד. כפי שאתה בוודאי יודע, את חרירי חיסל החזיבאללה בשירות סוריה – וזה כבר מוכח, ואם נסתכל על מה שקורה בסוריה, עיראק, לוב, מצריים, ואפילו בלבנון, נוכל לראות כי פלגים כאלו או אחרים בעולם הערבי מנסים לחסל זה את זה, טובחים זה בזה, ושחטים זה את זה. ולגבי המשפט האחרון שלך – את צודק במאה אחוז. הפיתרון הוא אחד – שהמדינה הזאת לא תתקיים במזרח התיכון. כל עוד מדינת ישראל חיה וקיימת – נצטרך להילחם על חיינו.

  4. A source high enough to know what the Mossad is doing on extremely sensitive cases and he runs to some anti-Zionist in Seattle and no one in Mossad has figured out who this is. RIGHT

    1. [comment deleted: You’re already moderated. Any future comment rule violation could lead to losing your comment privileges completely.]

    2. I would be careful questioning the source – the blog owner seems to take very personally any questions.
      But just to add to your inquiry, have you noticed how this alleged source suffers not from the confines of compartmentalized information, one of the basic tenets of security organizations? It knows everything about assassinations, UAVs, internal government politics, military maneuvers, etc etc etc. It is as if God himself was reaching out to enlighten Seattle.

      Of course, without any proof but with repeated failures. But we are not supposed to discuss that, lest we be moderated. Free speech be damned…

      1. @ Hey: You are a “bear of very little brain.” There are thousands of official Israeli sources for information of this kind. Some in the intelligence agencies, some in the IDF. My information comes from someone who knows hundreds of such officials and gleans the information from all over. He offers information that his official sources want to tell him. He’s not Edward Snowden. Not even Daniel Ellsberg. He doesn’t steal anything. He doesn’t report anything his source don’t want him to report.

        What I do is shape what I’ve been told, add my own research, and produce work that amplifies what my source tells me.

        1. @Richard

          Sure.Everyone is an idiot but you – it is *clear* that your source is the headmaster of the Israeli Plumbing Union, since ‘hundreds’ of leakers know his contact information but those charged with preventing leaks do not.

          If that’s what you need to tell yourself…

          Now a procedural question: does your ‘amplificating work’ necessitate proof or is that a detail left aside in the interest of amplificating your ‘work’ ?

          Inquiring minds want to know.

          1. @Hey: Before I called you “of very little brain.” Now you’ve progressed to idiot, I’m afraid. NO ONE in Israel’s intelligence community prevents leaks the intelligence community (or elements within it) wants leaked. Clearly, they want this information to leak. Now, you may fret and gnash your teeth wondering why in heavens name they’d leak to someone like me. But you’ll have to get over it I’m afraid. Because, it’s happening whether you like it or not.

            amplificating work

            Could you use spell check or some form of English language aid. This neologism of yours was painful to read. It’s “amplification.” Amplification involves adding my own interpretation of the data provided me. If I have questions about the information, disagree with the spin I’ve been given by my source, or do research that amplifies the small amount of data leaked to me–that is “amplification.” Again, just because you don’t like what I write & resent an Israeli official leaking to me, doesn’t rebut the fact that the relationship exists. Boohoo is all I can to you.

            Your mind is not “inquiring.” It is closed like the wall at the Hoover Dam.

    3. @ Ron Temis: I’m not an anti-Zionist. But YOU are moderated for breaking a major comment rule.

      I wonder why you empty-headed hasbarists haven’t figured out that whoever provides my source information wants my readers to know the information being leaked. The Mossad leaks just like every other Israeli government agency does.

    1. @ Lou: Read my comment rules. YOu may think you’re being smart & witty. But if your questions come across as snark, they don’t amuse me in the least, nor are they smart or witty. Instead they come across as obtuse & stupid.

        1. @Lou: Right, my source with information provided to him by Israeli military or intelligence (NOT “my conclusion” as you falsely claimed) is neither ‘obtuse’ nor ‘stupid.’ In fact, it’s just one of 100 or more scoops he’s provided me, with a batting average of .900+. Not bad by major league baseball standards.

  5. @richard

    Seriously? Are you going to point out my English to try and avoid the hard points? Shall i bring out your repeated and documented lack of basic Hebrew understanding?
    But i wouldn’t. Unlike you, I’m not desperate for attention.

    Enjoy your ‘source’, Richard Silverstein, may you and it enjoy peace and health for 120 years to see how Israel flourishes.

    1. @ Hey: I think smug, self-satisfied Israel apologists deserve to have their linguistic errors noted.

      When you volunteer to translate articles from Hebrew for me, then you can criticize my errors. BTW, there are so many pro-Israel readers of this blog that if I ever made an error, they would point it out. If I ever do make a mistake in future do point it out to me. I believe in correcting mistakes when they’re made.

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