45 thoughts on “IDF Military Intelligence Blatantly Lies About Targeted Assassination of Iranian General – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Last week, Hizbullah general secretary Hasan Nasrallah gave a long interview to Al Mayadeen tv in which he claimed that Hizbullah is now much more capable than they were in 2006. Netanyahu knows that Nasrallah is not stupid: he (Nasrallah) knows that not responding to Israel in kind would severely undermine Hizbullah’s credibility. So, do expect a severe response! Already residents in Northern Galilee are “shaking in their boots”, guest houses in the North are reporting low bookings and the US has ordered its citizens “to stay away”.
    Whether the outcome of this episode will benefit Netanyahu electorally, I do not know.

  2. IMO the question to be asked is why was there an Iranian general in such close proximity to the Israeli border?
    After all the Iranians are sworn enemies of Israel and share no borders or anything close to a border and have at numerous time called for the obliteration of the ‘zionist cancer’.
    I would have thought you might have mentioned the stabbings today in TA, one among the 20?, to randomly stab a woman in the back on the street.
    Things are so obvious there is nothing more to say.

    1. @ ronan: No, it doesn’t work that way. No country gets to determine which foreigners are allowed in particular regions of other countries. And certainly a country doesn’t get the right to murder foreigners because they get too close to your own border. That, once again, is an example of psychopathology.

      have at numerous time called for the obliteration of the ‘zionist cancer’.

      This statement is a lie. No Iranian has ever said this. If you advance any further opinions passing for facts which are equally mendacious you will either lose your comment privileges or have them restricted.

      I would have thought you might have mentioned

      Let me disabuse you of the notion that I write this blog for your edification or at your direction or even at your suggestion. So, what that means is I write the blog. You get to comment. You don’t get to tell me what I should write or what you want me to write.

      1. “have at numerous time called for the obliteration of the ‘zionist cancer’.”
        here are two of tens if not hundreds of references:
        NCRI Statements [arrow.png] Terrorism & Fundamentalism [arrow.png] Iran: Our ideal is to destroy White House and obliterate Zionism, Basij commander says

        Iran: Our ideal is to destroy White House and obliterate Zionism, Basij commander says Wednesday, 07 January 2015 21:37
        “Our ideal is to destroy the White House and to obliterate Zionism,” Basij Commander IRGC Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi has said.
        “In December 2000, Ayatollah Khamenei said that “Iran’s stance has always been clear on this ugly phenomenon [Israel]. We have repeatedly said that this cancerous tumor of a state should be removed from the region.” In February 2001, Khamenei stated that, “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” In spring 2001 Khamenei referred to the Israeli government in the following way: “the Zionist regime, as the symbol of bloodthirstiness [and] barbarianism,” and to its leaders as “wild beasts.”

        1. My interpretation it’s a defensive statement from where evil deeds are ordered: overthrow of Mossadeq [1953] and the CIA/Mossad support for the SAVAK under the puppet regime of Pahlavi until 1979. Didn’t US military intelligence direct the gas attacks at Iranian forces by Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War.

          When a state acts like a bully, do expect some sort of backlash. Western states are so surprised when foreign policy of military acts of agression cause blowback. Expecting an European ‘Patriot Act’ sooner rather than later. Leaders worthy of an Oscar nomination for their play-acting: Hollande, Cameron and Obama: “JeSuisCharlie” and standing shoulder to shoulder.

          Sources carrying statement by Mohammad Naghdi: Clarion Project, the Blaze, etc.

        2. @ ronan: You apparently know Farsi? And can show us the original quotations and your accurate translation? Statements by Iranian leaders are notoriously & deliberately mistranslated as all the rest of us know because they read my own posts on this phenomenona which link to Iranian and other sources learned in Farsi who’ve documented the issue. So no, no Iranian leader ever said Israel should be “erased from the map of the region.” That is a mistranslation.

          As for the claim that the Ayatollah said Israel was a cancerous tumor, I can’t document that this is a correct translation of whatever he did say. But in no way, even in the translation you muster, does he say that Iran will remove the tumor. As for calling other nations names, if you think Israeli leaders aren’t saying the same or worse about Iran you’re a fool. But Israel is doing far worse, it’s actually invading Iranian territory to murder Iranian citizens and destroy Iranian installations. Not even Iran is doing anything so aggressive and blatantly illegal.

          1. Richard, do you actually believes what you are saying?
            He might not say Israel but Zionism (and you are a liberal one) but here is a quotation from Iranian PressTV website
            “Days of Zionists numbered” (I believe they do know Farsi) “The Zionist regime and Zionists are a cancerous tumour. Even if one cell is left in one inch of (Palestinian) land, in the future this story (of Israel’s existence) will repeat,”.

          2. @ Ariel: And you believe there is a single Israeli minister who doesn’t believe Iran is a cancer? C’mon. What’s cancer for the goose is cancer for the gander. No? Am I supposed to be shocked because Iranians believe about Israel what Israelis believe about Iran? You’ve got to try harder than this to come up with anti-Iran hasbara.

          3. RIGHT ON Richard Silverstein, you hit the nail right on the head. Ronan must be from the camp which translates the Farsi News every which way they want. Ronan works for ministry of misinformation. 😉

          4. Richard – you asked for a quotation and I brought you one. Will you say pressTV isn’t credible about Iran? It’s like arguing Israel Hayom isn’t credible about Bibi.

          5. @ Ariel: Actually, PressTV is not credible on any subject including its own country. So no, I don’t trust anything they say nor do I use it as a source. Iranian media have themselves reprinted false accounts of similar statements by accepting foreign accounts rather than their own native ones.

            Using PressTV is a little like using the National Enquirer as an expert on UFOs and Little Green Men serving in Congress.

  3. @Ronan
    “close proximity to the Israeli border” ? I thought Israel had no established borders. Do you mean the area near the illegally annexed Golan Heights?

    It is only thanks to massive disinformation and obfuscation campaigns that Israel can kill Iranians at will (remember the nuclear scientists?) and then cry “terror” when it is hit in return (and almost never in equal measure).

  4. Brussels Fears European Exodus of Jews

    Timmermans is fluent in foreign languages, for content it’s empty rhetoric. The EU can’t grasp the issue of immigration, will it tackle emigration now also? What about the challenges of EU policy towards the Arab uprising, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine. More problems to solve than solutions within reach. Well done Frans [Dutch, MH17].

    EU official: ‘Huge challenge’ to reassure Jews

    Iraqi Shiites, Fuming over Slow US Fight against ISIL, threaten to Revoke Agreement
    Turkey still not on board to fight IS, join US alliance
    Turkey declares vanishing truck to Syria ‘state secret’

  5. Illegal borders or not, occupation or not, wanton killing or not, it still begs the question why this particular convoy was where it was and who exactly was there.
    This is not a tourist attraction, and why would jihad maughnieh be associating with an Iranian General if he is a nobody and of little significance?
    The convoy was either deliberate provocation or reconnaissance specially whilst the Syrian civil war is raging and security concerns run high for Israel as an immediate neighbour.
    And wasn’t the convoy ‘invading Syrian sovreignty’ did Assad invite them to tour there? Or did they just feel at home to enter Syria at will?
    And yes, if an Israeli federal was shot by Iranians near the Iranian border it would be equally embarrassing to have been found there so far from home.

    1. @ Shmuel: So let me see: when Israel invites foreign militaries like the US Joint Chief of Staff or Canadian army chief to visit and he tours installations on the border with Gaza, Lebanon or Syria, your argument is it’s OK for Syrian, Lebanese or Gazans to target the Gen. and kill him because they wonder what mischievous purpose he might have in doing so? Because if you say that this hypothetical is cool with you, then I’m OK with murdering Iranian generals.

      And if you argue no reasonable person could possibly think such foreign generals would have malicious intentions against Syria, Lebanon or Gaza, I’ll just put on the laugh track right now. Because you & I both know that the U.S. and Canadian militaries are up to their eyeballs in every military incursion Israel. When they assassinate such figures they use U.S. technology to do so. The U.S. is as eager to know what and how these operations go down as any Israeli general or spook. So let me know when you change your mind and you’re willing to stop being a hypocrite. Because then I’ll change my tune as well. Till then…

    2. Shmuel: “Illegal borders or not, occupation or not, wanton killing or not, it still begs the question why this particular convoy was where it was and who exactly was there.”

      The “rebels” are contesting the Syrian Army for control of Quneitra Province. The Syrian Army doesn’t have the forces to contest that province, since they are deployed to defend Damascus.

      Ergo, Hezbollah offered to step in and help out, and that’s why those dudes were there: they were inspecting the battlefield.

      Shmeul: “The convoy was either deliberate provocation or reconnaissance specially whilst the Syrian civil war is raging and security concerns run high for Israel as an immediate neighbour.”

      Oh, fer’ crying out loud. You already accept that there is a Syrian Civil War, and the only other bit of information you need to know is that both Hezbollah and Iran are providing military assistance to Assad.

      So, yeah, it was a reconnaissance. You know, of a battlefield. Inside Syria. Which is having a civil war.

      Shmuel: “And wasn’t the convoy ‘invading Syrian sovreignty’ did Assad invite them to tour there?”

      Yes, he did. Quneitra Province is ridden with rebel forces, and Assad doesn’t have the forces to take them on. He. Invited. Hezbollah. To. Help. Him.

      Sheesh. It’s ASSAD’s country, not Netanyahu’s. Assad decides who can be there, and why, and when, and Netanyahu has no right – none whatsoever – to shoot at anyone who Assad has invited into his country.

  6. small point – i think you might be missing some of the leaked israeli denials. They arent saying this wasnt a targeted killing. they are simply saying they wanted to target {what they thought of as} senior Hizbollah operatives {which would have been a big deal in and of itself} and ended up discovering that some of the people with him were the iranian general and his men.
    This works much better with the hebre text of the denial – not covering up an attack, which as you noted is odd considering the witnesses to the drones nd helicopters, simply trying to sell it as botched targeting {which in IDF’s case it has a history ofanyway}

    1. @ Sh: You’re mistaken. At least in English the IDF is saying these guys were small potatoes. That they were on their way to execute a terror operation and the IDF killed them. They’re not saying they were ‘senior operatives.’ I’d like you to quote the Hebrew that supports your claim. And even if it’s true, it just means the IDF is releasing different versions of the story to domestic and foreign audiences. Another sure sign of hocus-pocus.

  7. Israel knew that some Axis bigwigs were visiting a remote Syrian government fire base and assassinated them.
    That is all any of us know.

    The question that should be asked is this. Were these bigwigs on a routine visit to show support to the troops, or did they have another, greater plan in mind?

      1. Like the presumption they were on their way to commit an act of “terror” Under this presumption (this mind reading), Israel can target and excuse any killing. Anyone anywhere could be imbued with “terrorist” intentions. This IS psychopathology.

        Israel is off the edge and into the abyss and there is no redeeming that regime. It is a political disaster that is making committed enemies the world over. It must go, these military totalitarians must go. And this can only be done from the outside now.

  8. “Further, Hezbollah and Iran will take their revenge in some form in future. And when they do, neither I nor anyone in the world should protest” .
    You do no distinguish between soldiers and civilians so the Hezbollah.

      1. @ Ariel: The notion that Israeli victims are “victims of peace” is delusional at best. They are victims of a failed rejectionist policy by their leaders and State. They are of course victims of Palestinian terror/resistance as well. But the only reason they are victims at all is because there are 20 times more such Palestinians victims created by the Israeli state.

        I hope it’s clear I’m NOT being cynical.

      1. Correction of book title:
        The Shadow of God and the Hidden Imam: Religion, Political Order, and Societal Change in Shi’ite Iran from the Beginning to 1890

  9. I would assume Israel claims to not know the iranian general was there is to cover some intelligence assest who have the idf the info. Moreover i would not be surprised if there was an idf general in Iraq close to the iranian border was killed. To be honest why would iran have such a high level asset so close to enemy territory? Is al quds planning some ‘event’ with hizbollah? Richard what are your opinions on the Argentine government murdering the lead prosecutor in the synagogue bombing investigation so they could get cheep oil from iran?

  10. This is late in the thread, but this piece by Uri Avnery today on the strike in Syrian territory is so awesome and real that I just could not resist posting the link:

    The article starts out with:

    >>>Galant’s Gallant Act

    THERE USED to be a joke about a sadist and a masochist.
    “Hit me! Beat me! Kick me!” the masochist pleads with the sadist.
    The sadist smiles a cruel smile and slowly answers: “No!”
    THAT, MORE or less, reflects the situation on our northern border at this moment.<<

    Read the article to understand why Avnery starts out with this "joke."

    The piece is about the recent strike and how this connects with the history in Israel of military actions in close proximity to elections and how any/all reasons for this provocative missile strike have all the earmarks of Bibi. And any questions of Hezbollah responses are related to the introductory "joke."

    Avnery and Silverstein are my go-to experts on anything relating to Israel. Thanks to both of you!!

        1. What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying Uri Avneri is a fake Jew? A German? A crypto-Nazi perhaps?

          FYI, practically all Israelis’s have adopted such fancy, fake Hebrew names, disguising their rejected European roots. It is silly, but it was popular at the time.
          What is your own true family name, Ronan?

          1. You are awfully annoyed at anything Israeli. My name is actually a fairly common European name which I have seen no reason to change. But tell me yours and I will tell you mine.

            “FYI, practically all Israeli’s have adopted such fancy, fake Hebrew names, disguising their rejected European roots.”
            That is quite a claim esp when it is not true. And if they are Hebrew why does it make them fake? And you certainly do not seem to know much about Israel as the Ashkenazim certainly prefer not to be identified with the ‘Sephardic’ element.
            The famous poet Zach, who has received prizes for his poetry, has stated openly that the Ashkenazim have come from the paramount of civilization i.e. Western or Europe while the Sepharadim are primitive. He is a ‘yekke’ as is Helmut and a good deal of the lefties e.g. Oppenheimer in שלום עכשיו.
            A quote from Wiki:
            “In July 2010 Zach was interviewed on Israel’ Channel 10 and accused Sephardic Jews from Muslim countries of being inferior to Jews from Europe; “The idea of taking people who have nothing in common arose. The one lot comes from the highest culture there is — Western European culture — and the other lot comes from the caves.”[11] The racist comments resulted in a petition to remove his work from the educational curriculum and remove him from any academic positions.”
            Don’t forget the ‘haute couture’ gave birth to the nazis.
            So I assume that you chose that haute couture to your Judaism if you are Jewish.

          2. @ ronan: READ THE COMMENT RULES! If I’d wanted a discussion about Natan Zach I’d have written a post about him. I didn’t. So writing comments about him is OFF-TOPIC. Take this warning seriously.

          3. My point is that not having a Hebrew name does not make anyone less Jewish. So why bring up Uri Avneri’s former name?
            I know he still thinks is was a good idea for people who migrated to Israel to change their name, but many others think differently, or have had had second thoughts.

            You ‘famous poet Zach’ s views about non-Ashkenazi Jews have NOTHING to do with the views of some one like Uri Averi. I suggest you go to his website and read some of what he writes.

            ” My name is actually a fairly common European name which I have seen no reason to change. But tell me yours and I will tell you mine.”

            You are right there, but most of the rest of what you write eludes me.

  11. My intention might have been illusive but the point I was trying to get across specifically with the German/yekke mentality is their attitude of superiority towards other Jews, a known fact.
    By this I also meant that the great diversity of mentalities existing in Israel makes for a very difficult task of homogenization. In the US for example the 2 & 3rd + generations have a commonality excluding occasionally the orthodox communities which separate themselves more.

    1. @ ronan: Israeli monoculture is a very severe problem. But this is not something that excuses the phenomenon, as you present it. Israeli society makes no allowance for diversity. It penalizes Mizrahim for not being Ashkenazi. It excludes Palestinians entirely for not being Jewish. There’s also the secular-Orthodox divide as well with little or no tolerance for each other. The fact that the country has allowed religion to dominate the public sphere is part of this problem.

      But trying to make some obscure point based on Natan Zach’s racist attitudes toward Mizrahim is off topic.

  12. Ronan —

    “…the great diversity of mentalities existing in Israel makes for a very difficult task of homogenization. ” Compared to the US, “homogenization” should be a piece of cake. Interesting that, in making the comparison and your example, you are only interested in Jewish “homogenization” not the larger mix in a better democracy and the challenge of diverse opinions and cultures.

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