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  1. You can’t compare anti-Semitism in France with anti-Semitism in the United States.

    The recent anti-Semitism in France is being committed by Muslims, and is violent. The recent anti-Semitism in the United States has been confined to cowardly acts like phoning in bomb threats and knocking down tombstones at night.

    1. In France a large component is anti-Israel resentment. As soon as the IDF becomes violent, the count of acts of antisemitism across European nations peaks. The antisemitism in the US is equally violent and originates with the right-wing extremists. In a violent nation like the US, disagreement in discourse or racial discrimination will be settled by guns.

    2. @ Seamus Ignoramus: So your argument is that the attack on the U.S. Holocuast Museum in which a security guard was murdered, the attack on the L.A. Jewish community center in which several Jews were murdered, the recent planned attack on a S. Carolina synagogue were all simply “cowardly acts,” but don’t rise to the level of the French terror attacks? If so, why would that be? Because Islamist terror is a higher level of evil than acts by a few random (in your mind) anti-Semitic cowards in the U.S.?

      I hope you can see the dead end you’ve come to in this specious claim.

      1. No. I’m absolutely correct.
        First, I said ‘recent events’, but if you want to go back to the Holocaust Museum or Kansas City, those acts were committed by angry loners. The attacks on French Jews are carried out by gangs of Arabs or by ISIS led cells. There have no attacks on Jews in the United States by any groups, and there isn’t even an organized or loosely coalesced American group calling for attacks on Jews, much less carrying them out.

        1. @ Seamus Ignoramus: Anti-Semitism isn’t an ideology of “loners.” Thanks to Trump it is now waking the halls of the White House & quite mainstream. Breitbart & the alt-right is a powerful, organized anti Semitic movement.

          The Islamist terror attacks on French Jews are varied. Some are organized & some are carried out by loners.

          You are done in this thread.

  2. “I wonder when the proud patriotic Jewish government of Israel led by Netanyahu&Bennett will denounce the rise of antisemitism in Trumpland?”

    My reply: Never!

    Same oligarchy, self-interest and billionaires. Undermining the EU: Brexit-Trump-Netanyahu.

  3. I’m wondering something. What if Bibi would have condemned the antisemitic incidents? Would you would have called him a hypocrite (for focusing on hate crimes against Jews but not others) and an opportunist (for using antisemitism to score political gains)?

    I suspect that no matter what he says or does he comes out bad in your book.

    1. @ Yehuda: You misunderstand what I do here. I’m not criticizing Bibi based on my own political views. I’m criticizing him based on his own purported Zionist values. His hypocrisy isn’t in failing my standards, it’s in failing his own.

      As for “what ifs,” what if Bibi had negotiated in good faith all those times he had a chance to come up with a negotiated solution to the conflict?? The plain fact of the matter is, he didn’t. We can do “what ifs” till the cows come home. They don’t do anyone much good.

  4. These “attacks” are wag the dog attempts to get American Jews to rally around racial/religious identity. Dont be manipulated!

  5. said it before and will continue saying it, Zionists are the worst anti-Semites going, in addition to their genocidal pronouncements viz my Palestinian and Arab brothers, they have no problems hanging out with the neo nazi creeps in the world of the alt right Christian Zionist imperialist garbage manufacturers. we will remove the curse of zionism from the land of Palestine/Israel with political and civic equality for all who live there. nuttyahoo has enabled the destruction of Zionism within my lifetime. good thing too.

  6. There was an “antisemitic” incident in Bondy, a suburb of Paris last week, I put quote marks because it seems unclear whether this was a fight between 4 young people who had a dispute linked to a traffic incident or an unprovoked agression on two young kippa-wearing brothers. Anyway … I looked for informations, and ended up on i24news (the owner is French-Moroccan-Israeli Patrick Drahi), and I was very surprised to see at the end of the article informations about the town hall of Bondy that recently has expressed its intention of boycotting products from Israeli settlements (Israeli settlement were in quote marks).
    And then I found another article somewhere else about another antisemitic incident in another suburb a while back, and this article also mentionned that this suburb had a link to a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.
    What I’m trying to say Jewish Zionist organizations in France clearly use antisemitism as a means to pressure French national and local politicians into not supporting Palestinian rights because it’ll give rise to antisemitism, that’s what they call “importing the conflict” …. (Netanyahu holding a election speech in the Grande Synagogue is NOT importing the conflict of course, or the IDF holding a meeting in the same synagogue to inform about how to integrate the Israeli army).

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