15 thoughts on “Israeli Border Police Executed Bedouin at Um al Hiran, Doctored Video Footage – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The family of the attacker claimed he was murdered in cold blood and that he was neither a terrorist or an Islamist. Apparently, according to my sources this is not true.”

    Soo…the driver wasn’t an Islamist and your source is wrong?

    1. @ Ben: Sources are sometimes wrong. They have their own agendas or those of the agency they work for.

      Nor did I say he wasn’t an Islamist. Don’t you bother reading? I specifically wrote that he might be. But that still doesn’t turn him in too a terrorist. Though clearly you, like your hasbara masters, believe this to be the case. Ah, your racism is showing…

  2. Yesterday it was an Arab MK’s bodily injury. Today it’s a ‘doctored’ video. Tomorrow, the next ‘shame d’jour’.

    And everyday, global warming gets worse and too many Haredim and Bedouin babies are being born to the poorest and least productive sector of Israeli society.

    Israel’s existential problems will be of her own making. Maybe she is too busy ‘weasel whacking’ her enemies. Maybe her leaders are just too venal and short-sighted. Probably both.

    Either way, the future is bleak for the region’s Jews and Arabs. Maybe both need to wake up.

    1. @ Ben: You clearly didn’t watch Ronnie’s analysis which shows the 2 videos side by side and clearly indicates where the video has been edited to remove the first gunshot. So it was not “doctored,” in scare quotes. It was doctored.

      Nor was it a “bodily injury.” It was a Border Police bullet to the head. If the Border Police would fire at a Bedouin driving a car slowly on a desert road why wouldn’t they fire into the head of an “Arab” MK? Of course they would. I’ve heard nothing more from hasbara media concerning the alleged Bedouin rock which miraculously struck Oudeh. So that concoction too has apparently been abandoned. You ought to keep up better with those hasbara directives/talking points.

      If you don’t like Haredi or “Arab” [sic] babies perhaps you should try forced sterilization like the Jewish Agency did with Ethiopian immigrants. That racist approach goes hand in hand with the racism you & your kind spew here.

      1. “Nor was it a “bodily injury.” It was a Border Police bullet to the head”
        He was shot twice. Once in the leg and once in the upper body. Not in the head. More important- there is no way to know which of the many bullets shot towards him actually hit him. It might have been the first shot and it might be a bullet shot agter he already ran over the policeman.

        1. @Amico: since yr claims are unsupported they are no more than your hasbarapinion. Witnesses and others noted after his car was stopped an officer approached & executed him with a kill shot. They are not delivered to the legs or upper body. This was an execution.

          You are now at your allotted 3 comments for the day.

    2. You will probably not wake up, until you have ended up as a refugee in Europe in your old age. That is: after this whole nationalistic land-grabbing insanity in Israel has ended in disaster. Let’s hope some of the despised Merkel spirit will have survived by then, to give you shelter.

  3. “Why weren’t there roadblocks preventing access?”
    I read a testimony (I can’t remember who exactly, but a Jewish Israeli activist who was present in Umm al-Hiran), the guy was apparently trying to leave the village and not entering it. I also read that the road went downwards, which might explain why the car started accelerating.
    Another flagrant manipulation of the images, a BBC jounralist (can’t remember the name, Shoval or Shuval) posted an even more edited version starting exactly at the moment the car started accelerating which gives the impression that this couldn’t be anything else but a car ramming attack. Youssef Munayyer and many others intervened on his twitter-account, but as far as I’m concerned the question is: how can such a journalist continue working for the BBC ?
    So now, everytime the-most-moral-army kills a Palestinian, Bibi and his buddies just claim he/she was an ISIS supporter, if this isn’t disgusting ….. the State of Israel was turned genuinly fascist, for non-Jews at least.

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