5 thoughts on “Tell WA State Gov. Jay Inslee Not to Sign Anti-BDS Governors’ Letter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that boycotts are a form of expression protected by the First Amendment.”

    True. But these anti-boycott laws do not prohibit or penalize any kind of speech. Proponents of boycotting Israel are free to call for such boycotts, encourage others to join them, and participate in them.
    The First Amendment allows states to place conditions on doing business with them, such as anti-discrimination restrictions on government contractors, which are commonplace and a normal requirement for government funding. For instance, the federal and state governments often require contractors and subcontractors to not discriminate on, among other things, “the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

    1. @ Ben: You have reached your 3 comment per day limit. Observe this limit in future as well.

      BDS has nothing to do with discrimination unless you wish to claim that it is in the very nature of the State of Israel to violate international law. Since this is absurd, the Boycott is clearly in response to Israel’s flagrant violations of such law over many decades.

      If the Montgomery Bus Boycott was legal so is BDS.

      BDS is off topic in this thread. Do not comment further in this thread.

    2. @ Ben: Of course anti-BDS laws penalize speech. They say that if a company supports BDS they will be disqualified from doing business with the state.

      There is no ethnic, religious or national discriminaton of any sort in BDS. It is focussed on Israel violating international law and doesn’t discriminate against Israel on the basis of it being intrinsically immoral by its very nature. BDS lays out very clearly the policies which violate international law and calls for Israel to address and fix them. When it does so it will not longer face calls for BDS. If BDS were discriminating in a blanket fashion it would never agree to stop until Israel didn’t exist. And no one except your hasbara pals claims this to be the case.

      Do not comment further in this thread.

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