6 thoughts on “America First, Israel First: the Lobby Loves Trump – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “If you’re Black (or any other color), get back.”

    Well. That depends on who you talk to.

    “Donald is not a racist”

    “I never thought rich people had time for people like us but Mr. Trump is very nice. He made us feel right at home.”


    Trump stops man from being beaten to death.


    1. @ Ben: You’re talking about a multi-millionaire NFL football player. His interests are no longer aligned with the Black (or white) working class. His interests are aligned with Trump’s. Sure chances are every Black man worth $10 or $100-million will have something nice to say about Der Donald. Look at Carson or Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas. But they long ago stopped having anything in common with where they came from.

      Pimping for Donald? Is that part of the hasbara playbook now??

      1. ” His interests are no longer aligned with the Black (or white) working class. ”

        No. But the truck driver Trump feted, and guy getting beaten down on the street were aligned with the Black (or white) working class. When did you last stop a street criminal?

        BTW. What have you ever done, hands on, for the working class? Any social work, counseling, advocacy or outreach? For that matter, when was the last time your sat down and shared a meal with a black man or woman?

        If I pimp for Donald, than you’re another rich progressive who’s scared of the working class. ‘Keep your windows shut and don’t make eye contact’.

        1. @ Ben: Trump lives in a world of fantasy. I wouldn’t believe anything he claimed he did. And even if he did a single or even two good deeds in his life, it doesn’t compensate for the pure evil he is & represents. An evil which he plans to bestow to all America for the next four years. And to bestow to Israel as well. Get ready for a helluva ride, my friend. Be careful of what you wish for, coz you just might get it.

          What have you ever done, hands on, for the working class?

          If you want to engage in hasbara with the Big Boys you better bring a bigger gun, so to speak. This is one of the more feeble bits of argument a hasbaroid has offered in ages. Am I running for president? Am I promising to save the American working class? Am I offering nostrums that are pure fakery and bluff? No, I’m not. So I have nothing to answer for but myself and what I set out to do here.

          BTW, I don’t have to answer to you for anything & if you ever attempt to challenge my credentials in any fashion again I’ll drop you from here as quick as an anvil down a well.

          than you’re another rich progressive who’s scared of the working class

          I’m not rich, but I am progressive and proud of it. Nor am I scared of the working class. My grandparents and great grandparents were members of the working class and I am proud of them and of it. Without the working class, America would not be the country it is.

          And you forget the real American working class, at least the part of it that didn’t have shit for brains, supported Bernie Sanders in their millions. The same Bernie Sanders who would’ve energized the Democratic base unlike the eventual Democratic nominee. The same Bernie Sanders who would be president right now if the DNC hadn’t gone all in for Hillary. The same Bernie Sanders who would really help the working class instead of promising pie in the sky bullshit as Trump does.

          You offend me. I am ready to cut you off at the drop of a hat. I can feel your flight landing at Ben Gurion. Get ready to depart…

          Do not comment again in this thread.

          1. i have one question which i do not mean to be offensive but here it is:
            don’t you get bored of basically the same rhetoric on most posts? it is sort of טוחן טחון or as the Irish say ‘plowing the clouds”.

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