46 thoughts on “Pam Geller is Our Very Own Pastor Terry Jones – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is both curious and sickening that on the verge of a Charlie Hebdo II, you choose to attack not those who were prepared to slaughter dozens of civlians, but rather the organizers of the event, which was in itself peaceful.

    You should be more worried by the fact that people were ready to kill other people just because they didn’t like what they were saying, rather than Pam Geller.

    1. The exhibition was intended to be insulting. I’m not going to watch three hours of Youtube, just to check that it wasn’t in the end.

    2. @ Famous Flame: What’s a disgusting portrayal for a Muslim will be much different for you since you clearly have little sensitivity or tolerance for Islam. But if you note the poster I feature here there are a number of offensive portraits of Muhammad including one from Jyllands Posten (with a bomb in his turban) & another from Charlie Hebdo.

      I’ll bet if a Muslim cartoonist portrayed Yaweh engaged in an act of bestiality as Hebdo did, you’d sing a different tune.

        1. @ Famous Flame: Can you read?? I said in my last comment that there were offensive portrayals of MUhammad in the poster for the event. The poster for the event was featured AT the event. Please don’t act stupid.

          Here’s Muhammad as werewolf: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UJCuu6D8SZQ/VSwdE448zlI/AAAAAAAASAQ/OVVYxrU8qTE/s1600/Mohammad-Contest-Drawing-1-small.jpg
          Muhammad as nuclear mushroom cloud: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-axmRcbTi5yo/VS6j8RhgLNI/AAAAAAAASAw/edzi0CNyrss/s1600/Mohammad%2BMushroom%2BCloud%2BWWMD%3F%2Bsmall.jpg
          Muhammad pissing on the Quran: http://i1.wp.com/pamelageller.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Muhamad-copy.jpg?resize=640%2C828

          Enough? Or you want more?

          This raises the question, do you really believe these images are NOT disgusting? Or are you just too lazy to even find them yourself? Or both?

          1. Are the pictures offensive to Muslims? Obviously.
            Are the pictures offensive to me. Some are, most are not.
            Are the picture ‘disgusting’ (your word)? No. Not one.

            But I concede that you may have a more sensitive gag-reflex than I do.
            In fact, I’m sure you do.

          2. @ Famous Flame:

            Are the picture ‘disgusting’ (your word)? No. Not one.

            Then you’re an insensitive boor. Muhammad pissing on the Quran isn’t “disgusting?” Let’s draw a picture of Yahweh pissing on a sacred Torah scroll & see how you like that one.

          3. Is Muhammad pissing on the Koran?
            That looks like a burning stick of dynamite.

    3. What disgusts you?
      Would you be disgusted by a skinned cat hanging from a hook? In some countries that is how butchers display dinner and it would be foolish for them to impose their lack of sensitivity over your reactions (I am assuming you would be disgusted by the skinned cat).

      Among Muslims, graven images of God or any prophet, are haram, forbidden (I believe that is true for Jews as well). Some Muslims don’t wish to see ANY imagery of any living being (horse, camel, dog, human etc.,) while others say it is okay BUT they don’t wish to see any imagery of God or prophets. This is so people don’t get into idolatory. Some Mulsims are deeply revolted (disgusted) by ANY image that claims to be that of God or a prophet so, no matter if you draw an ‘X’, it would be disgusting for some Muslims.

      Then there are Muslims who would be offended if you were to say this is an offensive picture and of course, there are the nutters who would take immediate action if you were to offer an insult to Islam in any way.

      All that said, it is rather naive to suggest that no harm is done if there is nothing offensive (to you) in portraiture.

  2. You take this too seriously. Xenophobes thrive when they get media coverage. I’m agnostic, but I do try not to make fun or insult people who believe in supernatural beings. Belief in the supernatural can drive people over the edge.

    I do wonder what my chances would be if I advertised a “make fun of Christ day” if I was also bombing Christian and treating them as if they were animals?

  3. Couldn’t find anything on the internet that even closely resemble “she wants to turn the U.S. into as far as Islam is concerned. Arrest Muslims, put them in concentration camps”.
    When making such claims, it would be nice to support them with a secondary source.

  4. @ RIchard,

    “She’s finally done something so odious, so revolting, and so offensive, that someone equally lunatic has been moved to respond in the manner she devoutly wished.”

    Equally lunatic? Going on a killing spree is the same as organising some stupid convention? How can you even compare these actions? Are Charlie Hebdo’ cartoonists equally lunatic has their murderers?

    1. Yes, I think she’s equally odious. I think she thrives on the hate she generates and which is returned to her by Islamist fundamentalists. There is little difference between them. Remember too that one of Anders Breivik’s heroes was Geller. There is very little difference between deliberately provoking hate and pulling the trigger. She is a public nuisance & threat to health & safety. People don’t need to be provoked to kill to make the point that free speech is vital.

    2. People targeted by hate propaganda actually do believe that the hate promotion is as bad as, or worse, than killing. Obviously, you are sitting at the top of the heap and so, are not affected by words.
      You should try talking to Blacks and finding out how they feel about the hate generated agsint them, especially a couple of decades ago and longer, when it was institutionalized.
      It is too late to talk to a Jew who lived through the hate in Germany, but I am sure you can talk to many who understand the power of hate-mongering.

  5. Would not a better comparison be between this and the anual holocaust denial cartoon contest in Iran? I know one is about an event and the other about engraved images but both are publicly inciting hate.
    … Its times like this i am a proud Canadian as both of these acts would be in violation of section 319 of the criminal code act.

    1. False, it’s not an annual event! It was held in 2006 as a response to the Danish Jyllands-Postens published cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. This year the event was announced after the Paris shootings and a renewed Hebdo publication of a Muhammad cartoon.

    2. @ ben: Holocaust denial is stupid & offensive. But no one believes any Iranian denying the Holocuast would be motivated to kill a Jew solely on those grounds. Clearly, the provocations of Islamophobes like Theo Van Gogh, Pam Geller, Jyllands Posten & Charlie Hebdo have done so. If we want to see serial murder, we should do nothing to address this disgusting phenomenon. Otherwise, as a society we should soundly reject this sort of deliberately provocative Islamophobia. Do not support it, do not buy it. Pam Geller’s events should be refused or banned by civic authorities on grounds that they will cause imminent danger to public safety. If she wants an exhibition let her go to a basement room in the Pentagon surrounded by SEAL Team 6.

  6. Have you written a similar piece denouncing Trey Parker and Matt Stone, authors of the hit Broadway musical, “The Book of Mormon”? Parker and Stone have made millions of dollars insulting Mormons.

    1. @ Ben Aksar: Is it blasphemous in Mormonism to make fun of Joseph Smith? I hadn’t noticed any Mormons threatening the authors’ lives. Have you?

      BTW, if I needed any advice about what I should write about I’ll be sure to ask you. If I don’t, don’t offer any.

      1. Why, yes. Yes, a Mormon would consider it blasphemous to make fun of Joseph Smith. And, no, I haven’t noticed any Mormons threatening the lives of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Nor have I noticed any Mormons showing up at performances of “The Book of Mormon”, with guns and wanting to kill people. One difference between Mormonism and another religion, I suppose.

        And I will continue to offer you advice about possible topics for you to write on. Because we enjoy (for now) Freedom of Speech, you are free to write about whatever you like — even if the topic offends me greatly.

        1. @ Ben Aksar: This is my blog, not the Town Square. So if you deliberately provoke me by doing the opposite of what the rules are here, you won’t speak here any more.

          Can you find any Mormon leader who’s specifically said the musical is blasphemous and that the playwrights should be arrested, targeted, or murdered? Mormonism is a different religion than Islam. Not better, just different.

          And comparing a Broadway musical which satirizes Mormonism to Pamela Geller’s cartoon excrement flatters her in a way she doesn’t deserve.

  7. Geller is a cat’s mess on a cheap Isfahan carpet that needs to be hosed down and staked out to dry in a nice warm sunni place.

  8. Geller was sufficiently offensive to be banned from the UK – period. For her incitement to racial hatred and violence.

    1. How wonderful for the people of the UK. Their government gets to decide for them who and what is “offensive”. Rather like how the Poliburo in the old Soviet Union used to behave.

      Freedom of Speech is a treasured right that far too few people on this planet enjoy.

      People in some once-great countries are, it appears, to fragile to be exposed to “offensive” people or ideas. How sad.

      1. Ben Aksar:
        It was because of UK citizens (without any help from the UK government, thank you very much) who “decided” /made very clear they didn’t want this racist piece of shit here, hence the ban. That clear enough for you?

  9. This woman has visited Texas on multiple occasions to cause trouble. She was in Garland, TX in January to cause trouble. I imagine she planned her mini Hebdo for five months. From beginning to end. It was rather convenient that two gunmen in body armor showed up.

  10. In yr twitter discussion @MonHol and @caleb_crain …

    His remark: “Charlie’s editors were nothing like Geller, and sharply distinguished themselves from people like her in France” is easily refuted. If Charlie Hebdo are the innocent, creative cartoonists and claim to be original, why did the weekly reprint in 2006 the Danish Jyllands Posten cartoons? United we stand, Islamophobia we entertain! Earlier this year the Danish paper did not return the favor by printing CH’s Muhammad cartoons.

  11. Hi Richard, your twitter feed has been blocked due to certificate restraint. Appears your latest tweet of Ms Geller did the trick … must be the link to her video. I can understand that! LOL

    “Pam Geller in her “My Sharona” video
    parody points downward and refers to her
    sexual organ as “My V-jay-jay.” Huh?”

    Just move along, nothing here to see …

  12. Excerpt that we know these nutcases (neither of whom were currently attending a mosque) were being handled by a paid FBI informant who has been “grooming” them for such a stunt since 2007.

    This was supposed to be America’s Charlie Hebdo and Pamela Geller and the FBI intentionally set up those artists at the contest to be killed an used as bloody shirts to drive the public into a new (un)Holy Crusade of Christians against Muslims.

  13. Excerpt that we know these nutcases (neither of whom were currently attending a mosque) were being handled by a paid FBI informant who has been “grooming” them for such a stunt since 2007.

    This was supposed to be America’s Charlie Hebdo and Pamela Geller and the FBI intentionally set up those artists at the contest to be killed and used as bloody shirts to drive the public into a new (un)Holy Crusade of Christians against Muslims.

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