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  1. RE: ‘How I wish I could be there to stand with the English Defence League.’ – Geller
    MY COMMENT: I would be happy to make a modest donation towards helping Ms Geller move* to merry old England!

    1. You would send her here, would you?

      Ms Geller’s affection for the EDL is interesting because, like the ALF, this is an “astroturf” (phoney grassroots) campaign, run by shadowy vested interests, and like the ALF, it was started in Luton.

      Her association with a Long Island car dealership willing to sell to people with false identities is pertinent, because one of the biggest criminal enterprises to be broken in Luton in recent years was a nationally-active “crash for cash” scam which was heavily dependent on falsely-registered cars, and on swapping a lightly dented car’s registration with that of one previously completely wrecked in another accident and retrieved from the scrap pile in order to support a fraudulent claim (or frequently, several claims in parallel) against insurers of innocent persons deliberately bumped into with the lightly dented car, which then transforms into the wreck, while the lightly dented version is repaired and sold.

      The EDL is a convergence of all sorts of different criminal tendencies (group of coke-dealing roofing workers from Wellingborough, for example), lending credence to the theory that they are all simply hired hands, being paid (possibly in drugs rather than cash) for a destabilization campaign. It would be interesting to know if Ms Geller is their patron, or another hired stooge.

      And the “Islamic extremist” group the EDL was supposedly founded to confront, has a total of thirteen regular members, many of whom are Jamaican converts to Islam, usually seeing the light in jail after dope-dealing convictions. It wouldn’t be as astonishing as all that if they were dealing on behalf of the same figures involved in the EDL.

      The apparent EDL arson attack on a study centre belong to the Bury Park Mosque closely followed the decision, by the Iman and elders, to expel all the druggie extremists from the Mosque.

      Someone is using the drug-dealing network to create an artificial ethnic conflict in one of the UK’s major industrial towns. It would be fascinating to know what the real political agenda is, but defending England isn’t it.

      Crash for cash has a lower turnover (usually) than drug-dealing, but the profit margin is extreme and there’s less reliance on legions of persons not in full control of their actions, or their tongues.

    2. Thanks for information about Geller, and interested to learn link with Yerushelmi, who I only just heard about. But please don’t send her to England. We got enough neo-Nazis and pogromchiks already. They have even picked up some disturbed woman who claims she is Jewish and used to be with the Kahanists. Seems the rabbi did not teach her about the Jewish distaste for tattoos, she displays some peculiar large device on her right breast.

      Fortunately most Jewish people want nothing to do with the English Defence League or its spin-offs, and are not fooled by it waving Israeli flags sometimes. In fact it has had the good effect of uniting Jews with Muslims against a perceived common enemy.

  2. Wow! And I thought our leaders were corrupt! We’ve still got a long way to go in Israel to catch up with the west.

  3. Er, Richard.
    “Cymru” does not translate as “England”, it’s normally the name of a land of steep hills and many sheep. Your picture illustrates an offshoot of the EDL, designed to tap into existing wellsprings of rightwing nationalism a little way to the West.

      1. Dear Richard.
        to understand what I mean about the existing wellspring of right wing nationalism.

        Is it a stylized Eagle, or Raven, or is it a sort of Celtic Swastika?

        Hard to say, isn’t it?

        But can you see why the EDL thought it might be worth opening a few branches across the border?

        They don’t seem to have bothered in Scotland, but then, Mel Gibson did their work for them already.

  4. I’m already getting sick of Pam Geller. The more that is written about her, the better she likes it. “Any publicity is good publicity, as long as you spell the name right.”!

    What I do like is your link to Jeffery Goldberg’s Atlantic article. Who would have believed?

  5. Gellar is the most odious individual to come down the pike since Anne Coulter. How unfortunate that wealth and a big mouth can propel a person into the public spotlight and buy them a place in public discourse. Reminds me, too, of Sarah Palin.

    Money is no substitute for brains, character and integrity, obviously, but the real crime here is that the people who promote Pamela Gellar and feed her personality cult just don’t seem to care.

  6. Re: “Yerushalmi is also representing her in a $10 million defamation lawsuit brought by the family of Rifqa Bary…”

    Correction: the suit was brought by the parents’ attorney, Omar Tarazi.

  7. I am really interested in her, and especially her fraudulent/criminal background. After all, she finances our very own Islam-hater ‘peroxide Geert’ who always stresses that he is so though on crime! The coalition that is dependent on the votes of his organisation (they are not a party but a hierarchical organisation in which Geert’s will is law) took office today. Stronger ties with Israel is one of the points he was able to score in the coalition agreement.
    From a country admired and supported by the gentler and more idealistic segments of society (OK this is a long time ago…), Israel has become a country admired by bullies.

    1. If Pym Fortuyn had not been shot dead, by an animal rights extremist who claimed to have “done it for the muslims” when caught (as a result of some heroics by Mr Fortuyn’s driver), then Geert Wilders would still be a complete nobody of whom we’d have never heard.

      It was never really clear why the AR people wanted Fortuyn dead, though it it was undeniable that one of them did the deed, but if there’s somebody across the pond who sponsors extremists in Europe -and the UK- they might have wanted to shuffle the pack and used a group they already funded.

      Fortuyn was his own man and maintained that he only sought to curb immigration because he wanted to preserve Holland as a tolerant country. Wilders lacks the stature, and is no champion of tolerance, but may be more amenable to third party control?


      There were some odd happenings in 2008 and 2009, where EDL and similar (“League of St George”) joined and started to run Animal Rights terrorist groups in the UK, while their normal leaders did well-deserved time. Almost as if someone had a stack of generic extremists and was relabeling some of them to cover a shortage of one particular kind.


      the comments especially: before Americans started backing the EDL, there was “American Friends of the British National Party”.

      Nearly all the eco terror groups in the UK are controlled from various parts of the USA, and we all know about “NORAID”.

      1. I am really surprised: I never heard any mention of Volkert van der Graaf ever referring to Muslims. Where did you find that?

        1. It was pretty widely reported here. BBC television (from the Sudbury transmitter at least) is received in parts of Holland, so major stories from there do get reported as if it was “home” news. (The Dutch habit of tuning into the BBC dates back to WW2 and short wave radio.) But UK newspapers did also cover the story in some depth.

          I think that Van der Graaf was simply taking the opportunity to do more damage once he was caught: the AR movement contains a lot of people hostile to Muslims (and Jews), it also contains a lot of people basically hostile to humanity in general, although their most widely held racial prejudice is against Inuit and Saami people for having lifestyles enabling their survival in arctic regions.

          It is noteworthy that the “mainstream” politicians who all condemned Pim Fortuyn, are now busy implementing policies that he would have thought went much too far, such as deporting asylum seekers already settled in Holland. Their anti-racism was clearly only skin deep.

          Political murder in Holland is a once a century event, if that, and it’s surprising that American media never found it significant. Because it has changed the game, and not just in Holland.

          1. You are right: I used to be a devoted BBC shortwave listener (especially in bed at night), along with many people I know. Bit as to what you said:
            There was A LOT more going at the time than just anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiment. Immigrants and Muslims were never Fortuyn’s main concern. (He would have been insulted at the suggestion!) He was part of (and one of the more noticable voices) in a much more general anti-left backlash going on in society. I did indeed find that during the lawsuit in March and April 2003, Van der Graaf gave as a motive that he saw in Fortuyn “a growing threat to society, especially for vulnerable groups such as asylum seekers, Muslims and people with a disability allowance”. According to a statement of the prosecution:

            What concerned the accused was the combination of the general stigmatizing nature of the political views of Fortuyn, the polarizing manner in which Fortuyn brought these into the spotlight, and the great political power which Fortuyn was about to receive. He saw no other possibility to avoid this danger than to take Fortuyn’s life.

            The stigmatizing and polarizing however, was directed at things and persons seen as leftish in a quite general sense (and this is still going on). It may have been perceived and summarized abroad as if Van der Graaf’s main motive had to do with Muslims, but the context at the time was much more complex. To summarize Van der Graaf’s motives by saying that ‘he did it for the Muslims’ distorts things. As you see from his own statement as well, there was more to it for him.

          2. I think he made a much more simplistic statement when first apprehended (not in his script, the driver chased him despite being shot at and hit), to what was said later in front of lawyers when he’d had more time to think.

            What arouses my interest is when an extremist from one camp, suddenly does something for some other group, almost as if they were being posted or seconded there. See Charlotte Lewis.

            Richard will moderate us for digression any moment now…

  8. Mortara was 6 when he was taken from his parents. Bary was 10 years older when she ran away.

    In Jewish law a 6 year old is not considered an adult, but I guess your expertise about Judaism extends way less far than Geller’s does.

    1. No, moron. I have a undergard & graduate degrees in Hebrew literature specializing in Bible & Talmud. So my Judaic knowledge extends far beyond yours. Rifqa Bary was a minor as was Mortara when both were stolen fr. their parents.

      Next time you want to make an ass of yrself pick a fight w. someone yr own small size.

  9. Just looked at the photo of Geller being frisked by airport security and noticed the carefully sexy pose. In a funny way that tends to confirm her as a “fashion show” practitioner of Judaism.

        1. And get a load of the bedroom eyes, and the self-consciously bedroom lips.

          Next time I get searched at the airport (which will be next time I fly) I’m gonna try striking a seductive pose like that and see where it gets me.

          1. I hate to suggest this, but we may have to ask Pam for a referral to her plastic surgeon to get the “full effect.” I wouldn’t wish that on you though. It’s gotta be tough to be Pam Geller.

          2. Whoever her plastic surgeon is, he probably doesn’t need any more patients. No doubt she gives him all the income he needs.

          3. We could always send her a referral to Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon – on the other hand, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Those collagen’d lips and that botoxed face of hers make her look even more sociopathic. And narcissistic, which is really the bottom line here, I think. “Narcissistic personality disorder” springs to mind.

          4. Indeed, if Israel were an individual person and not a state it would be a clear and quite classic case of NPD!

            As for Geller, her behaviour certainly does suggest that diagnosis, among others.

  10. I know this is a year old but I came here to find about Geller’s alleged car fraud. I don’t know that I can believe what is written here as the information about Rifqa Bery is completely false – about her been enticed away from her family by evangelicals. That’s the story her parents and their lawyer and CAIR told, but it’s not what Rifqa said happened. She also did not say the Malcoolm X love child remark but instead reported that someone ELSE had made the remark, not that she believes that to be true. And finally, that’s the Welsh Defense League not English, so that point is a bit undercut also. I came here for information not to defend her, but find false information and unsupported assertions.

    1. You can’t believe what’s written here despite the fact that there are links to credible sources. Which means you’re a Geller supporter despite the fact that you deny it. I’ll accept CAIR’s crediblity over yours any day of the week.

  11. That Geller looks like whorish ghoul due to plastic surgery that gives children nightmares. Robert Spencer, Katie Hopkins and Pamela Geller are in fact trolls in cages, waiting to make their own publicity. The more works done about them, the more they get satisfied. Don’t feed the troll! Or have them hang from a lamppost.

  12. Stop trying to change the subject. Everyone has made mistakes and has stuff in their past. Whats your point? She isnt allowed to speak about what is going on in the world because she isnt perfect? This really isnt about her. It is about you and me and everyone else having freedom to discuss, argue, fight and make fun of stuff going on without fear of our heads being chopped off. Either you believe we should all have the right to do that or you believe only certain people should have that right and the first amendment needs to be done away with then fight to repeal it.

    1. @ Julie Kasenow: You think all Pam Geller is doing is “making fun of people??” We’ll see how much fun you’d see in a non-Jew picturing Yahweh pissing on a Torah scroll. I bet you’d see that as just “making fun” of Jews.

  13. Sheesh !!! I thought that Slys mommy had over done the plasic surgery till I saw this creature……

  14. “Radical anti-jihadist” is a rather fragrent locution that leaves its odor on the whole piece, no?

    And what about some links to neo-Nazis and Pam Geller consorting? I’m imagining you are simply calling anyone, reasonable or not, who opposes subsidized and unfettered Muslim immigration into Europe a neo-nazi. If you’d linked to evidence I wouldn’t have to do that.

    1. @ Bruce Majors: “Radical anti-jihadist” is precisely what she is & called so the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others. As for links to neo-Nazis, Anders Breivik referred to her work admiringly and she has spoken at EDL rallies in the UK.

      As for supposedly not offering evidence for you, if you’d do your own homework you wouldn’t need to ask for evidence from me.

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