5 thoughts on “Lieberman Sabotages New Israeli Government by Withdrawing from Coalition – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bennet wants the Foreign Ministry portfolio. Big time.

    For the life of me I have no idea where you got the idea about Kahlon beings Bibi’s “natural successor.” The Israeli public for better or worse loves it leaders charismatic – which is the last thing Kahlon is.

    Bennet is Bibi’s natural successor on the right – that’s why Bibi squashes him every and any chance he has. Interesting how Israeli politics comes across in America…

  2. “The only thing that scares Bibi more than losing these elections is winning them”.
    Lieberman has a good reason to stay out of this coalition: this government, as almost any other one in Israel’s history, will dissolve sooner than later. Until then, this government is despised by the Israeli secular public seeing it as a robbery of the state by the unproductive, greedy, ultra-religious. Bibi won these elections thanks to the Israeli public’s hate of Arabs and leftists (almost as bad as Arabs in the eyes of the voters, apparently), but the hate towards Ultrareligious is serious contender in this competition, and can yield large (even if ephemeral) electoral achievements, as Lapid, both father and son, can tell. Whatever he can achieve during this government time for his electorate and himself (not necessarily in this order), he can get better by just waiting outside a short time.

  3. @Richard Silverstein: I’d say that Bennet has just beaten Bibi at his own game.

    He lost a third of the seats he had in the previous government – and has more representatives in higher positions according to the deal due to be signed in the next few hours barring rabbits that Bibi might pull out of his hat in the interim.

    I’d say that Bennet who is a newbie to politics has just demonstrated extraordinary nerve regardless if you hate what he represents. He also gets to blindside his intra-party opponents leaving them with junior positions.

    2 senior ministerial positions (Education and Ministry of Justice ) and 2 representatives in the exclusive security cabinet.

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